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    Oh mannnn now I am all teary eyed! (I'm such a girl!) Thanks Race!
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    Thanks everyone!!!
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    I got engaged last night! It is a really funny story We needed to go get him a suit and me a dress for my cousins wedding. So he asked me to pick him up at home and we would go to the Hanover mall. I said no meet me at the mall (spoiled attempt #1) We were in Men's Warehouse and the sales person was saying she's a keeper giver her a ring (he went for his pocket and realized it was in the car. (spoiled attempt #2) After completing the sale there we drove across the street to the mall, again in sperate cars. So we walked by NASR where I had picked out a ring a couple months ago, he asked if I wanted to go in, I said "how about after JC Penny" (almost ruined #3) When we came out I forgot he wanted to got there.... SO we go in and the ring is not in it's slot. I say "it's not there" he started asking the girl where it went. I turned to look at him except he wasn't standing he was on his knee in the store. I started bawling. I took the ring and he asked and I put it on. The manager said "Did he ask?" I said yes He said "did you answer?" I said "OH!" all I could get out as "OK" SO I stood there shaking and shocked for what seemed a life time and I vaguely remember the lady telling me what kind of band I should get. So I say "I need to walk" I walk out of the store to a Hermit Crab Kiosk and buy 2 crabs and a whole set up. All the while staring at my hand holding my phone and sort of giggling. While walking away I realized I spent 60.00 neither one of us had a clue so we laughed all the way to the car, where I finally remembered to kiss him
  4. Seeing I am the only non-male geek around here I have to say, the whole thing sounds cute and romantic. However two thing caught my attention soo much that I cannot really pay much detail to the rest. 1. Why are you reluctant to show her a pic? 2. Always remember under 18 will get you 20
  5. Wait a minute, that can't be. Don't Bison have small feet? insert dumb blonde smiley here:
  6. Lost I have to agree with you. I have to say back in the day when I was young and foolish, I certainly didn't do things for the taste of it! Well mabey fireball shots..fireball shots were quite tastey. Now all I can do is throw a hotball into a cup of water and remember. Pot was never a favorite of mine, way to mello for a gal like me. I think the idea of pot flavored candy is stupid.
  7. echo


    Welcome Stanton. It is nice to meet you.
  8. Congrats to both Jaguar and Darlking! Space is a beautiful thing!!!!
  9. Batman's Hot! So are Pitt AND Jolie, actually Jolie may be hotter than Pitt!
  10. Gray that was my point. I understand you guys do what you do out of love. Most don't. So take my compliment and hold it dear! You dodn't want to get me angry do you? My ex sees my kids once a week for 3 hours,(his choice) 5-8PM. My 3 yr old usually has enough by 7 and goes to bed. He also brings me back to try and lower the support every chance he gets. I have my kids becasue I wanted them. No other reason than that. You are right in saying you are a parent and that is what parents do. But you need to see that being a parent and doing your best at it, is indeed something to be proud of yourself for. So if you aren't I will be
  11. I was going to go off...however I think the two of you are great dads for being such a large part of your kids lives.
  12. I fell asleep during the first one and have been busy ever since. I really want to catch up though!
  13. I love Iron maiden. I knew I missed actual records, because while contemplating buying the "Piece of Mind" disc (my favorite) I forgot what the backwards part says, but you can't play the disc backwards.
  14. As long as you are sticking around I won't cry!
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    I wasn't impressed either. 2nd night of dissapointment, neither of my favorite guys in contender won and Bo Boce lost to that cow girl. On top of how it won't stop raining here! What a week!
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    The ship was a pirate ship I think. Bo Bice is Hot!
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    The Black Rock is a ship? I don't get it. I think they are all on heroine (sp?). I also predict the raft will hit an invisible forcefield and explode. I give up trying to figure this out!
  18. The book is too heavy to read. It has been on my night table forever! I only read a few chapters but it seemed good.
  19. It's back on June 5th. I cannot wait!
  20. I don't think I can go see it. I read the book and saw the old one a million years ago and I still get creeped out if I wake up at 3:15 a.m. Although I am very interested in seeing how this one portays Jodi. Now as I type I am hearing "Amy open the door!" Mabey I will have to go see it.
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