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  1. Sorry for this unrealated question.... I love the pictures, how do you change them? Oh wait do I RTFM hahahahahaha xoxoxoxo
  2. $ilk, I thought mabey you could use a woman's opinion. 1st, I commend you on your dedication to your family and for stepping up to the plate as a man when your girlfriend (now wife) got pregnant. I know married men who still can't. 2nd, Your kids are only young once and only for a short time, in 18 years is the money you make now going to matter? I say as long as you can afford a roof and Mac and Cheese you are all set! That's all. Best Wishes
  3. echo

    It's a Girl

    Thanks guys! I hope one day to have time to play more and change diapers less! This game was originally for my husband, but I stole it. He has never even seen it. hahahaha I also have to laugh, my son is 22 months and lately repeats every word I say. Not a good thing. I am hoping by the time Lucy can repeat me I clean up my mouth. Take care everyone! xoxoxoxo
  4. I have to laugh at these Dads who had time to post so soon! I haven't had time to shower never mind post! hahahaha Anyway: Lucy Willow arrived on December 13, 2001. This (for those who know me) makes her first B-day Friday the 13th! hahahaha Hope everyone has a Great Holiday!
  5. Best Wishes to you and your family!!!
  6. Great article, it sort of supports my original thinking of "What makes you so scared, do you think you are that important" I thought that way when this all happened and people in my surrounding area were freaking out. My nervousness comes from my own ignorance as far as cross contamination and how long this stuff can live. Something I probobly should look into. Yet as I write this I know I will have a new baby within the next couple of weeks and be busy with both kids, so much so that it probobly won't even cross my mind. Weird huh? Take care
  7. Mike I hope everything is ok.
  8. Hi everyone, I generally just read these debates and keep my thoughts to myself, so be nice! I think claims of discrimination on a whole are abused. I think the system is clogged up with a lot of false, unfounded, claims, and people who really need them are being overlooked or not being taken seriously. I think it's a shame that companys have to offer Diversity Training. I think it's worse when a company does not and opens up their management teams to all sorts of discrimination suits. At times, although I beleive it has a purpose, Affimative Action can be a root cause of these types of issues. In management we have been taught we cannot hire one over another souly on race, sex, religion, etc. We have also been taught to document exact reasons why we may have chose one over the other. I asked the question, how do you prove you picked a man of 31 year old man with great qualifications over a 31 year old pregnant woman with the same qualifications. I was told "try not to get into that situation".......Priceless. Moving right along. Last week I was in the post office, there was only a handful of people there, which included my son and a friend of mine. A gentleman who appeared to possibly be of Arab decent entered the tiny area. I let him go in front of me, because I was having trouble with a form, he asked for 3 prepaid envelopes. You would have thought he yelled "I have a bomb don't move." The person I was with approached me quickly and stated sort of loudly, "He just asked for prepaid envelopes." I really didn't see the problem. I told my friend to be quiet and relax. She then stated "How can you be like that we live near the power plant!" The gentleman left. I completed my transaction, as we were leaving my friend started to desribe the guy. She noted his clothes, face, car, and also decided he was doing something devious. I decided he was just a guy on his lunch break who needed some prepaid envelopes. I mean really what do I care if the guy doesn't want to use a conventional stamp. Mabey he's allergic to the glue. I guess I just find it sad that these thoughts have to pass through our minds. I also have to confess I do not allow my son to be around when I get the mail and open it, and I am sure to get rid of it and wash before he enteres the room again. I usually wait til he's napping. I am the type of person who is courteous and smile at everyone I encounter. It's just the way I am. I am not going to stop smiling at certain people because of what they appear to be. On the other hand I do not feel what happened to this nation and others should be able to happen again. Because I am lazy, I did not go back to see who wrote of being Hispanic and not looking that way, however if we only profile, say people who appear to be Arabic and miss someone who possibly is but looks Irish, then the profiling would not work. I want what works and if that means that we have to spend a little less time rushing to nowhere to be safe so be it. If I may also comment on the orange juice senerio, first I have to say "some senerio" second, I would honestly be more apt to open my door to the man described in the bad car than a dressed up white guy in a Jetta (Getta) (whatever). Ok so there you have it my two cents and then some. Mabey this will explain why I keep quiet. I know it will show I can't spell. Take Care! xoxoxoxo
  9. I think I missed the best part! I was up at 3:30am est, not too much to see. I got up at 4:00am saw one or two. My last try was at 4:50am, I again only saw a few. Then I gave up. I was told this morning I should have been out there between 5-5:30am for the best sights around here. Figures! It was definately cool though. It was also way to cold to be out in a bathrobe! hahaha.
  10. You guys are too much!
  11. Hi All!! I just wanted to check in an say hello to my favorite guys and gal, gals? who knows it's been so long. I have been quite busy doing nothing. My son is keeping me busy and the one on the way has been keeping me off my feet. Usually I pop online really quick delete my porn emails, read any good ones and go to bed! I hope everyone is well. Congrats to all who are moving up on the food chain! Also, hello to all the newbies! I promise to check in more often, I think. Love ya! XOXOXOXO
  12. I would have to say: currently my Son, who is my sunshine and my daughter (they tell me) who is due in a couple months.
  13. Thanks for the heads up buddy! by the time you come back mabey I will have this piece of %$#@ up and running properly. I lost my Modem and my Hard drive a couple weeks ago. ICQ is only a fond memory at this point! hahahaha Also work has tightened our internet acess and i don't think I can visit here from ther anymore. Take care!!!
  14. My computer should be put of the shop this week. Moem died or something. May I please get landing Clearance? Pretty Please
  15. I always skim the names and I always kinda pronounced it Pie-ras hehehe And then there's what I always think of for Menchise. hehehehe Sorry guys!
  16. I can't believed I laughed! The frame kit (in the for kids section) killed me hahahaha
  17. I was really into jumping inot this one with my point of view....That all went to crap when I read "there is an adult in the Whitehouse" I am still floored by that comment.... xoxoxoxo
  18. I have decided, there is just way too much testosterone around here! xoxoxoxo
  19. Yippee! This time I am late and it's better that I am!! Happy Belated Birthday Blades!!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!!!
  20. If I may say, we are one good looking bunch! xoxoxox
  21. Hey, why are there 0's next to peoples names, and why is there no number 1? ahahahahahahaaaa sorry xoxoxox
  22. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!! sorry couldn't help it.
  23. Just popping in to be sure you guys aren't going to get personal..... xoxoxo
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