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  1. Oh my. I think I stopped watching them after the third one. Thanks for the review though , I was sorta curious.
  2. Best wishes!!!! Welcome Dragon Lady!!! Yippeeee another Female Commander!!!! Does that make 4? Our strength is growing!!!!!!! Not enough for a weight shift but I must say a great start!!!
  3. Is that where it went!!!! hahahaha
  4. The Excorsist (it's the only movie that can still scare me.) Beetleguise Better Off Dead Sixteen Candles What's Eating Gilbert Grape The Crow Interview With a Vampire Star Wars (all) the first movie I ever saw in a Drive-In Steel Magnolia's Terms of Endearment (what can I say I am a chick) Rocky Horror Picture Show Pink Floyd The Wall Labyrinth The Never Ending Story The Outsiders Orca That's all I can think of right now. I could watch these over and over and never tire of it.
  5. Well, I have two now. He is 2, she is 4mo next week. Unless you are refuring to me as a bundle of joy. How are you? As soon as I can I will forward you pics of the kids. Glad you are back and well!!!!!
  6. Oh NO not agian!!!! Sorry I am always late!! Rattler if I knew you were back I would have baked a cake!!!! I am still here! xoxoxoxo
  7. WOW! Another Birthday! Hope all was well, since I am late again!!!!! Every time your Boirthday passes I realize how long I have been around here. Funny huh? Time really flies! Alas, I am still much younger than you! (I think) Take care!
  8. You guys sure know a lot about guns.
  9. Sorry, can't resist this one. Greg, there is some brown stuff on your nose!
  10. I get the same thing. I know I must be missing something and I am indeed daft!
  11. Wow you guys! I don't know what I think the worse visual is, the comment about the 80 year old lady, or mentioning pigs and stippers at the same time. Either will keep me off a plane though. xoxoxo
  12. Don't get me wrong I hate the purple dionasaur, however it brings a tear to my eye when my son (2) sings to me and his sister (3 mo) and throws in the kiss and hug. I have to note the kiss is more like being spit on, just so he gets the right sound ... Caillou, he just needs a slap!
  13. Hey at least she waited til she thought he was dead.
  14. I'll have to remeber this when I go back to work next week, after 6 mo leave. It can't be that bad!
  15. Hi race Nice to meet you. I am the first registered (my claim to fame) and one of the few females you'll find around here. welcome!! Grayfox, I salute you! Your son is a lucky boy! I really don't have a mob story but I am reading a book about Whitely Bulger and the FBI.
  16. "Chin up" Charolette the spider said that to Wilbur the pig in Charlotte's Web. I just love that movie.
  17. I knew if I posted here, I would get some great view points!! Guybert, you would think that wouldn't you. This all happened the night the Pats played in the snow. Most guys in bars I know would much rather football then some girl in the month of January! Jaguar, I think it's great that you and your wife remind yourselves of your agreement. I think that mutual love and respect is the key to all of this.
  18. Wow!!! I am glad I posted. I have to give this "woman shouldn't have left" view a bit of thought. I actually have to find out the reason and manner of the departure. It could have been a planned outing. I know she went to the mall with her sister, to buy the kids some stuff. I guess I am stuck on the "hiding behind her children" comment. The receipts aren't itemized. Depending on the person, mabey that isn't a lot of $$. I quit drinking years ago, I have no clue what a beer costs these days, never mind a mixed drink. The husband has since admitted being interested in the person he met, but does not remember any exchange of numbers or placing a call. He said he thought of his wife a few times that evening but it wasn't enough to get him to go home. While showing her pictures of his kids, their ages made her ask if he was married. He stated he told the woman he was unhapplily married. He also told his wife when confronted, "Don't worry Honey, I would never have taken her home" I agree that marriage is a powerful thing, and need honesty and trust to survive. Seems to me that is what is lacking....
  19. There were 3 receipts each for about $50.00, each marked different times in the evening. I too agree that a chat with someone is harmless. I pointed out to people that it's like talking to someone online. I find the phone answering as well as the address book and the placed call an issue. Also if he spent the $ on the person. Thanks for your input!!
  20. Welcome back Akuma!! Happy Birthday Foss!!!!! Aquarians Rule!!!!
  21. Recently there has ben a huge debate going on among a bunch of my friends, both married and not married. I figure I can get the best range of thoughts from all of you, if you don't mind.... A married man and his wife fight, she leaves with children, not saying where she is going. The husband leaves and goes to a bar. He meets a woman (girl, lady..whatever). The wife arrives home to find him gone, calls his cell phone, a girl (lady, woman) answers. Wife hangs up and tries again. Same outcome. Wife goes to bed. Husband comes home after last call, passes out on couch. Morning comes, wife gets a hold of cell phone only to find womans phone number, not only in address book but as a placed call. Wife also finds over $100.00 of reciepts from bar. >>>.I would say my friends story but you will all think it's me, so I won't say anything and you'll think it's me. I have actually been surprised at some of the responses to this. I know I left out some details so I will answer questions. Is this ok?
  22. I should have been a guy! xoxoxo
  23. She is absolutley beautiful!!! But I bet you already knew that, huh?
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