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  1. Hey there!!! Congrats on everything. I wish you the best!!
  2. Hahahaha No worries, next time I will just slip on my man pants and play along! hahaha She is a cutie!
  3. Whew! I thought I was way behind again...seems I am only a few days late! I like it!
  4. Remo she is soooo cute!!! Enjoy! OH WAIT!!! I am not a gentleman or a grandpa, does my opinion count?
  5. Hi I will keep your family in my thoughts. I hope the little guy gets better really soon!!
  6. That's sort of what I thought but it seemed weird that it could happen. That is really cool.
  7. I just hope all the Aquanet my sister and I used in the 80's isn't causing this.
  8. echo


    I pride myself for being a bit twisted....but that was bad
  9. Smooches! Happy Birthday!!!
  10. I saw this the other day. I thought it was just great! I have 2 comments: I found DiCaprio's accent to be the most realistic. Weird considering Damon and Markie Mark are from Boston. I haven't seen a movie with such a good looking cast since "The Outsiders"
  11. I have watched it a couple times and have had a good laugh, it runs against something I watch, at the moment I can't remember what and am too lazy to look.
  12. OK....I definately know I was jipped now.... all my daddy used to say is "if you got it, flaunt it"
  13. This post is proof that I never get to see movies, lately I have caught up on a few...old but mostly entertaining This movie blows.
  14. I wish I thought of putting out this DVD! The law of attraction is what it is and always has been and if you sit and take the time to review the energy you were conducting (consciously or subconsiously) at times of joy or troubles, it is pretty easy to prove. It is science. You do have to be quite honest and say this is what I was truly putting out there even though I was acting a this way. If that makes sense. I do belive that when the thought is true and right for you, it can manifest. I know in my case I always have underlying doubt and I am a bit lazy so getting what I think I desire that way is difficult. Also at times I have wanted things and gotten them but at the loss of something else..... not ideally what I would have wanted to happen. Coming up with this DVD and putting it out in the times that we face now...that was just smart, no secret there.
  15. echo


    I don't think it's the RP, I think we are all just getting old and boring..... [ 02-17-2007, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: echo ]
  16. You guys can flip off Boston as much as you want as long as you don't get any on me! You know we are wicked smaaat here. I am still trying to understand why there was such a panic.....
  17. Hi A year ago November, my older sister (addict) was neglecting her children. At the time one was 17 (my mother practically raised her) and one was 6. It was killing me, not only to see the kids neglected but having to constantly stop my plans or family responsibilities to help my niece and nephew. I would have rather had them here or knew before hand what they needed (I know selfish) My niece was 6 weeks away from her 18th birthday. I learned from my councilor that if I called DSS before my niece was 18 they would help her make a life for herself. After much anguish. I called DSS, they found nothing. I was shocked. Even when she left her kid with a stranger and took the guys car for 3 days the police could do nothing. Finally the guy reported the car stolen,and they were able to go get her kids and bring them to my house where they stayed with my mom in her apt downstairs. My niece didn't like my moms rules and came up here with me. I had siilar rules but didn't repeat them all day long. The state gave my niece a choice: On her 18th birthday she could stay here and the state would give her health ins. and a free ride to a state school or she could go home and live at her moms (her om was in rehab). She always talked of how she hated her mom, she was tired of raising her brother etc. I told her this was an oppurtunity of a life time, this could change her whole future. She listened....she thought...she left. My sister got clean got her son back, her daughter still lives with them and they all live in disfunctional bliss. My sister got unclean and and my nieces life is harder than ever. I cannot express the feeling I got watching my niece walk away from a better life to go bad to the exsistance she loathed. I had to detach from the situation. At anyrate my niece passed up opportunity becasue she didn't know what it was. Her love and loalty to her mom won. Her negative upbringing scarred her to a point of non repair. My nepehw is here today at my moms, as he is most days, we don't know where my sister or my niece are.... I hate to see it happen and yet there is not much I can do but try and show this kid a normal family....and I am hardly normal I share this because there is some truth in what Silk says. It is not your problem to fix, no matter how much you want to. Also I don't know about other states, but here there are loops holes that protect parents even when they are awful parents. He is also 16, in this state that is the age you can sign yourself out of school. However, all hope cannot be lost. I almost dropped out of school when I was 17, someone (can't remember exactally who) took the time to sit me down and help me to see the importance of my education, I pressed on. I don't know if all this helps but I guess from all of it I can say is plan for success in whatever road you choose but prepare for disappointment becasue from what you describe this kid is a lot like my niece. He knows what he knows so he lives it and loves it. In closing I can only pray that my children are more influenced by my successes than my failures and I hope I am never put into the catagory of a questionable parent... as my grandpa used to say...don't spit in the air, it will land in your face....(you know I had to try it) hope that helps a little, since I spilled guts all over this post! Good Luck
  18. Kal my thoughts are with you and your friends family. My biggest fear in the world is leaving my kids. Cruis, when you need your friends inspiration or wisdom in times of trouble, sit quietly and remeber your friend, I bet you those words will come to you. I truly belive they are never too far away. Jag I have lost friends due to their own hands as well and all I can say to you is I am sorry. Now before you ask "where does she get off" the joke of my life is that I have more dead friends than almost everyone I know. You can look at the who's and why's for hours, weeks, months, and no matter how you turn it or twist it, it never makes any sense. Sorry I got all deep there, but if there is anything I know a lot about and can disucss for hours is death. Be well all! xoxo
  19. Race, I am pretty sure it will please both steelers lovers and haters ... no? and Happy Birthday!
  20. Did they get a new Adriane?
  21. wolferz....ummm... soo sorry to hear that. Kalshion, I hope one day you can find joy in the holidays again, I do hope the memories of your mom were somewhat comforting. SC, I am jealous! I got everything I wanted: a bell fountain, a salt lamp, Billy Idol's Christmas CD, a snow fairy....my favorite thing was the start to my Halloween village. I got the new husband a Pittsburgh Steelers toliet seat.....I thought it was soo dumb but funny...he loved it.
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