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  1. XOR: It would not be enough to get me booted but I try not to do too much male bashing around here. Jaguar: I totally agree anything past the 1st trimester is awful!
  2. XOR: Huh? There are rare life threatening side effects if not used properly. I might take offense to your closing statement. Since I can't quite censor what I would say in response to that, I will remain quiet. Which kills me! I have two beautiful healthy children, my pregnancies were complicated. From the minute I knew they were there (3 weeks after conception) they were nothing but alive to me. I do take the pill and I do not plan to have any more children. I also personally have not ever considered aborotion. I feel in a lot of cases abortion is grossly abused. That being said, I am almost 35 years old, my eggs are inside of me dying and drying up. The pill prevents the ovulation process all together. In the event that an egg escapes and is fertalized the pill shortens the monthly cycle so it cannot attach to the uterine wall, and cannot grow(2 weeks). Wasted eggs. I see no problem with me donating my eggs to science to be fertilized for stem cell research, in which I belive they are used prior to being 10 days old, to try and find cures. I truly feel they are much better served trying to better tommorow, than rotting inside of me. I know not everyone agrees with this. To each his own. Hugs and kisses to all!
  3. Pork Ribs...I have Pork Ribs in the oven and I have never cooked them before...I hope they are good.
  4. Goodmorning Geltlemen. I think you may be misjudging the woman voter. I agree that the women who came out to vote for Bush, most likely did so for security. I do however belive they would come out in the same numbers to vote for a woman. Who else can protect our children better than another mother. Ockham beat me to it! Grizzle my church treats men and women equally. XOR: I think you are confusing the 2 churches. There is the Church of Christ which you belong to and the United Church of Christ which I belong to. The UCC does allow women to rise to power. Race: You took the words right out of my mouth in regard to John McCain I was listening to him on the radio the other day, I really like him. I think what truly need to change is all the bashing. I think the people running for president should be forced into explaining their belifs and focus more on explaining the issues and their plans for the country and stop the stupid personal attacks on each other. There are things that I did when I was in my 20's that don't define who I am today. Aramike: Hope all is well!
  5. echo


    I hate wating!
  6. echo


    I was thinking they were dead too, and sort of living out something they really wanted. As for the dead people on the plane, they are still alive. Like the black lady said when the "Party of 5 guy" was giving her his condolences and she said he's not dead. Doesn't explain the polar bear though.
  7. Women are raised thinking men don't want to hear certain noises from women. A guy I know actually says "girls don't poop" (poop meaning #2). So why in the world would we think it is ok to pass gas whenever we feel like it?!? Even when you guys say we can, if we do, you quicly change your minds. I bet someone reading this may even think for a split second "Oh hot Echo passes gas? gross" hahahaahaha I feel bad for these women. I know at work me and my friends get a huge laugh if one of us slips up! But is that what this product is for, or is it just regulare pee pee sounds?
  8. Hey!! The head line in our paper said "Mouse ducks, girlfriend shot"
  9. Sad but true. I lost a person very dear to my heart becasue of this drug and this type of thing and know of a few others. It is amazing how many young people use this drug now. I have never even seen it, never mind any of these "designer drugs". Wait does that make me old? You might say, after reading an obit "what really happened to so/so?" the response "bad batch" It is just soo sad.
  10. echo


    Well.......I really don't know what to say about that, except I know i will end up viewing it again!
  11. When I am out I love bars that serve the Soda in like 40oz plastic cups. I down about 4 of those and my teeth chatter! Beyond that the only difference I really notice is when drinking espresso vs regular coffe. I have been drinking a lot of tea lately too and I find no difference between that and coffee. I think I notice the most difference when I add sugar. I stopped adding it like 3 years ago. Though my brother brews a kick %$$ Columbian coffee, one large mug had me thinking I would never sleep again!
  12. I find the above mailing to be utterly ridiculous. In my personal life lately, I have been dealing with some people who's strong religious beliefs, I have had to try to stomach and even worse try to respect. In order to deal with their judemental insults, I decided to try and understand them. I have learned that they truly believe anyone who steps out of the guidelines they feel are set by the bible are wrong, inferior,ignorant,and of course caring a one way ticket to blazes. They actually also think you want to hear what they have to say. Kerry's opinions on same sex marriage, a woman's right to chose, divorce, and stem cell research, would stir these people up as much as their son living with a divorced woman, unmarried. Hmm makes me wonder if they are republican!
  13. I know I am late (as usual) but Street I need to ask you. Was you attack on Jaguar staged to avoid the question as to whether or not you are the author of your thread? It seems familiar to me..... Kisses! Oh BTW I am not a Bush supporter, Saddam was linked. We need to get Osama and the rest of his buddies, and then get the heck outta there!
  14. A friend of mine was down at his dads condo for this. He said the buidling heald up great, the window caulking was another story...... I hope everyone is well!!
  15. Look I am on time!!!!! Finder1 sorry to hear about your mom, hope everything works out for the best.
  16. WOW...Makes for a fun after party!
  17. Thanks everyone!! Sorry I am late replying...wicked head cold last week, thought my face was gonna explode!
  18. Thanks Lost! mabey it's worth having them transfered to DVD, people must do that right?
  19. HI! I have two questions. I like asking you guys rather than people I see becasue people I see annoy me! 1. I found some 8mm video tapes, my late uncle left for his kids. They no longer have their camera. I have looked and have not been able to find an adapter or a player. Are there such things or do I buy a new camera? 2. Websites. Where is the best palce to learn how to create and change a webstite. I am thinking of maybe building one for less than 150 people to look at and not too complicated, kind of a News letter type of thing. Thanks in advance!
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