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    azog...buddy old pal...how the heck are ya Ok I am joking..I have no idea who you are but HI and Welcome Back!!!
  2. I am a firm believer in hockey fights, however he sucker punched him. Coward! Cry baby! That's all I can say.
  3. Deep Freeze; I like you too!! As side note: I gave up being Catholic, found a less judgemental Christian Denomination SC: Thanks for the list, might save me from a next time
  4. I cannot comment on this subject as I myself have abused the sacrement of marriage and I will be considered to be committing audultery by the Catholic Church unless I pay them 700.00, or leave, i chose the later. ~He who is without sin cast the first stone~ Not sure if I quoted that right or not.
  5. I just turned 34 yrs old. I have a son 4 & a daughter 2. I was married once. I have been dating a great guy and might get it right this time. I work for a Mutual Fund Transfer Agent as a Client Admin. I hate drama and love pizza My claim to fame is being this games first registered female commander.
  6. Thanks everybody!!! And remeber to avoid disappointmene in me...never ask what I ended up doing!
  7. I have a couple thousand to spare. Don't want to go much over that, but will if the gadgets impress me.....
  8. You guys beat me to it! It has been a long time since you two went at it...It is quite refreshing! Being a way for a bit, it was nice to come back and see things the same! I am not sure what I am...I register as independent and try to sort through the lies at election time. I am not rich...I guess I am lower middle class, I think, see I am not even sure about that. I don't know if I would notice if they lowered my taxes or not...I concentrate more on trying to get a lower interest rate with a high income debt ratio..Does that make me a democrat? I feel whoever steps into the presidency next go, or stays there for that matter, needs only to be concerned with how to restore what we all had prior 9/11 and that was peace of mind. I have said before: I have lived near a power plant all my life and never planned my escape route...I have one planned now. I don't care how much I pay in taxes, if it will help keep my kids safe. I guess that just makes me a mommy.
  9. I am a new fan of Stehen Lynch song singing comedian. Saw him in Boston the other night actually. He is funny and offensive and I love it!!! I think it has all gone to far. However, this is coming from the most independent non-womens liber...who often gets mad at the bra burners, when I have to leave my kids and go to work full-time...June Cleaver had it made..tommorow I may be a male basher though so watch it
  10. I know most of you guys build your own machines, however I am hoping someone can give me ideas or help me make decisions. I am sadly giving my amazing 1998 Gateway computer to my kids. We can no longer share a computer. Especially with my sons new obsession with Pajama Sam and Nemo. At anyrate I know I don't want another Gateway, and I am not a big Dell fan. Many swear by them but I am not impressed. I do want to buy a whole set up. What do I use my computer for you may ask...? Internet and MS Office are my best friends. I don't play a lot of games, as I never have time anymore, but if I ever do, I truly don't think I need a gaming PC. I hope to be getting a digital camera for my birthday..which is Friday, and would like to burn picture cd's as well as music, if it is legal...I am sooo out of the loop lately! I also have family tree information. Ok so my ideas, please feel free to enlighten me. Gateway is a pain in the bum. Sony makes music not good computers. Dell, just not impressed IBM? have no idea HP....seem to be swaying this way Then I have a zip drive on here, will I be able to put it on my new one or do I need to buy a new one. Same with my printer. Although I may invest in a better one, I hear they do more now. Any help you can throw my way would be appriciated. Thanks!
  11. Closest thing to a fairy at the time I guess. Once I find a true me, I will beg someone to help me get it on there.
  12. Oooohhh this sounds bad... Santa got me: The Namco game (I mentioned in the other post) Fleece pants and Cucumber Melon body Wash I musta been really bad... The guy I have been dating must like bad though, becasue he got me an Engraved Tool Box with all new tools ...and some other things (I saw nothing after the tool box)...I have yet to stop being excited! I love tools and taking things apart and putting things together! Feeling the pain of an ex who likes to hold back child support I thought I would have to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas this year..but a surprise win in a small Survivor pool saved me from that and allowed me to shower them with material possessions...
  13. Santa brought me the Namco hand held, plug into your TV and go...5 classic games Pac Man/Galacian/Dig Dug/Rally X/Bosconian. I couldn't be happier....
  14. Happy Holidays to all, wherever you are!!! Jag they are beautiful!!! I have one of mine on a sled but don't know how to add it....
  15. Sorry Race.... Hell of a year for this crew huh? Hang in there!!
  16. Great news!!!! I actually smiled before having caffine today.
  17. $ilk!!! Thanks for jinxing me...since posting my daughter has bitten her brothers face and my butt! I actually gave her a bit of hot sauce she grinned and said "mmmmmm"
  18. A drop of vanilla on the tounge of the biter. I guess it is unpleaseant. Me and my son saw a friend put it on her kids tounge...she responded like I used to with the Tobasco....Now it is a threat around here, haven't had to use it yet though.
  19. echo

    BC Forum

    Look at that Doc, you woke up the sleepers! I haven't seen some of these guys post in a while!!! I got this game years ago. My first post was that of an angry cocky female, as I am. I got a few "RTFM" and I would. I also got assisted from some of the best, incluing Derek when we found out my Gateway was junk. You roll with it. We all have our opinions and at times heated discussions. These guys are great! I wouldn't still be posting or trying to play this game otherwise.
  20. I have to say it is sorta true...I once actually thought..."too bad I didn't marry the guy before my ex husband, he was a trust fund baby and although it would have never worked I would have gotten a lot more money for the kids college funds!" hahaahaha Jag, I got your back...if Mrs. Jag sees your post, I will say I broke into your account.
  21. I keep getting "Not Found" What am I doing wrong?
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