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  1. Oh Cruis... I am sooo very sorry for your loss.
  2. The East has been very very warm. We did have one snow fall, didn't even cover the grass. I think it will be a late snow season. We will probobly have another April 1st blizzard or something.
  3. echo

    VIRUS! HELP!!!!

    Hi, I have a bunch of questions now..... What is the difference between a free program and say Norton? Is one better than the other or are they about the same??? How long is free, free? If it is a kid using the internet with limited access to sites is free a better option than buying something?
  4. Bla Bla Blickety! Best wishes to all this fine holiday season, be safe!
  5. man, just when you think the thought of a kid getting shot grabs ya, they show a twisted body. They should air those over here after 9PM.
  6. I try to behave....I really do!
  7. Congrats Scriv!!! Graduates are hot!
  8. Too funny, my sister has the lp with the picture of Michael Jackson and the baby tiger! My Iron Maiden albums are the best! Backwards messages! You just can't do that on CD.
  9. Jag, I am soo glad you said that! I thought I was the only one who still listens to, buys, and burns cds. I am holding out as long as possible. I still like to play my vinyl occasionally too! I have no idea where to get a needle if mine goes but until then I will continue to enjoy the noise.
  10. I am not really good at drama, that was all I could coe up with. I think I should just be refered to as the Queen.
  11. You guys want drama? I can give you some drama....I CANNOT BELIVE WE POSTED MY PIC FROM THE WEDDING WITH MY TWO AWSOME KIDS AND NO ONE SAID...."hey echo you're hot!" see there is some drama
  12. You guys are killin me it is hard enough to rember once a month! but I will do my best to comply
  13. OK it's done, I am again some fools bride! hahahaha, just kidding (sort of) When I find a good picture I will have someone post it. I actually wore white! We got back from Key West on Saturday. I absolutley love that place! I probobly would have loved anywhere, as it had been 8 years since I have gone anywhere for more than one night without a kid or two. Missed them dearly but I just love that island! (and i don't even drink!) Anyway it is always good to be home.
  14. Race, Mikos is dead (they say) but his wife is still alive and causing trouble. Starvos the father of Laura's son is supposed to come back from the dead again too. This month on Soapnet they are showing all the old Luke and Laura stuff because it's their anniversary. probobly wayyy more than you wanted to know. I watch Days when I can too.
  15. Did you guys see it!!??!! Laura is out of her catatonic state! Sorry couldn't resist, when i was 10 I had gerbils names Luke and Laura. [ 10-28-2006, 10:29 AM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  16. Beautiful kids! Take Care!
  17. You guys are too funny! Thanks for all the well wishes!!
  18. Hey Papi! You have been gone a while, glad you're back! November 4th is the day. At this point it is scarier than Halloween!
  19. I don't know how to post them!
  20. Hi, Not sure why I feel the need to share this, beyond it is the most embarrassed I have ever been in my life. Tonight was my bachelorette party. I knew they were going to embarrass me. (I am not sure if you are aware...I am really cool, I never do anything that might be in the least way uncool) SO they give me an "I Love Dave" t-shirt. That in itself is the dumbest thing! I am not outwardly open with things like that etc. SO the organizer realizes how easy it is to embarrass Cool Tammy. We go to my sisters,(I am wearing that lame shirt)and they pull out a crown, a wand, and a boa. They also give me candy necklaces "buck a suck" and mardigra (sp) beads that I can pass out to anyone I choose. Ok so this isn't terrible, I feel a little dumb, but it could be worse. right? The plan was to go to a local bar where we eat and see an Aerosmith cover band and whatever. We get out of the car and she hits one of my arms with a pair of handcuffs. I freeze, I am horrified, I may have even wanted to cry. They take out a blowup doll, I begin yelling "oh no" and snap the other handcuff on him. Already people are stopping and laughing in the lot. I then had to walk all the way around the building with him, we get to our table and the waitress is my daughters soccer coach. As I stuttered introducing her to my sister, she assured me she wouldn't tell anyone. (ya right!)I then had to greet my guests,everyone said I looked like I was going to cry. I just kept saying "I am way to cool for this" I then had to eat with him, go to the ladies room multiple times etc. I begged for the key a few times, didn't get me anywhere. The place was absolutley packed people are laughing and staring etc. I endure this for 3 hours. Finally at my 4th attempt in the ladies room, a party go'er informs me that I don't need a key, if I press a button and pull they will open!!!!!! Then of course I am the fool for not knowing that. Sooo not cool. No one has ever ever ever gotten me that good! I can actually say it was pretty funny....now that I am home.
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