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  1. Glad it wasn't my kid. No really, I was always chewing gum in school and on field trips. I never in my life even stuck it under a table. Others have. I guess I want to know why they had a bunch of 12 year olds within reach of a 1.5 mil painting. Finally, why is that painting worth 1.5 mil. Have you seen it?
  2. echo


    I don't get alimony, I get child support and no matter who I marry whether it be a male or female (I am in Mass after all), will change the fact that the kids belong to the first husband and unless he signs papers stating he doesn't want the responsiblity of even being their father would that change. Vesides I would also forfeit every penny of that measley support for him to stop letting down my kids emotionally. As far as disclaimers, I do not think your post left too much to interpretation, nor will I remain silent when I feel strongly about an issue. Nevermind I am a chick and once I get fired up there is no room for calming down I never in 8 million years thought I would want to get married again, but here I am. You can't let fear of being hurt or losing a few dollars jade you. Nor can you forget that an unmarried couple does not receive the same rights or benefits as a married couple. Now I will ask, have you ever been engaged or married, or is your opinion based soley on the expiriences of others?
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    Ummm hello...Soback...did you forget there is a chick here? I agree that some guys are dragged over the coals but my ex made out like a king. When I tossed him out he didn't have one bill (he had gotten an accident settlement and paid his all off) and all the free time to do as he likes, he pays the minimum in child support and visits for a total of 4 hours a week (his choice) I on the other hand, have my big expenseive house, that he never pitched in for, along with over $30000.00 and it only lasted form 1998-2001. Never mind two kids to raise and pay for day care and sports and whatever else their golden little hearts desire. I have to work over 40 hours per week and commute 15 hours to get to and fro. I miss just about everything significant my kids do in a day. Never mind have to keep contact with him and read his foolish emails about how he has no money and begging to claim one on his tax return. I know I am going off but truly you cannot just throw out generalizations like that. I am sure there a women in California who are in the same position as I am, as I am sure there are men who raise their kids and women who make out. I do agree with the first sentence you opened with, but again I am the one with the house and with the guy who wanted to stay more than a week.
  4. echo


    I am divorced, carazilly enough planning a second wedding. If I could give you one piece of advise being a child of a divorce and a mom who is divorced. Be there for you kid/kids. Know them and their dreams. Spoil them but don't try to buy them. Lasty as a human, don't let it define you or destroy you. There is a light at the end of it all. Chin up said the spider to the pig.
  5. All I can say is, I cannot wait til this thing is over my fiance (born and bread in PA) has been wearing nothing but Steelers shirts for 2 weeks!!! I guess I should be happy it's not the same one! I remember, was it last year?, when they were beat in the playoffs he was depressed for weeks! Steelers fans are definatley an odd bunch! He came home form work yesterday with a Stellers cake someone backed him. They certainly stand out around here too. You don't see much black and gold in the land of the Sox and the Pats. I can't even count the Bruins anymore, mabey next season. Personally I just watch for the commercials.
  6. Hey! That is wonderful news! Best wishes!
  7. Pictures have become a huge ripoff. My mall lets you go up and talk to Santa free with no picture or get a picture. Where the town mentioned isn't an extremely affluent area I am surprised they would do such a thing.
  8. Ok I checked in, if for some reason I did it wrong will someone let me know. Thanks!
  9. 11 lbs!?! You give your wife my best! Blessings to you all!
  10. Happy Turkey Day to All!! In preparation for the family coming for dinner. I am watching "Slap Shot" Have a great day!!!
  11. 1. Jag I am very happy for you your wife and your family! Congrats 2. I can't belive you can't even announce a pregnancy without someone getting on you about your beliefs! 3. Remind me not to drink the water around here!! Best Wishes!!!
  12. Anything for the fleet, I say!
  13. Aww shucks thanks for noticing! I am trying to think of where I have been. I guess work, the kids, and my little sisters wedding have kept me from checking in. I also recently had to take in my big sisters two kids. She needs some time to clean herself up. I vow to check in more often becasue I am seriously lacking in the "me" time. Hope all is well!
  14. I think I did it I am not sure. I do know that I didn't have the option of Eversor anywhere so I chose Spectre becasue that's what I was back in the day. Anyway.....I guess I wait and see what happens? Once this is figured out I will definately set reminders so it never happens again! Now as far as new recruits go...do you think we should resort to posting pictures of me?
  15. Oh my, i think I am inactive...is that what it means when it says "echo not found" what a sad sad day. The day a gal finds out no ones got her back. (blotting eyes with tissue) is this the case? Do I have to re-sign up? How do I do that?
  16. I love Surface. I occationally catch Threshold, it doesn't drawn me I jsut watch it if I stumble upon it. I have been watching Supernatural, I don't know if there has been a thread on this show, but I like it. I am not 100% sure if it is for the content or that the guys are hot and I LOVE car!
  17. I too find this very funny. You are really left to wonder...what was this guy's relationship to the dear.....
  18. I am just glad they added another cute guy with an accent! No seriously I am hooked!
  19. My friend was a vegetarian for a while, she would buy things that resembled meat. I called it smeat. I have another friend who is a Vegan, so is her dog. I think that's cruel. I love meat, even though I have recently lost a cousin to CJD (said to be the human form of mad cow disease) they aren't sure whether it was sporadic (just happens or hereditary) or from eating meat. She has been out of the country. A lot of people on the boards at a site for CJD family members have given up meat. No one knows where it came from, did the cow give it to humans did humans give it to the cow. At anyrate I just had a great prime rib and a potato. If the meat doesn't one day kill me I am sure pesticides will, if not that mabey a bus, who knows. When all is said and done, I am not a big vegetable eater. Most are yucky, I also have a texture issue. Tomatoes taste how they smell and potatoes often taste like the dirt they were grown in. Someone stop the rambling!!! If anyone wants more information on Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, let me know.
  20. I am sooo sorry Jag. Just remember time heals. Take care!
  21. If it had front legs it might be pretty cute!
  22. That is sooo sweet. I wish you the best!
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