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  1. I am doing well! Kids are 10 and 12 now. I have 3 pt jobs by choice, not into committing to one industry, and life is good! I hope you are all doing well too!!!
  2. Just poppin in to say HELLO. I kept getting weird emial notifications and took it as a sign I have been away too long. I hope all is well with everyone!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday echo

  4. Hey there! You aren't soo late, I only popped back a day or so ago. Sho- Thanks for the Chavik update I am glad he is around and in school.
  5. Thanks Everyone for you input and your hello's! Sho I am never too far away! I am just usually on facebook! Derek have I told you lately that I love you?!?!?! I just found your blog and plan to read it whenever you write. I do appreciate your real life experiences and I will gladly share with my son every word you say. Badman, I do not censor his play too much. We talk about games and movies and life and what is real and what isn't. It can be tough sometimes especially one of his Grand Theft Auto games there was a part with a guy in a "suit" and "ladies of the night" killing people with very alarming weapons! Good thing we were able to block that but he saw it, it was too late. I will try not to be such a stranger, I am just a very busy gal these days.....hey where is Chavik is he still around????
  6. Thanks Derek I appreciate your honesty. I was just giving him the anything is possible speech. He was giving me rebuttals such as what you mention in your post. He is almost 11. He has a brilliant mind, currently he is bored with WoW and loves Sim like things where he can make his own stuff. He just likes to make his own stuff. His hobby currently is customizing (I think that is what it is called) I was shocked there was a community of people who do this: he takes a figure and uses apoxy or clay or whatever he wants to make horror figures. He LOVES horror, loves it and he is good. He writes he studies horror movies and critiques them. If he made a game I am quite sure it would be gruesome. I am trying to pull out what other interests and genres he is into. It seems design and special fx is his niche right now. Who knows last night he came in telling me he wants muscles like the ones on the hulk figure he is creating. At any rate he was showing interest in seeing or playing these games because I told him about them. As I said, I haven't played in forever and none of my new computers have it on it. He may not stick with it or play for long but is interested in checking it out. I don't even know what they system requirements are..... Oh and Derek since I am getting into the life coach business, you (or anyone) can do anything you want to do, Last year I left Finance on my own (quit one day) started working with mentally disabled kids, fell and have been out of work for a couple months, BUT have launched my business website is not up yet but almost- Energy Life Coach using Reiki, Human Design, EFT and Card Reading along with meditation and hypnosis. Once the site is up I will have classes and free tele-semminars etc - I do things from home and a local wellness center and I am pretty sure after the holidays that will be my almost full source of income but I will get a 15 hour a week job with mothers hours just to have some extra cash. OH and I also just got my associates degree in October! AND reconciled my marriage. All this while maintaining my girlish figure I did watch my husband self destruct and bounce off rock bottom for being out of work, he is a tech guy with no degree, 2 years of mope and groan, he recently got a break and is back to his old self. All he had to do was look and talk to the right people. I really have no idea what to tell and 11 year old to want to be, but I know the world can change in a minute so I will support whatever he is into. I know what I am starting to do now is very similar to what I wanted to do when I was 11. OK is anyone reading this like.....shoot what happen to flighty echo?!?! hahahahaha OK so back on topic what should I get him to play?
  7. I was telling my son about Derek and the games because he wants to grow up to be a game designer. ANYWAY now he wants to get the game and play etc. I have not played in I do not know how long and do not even know what to do to get him up an running....... Oh by the way HI!!!!! Can anyone help tell me what to do? I am going to start looking around but you know me, I will get distracted. If you remember I found the forums because I couldn't get the game running on my Gateway computer in like 1999........ xoxox T
  8. echo


    Hey! Is anyone around. Sorry to be gone soo long I thought I lost my password but I had the urge to try again today and somehow remembered it. Anyway miss the times we used to have around here. Hope all are well! xoxoxoxo Echo
  9. I keep reading these old posts and think "OMG _____is back" then I look at the date......
  10. I avoid stores at all costs.... all year except CVS...I am OK there. I get my groceries delivered too...If I didn't work I would never leave the house and people could just bring me things.
  11. echo

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for the well wishes! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!
  12. echo

    Hi Guys!

    What a YEAR!!!! Hi Everyone! I hope you are well. After 11 months of seperation me and my husband are officially back together, he finished moving back yesterday. He is away for a week but then we will live happily ever after..... No seriously, we both have learned a ton. So I thought I would pop in and say Hi and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to anyone I may have missed! Take care!
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