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  1. Hey guys... Not really glad to see things change yet they stay the same. If you think that the troubles are over in Iraq your just wrong. If you think the insurgency is over youre very wrong. Indeed, Wolfowitz himself recently worried in a congressional hearing of what a build up of expectations could mean unfulfilled. Guerrilla fighters dont attack strength but still did some damage on election day. Many Kurds thought they were also voting on founding an independent state. The Shia are appointing Al-Sistani to lead them. Im no expert but a lap dog of America is something I dont think America will find. Put aside the reason for war were supposed to be defensive..total BS.and focus on the fact that now the previously oppressed are now taking a dominate political role. A democracy founded on such precarious foundations is an extremely fragile proposition. Take a look at http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,3...2688749,00.html You think troubles are over think again.
  2. quote: how could anyone,........anyone possibly even think and conceive to think that this is or would be an interesting movie... quote: Yeah, right, like I am actually going to watch this piece of excrement? quote: next time ill take 7$ and wipe my a$$ with it and i would probably get better use out of my cash... sheesh Michael Moore wins an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature....and the emoticon community freaks out! Well not all.... Hear the interview after.... http://www.oscar.com/oscarnight/winners/win_32297.html
  3. quote: im all for that, but any smart person knows that the US wont believe them anyways, and that we want war so we can put a democratic puppet govt in power. Hey we got puppets right here! Now you can have one too and it won't even cost you millions of dollars! http://www.pocketpresident.com/front.html
  4. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Slavery is freedom. May all your interventions be humanitarian.
  5. The Wheel of Time.....it's good...but long...and that can be a good or bad thing.
  6. We can't declare war, they haven't done anything to us....and at this point, it might not pass. That is the huge difference here. We declare war in self defense....well once upon a time. Perhaps, in the near future, when running for high office requires such massive capital to campaign properly (through corporate media) we will have a corporate consensus we can be proud of. And from this capital consensus our three branches of government can work in harmony to make those hard calls about life and worth that we are unqualified for. Remember, war is peace and freedom is having nothing to hide
  7. No Ep5 that's progress. Remember these corporate axioms "Haste makes profit, employees are assets, profit is life, and toxic sludge is good for you." quote: I say string the bastages up from a very tall Oak tree That would be too good for them. They should have to work fourteen hour days, in a toxic environment, for $1 a day, to produce goods that will be sold for massively inflated prices for the remainder of their natural life (a sentence handed down all across the planet). And when they die, (wipes off a tear) at the ripe age of thirty something we can toss their body in an unmarked grave and get their kids to work post haste....ahhhhh....I smell profit! quote: Corporations are groups of people Stock holders and execs (with labor having no significant input)...and in no way deserving of Bill of Rights protections. None. Why? quote: Because corporations are only concepts, not real living breathing things Yup.
  8. quote: Haggling over the meaning of the words "is" and "alone" didn't help, either. Heh heh the "new democrat" That whole situation was just a sorry look at the eroded state of American politics.
  9. quote: honest lawyer Law as a profession has been perhaps fatally wounded by the legions of corporate lawyers that have destroyed our justice system. Law as a profession is a noble endeavor when we remember who it was meant to serve. quote: J.W.B. ?
  10. Yeah I heard that on crossfire too. They don't hate us....they see our worst projected by crap media and respond.....and they don't hate us they hate our system of government and those that make it up...and I don't blame them.
  11. Hee hee I like Wall $treet Week with Fortunethey were just talking about how insane wall street analysts wereand still areendorsing companies that had their lawyers on the steps, doing the walk of shame, to declare bankruptcy. Then they were talking about how the S+P was still over inflated by a factor of four..then the same analysts are like buy 99% of everything and sell 1%....good bless em for trying. But in the words of Newt Gingrich Dont try to reform the current system. It is hopeless. It is impossible. God bless you newt for telling it like it is. Here Jag this is from a real leader: "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country....Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed". Abraham Lincoln
  12. quote: I don't think there are as many corrupt companies out there as you might And I think that you omitting the fact that after ENRON + pals shredded a couple hundred of thousand lives, HUNDREDS of company's had to restate earnings. I'm sorry but today's big time investors and top execs are the biggest cowards on the face of the earth and when crooked execs were hauled off in handcuffs they went to ground and are waiting for "outcry" to die down. They are cowards but they aren't stupid. quote: Clinton era This was a corporate hero...deregulating was the game....self described Eisenhower republican...I would not be surprised to learn he set the stage for recent fiascosbut thats what you will get with corporate infiltration into the political process. quote: If companies focused on the proven methods of valuing performance, then they will survive. Your right it isn't hard to survive. But they are not interested in surviving, they want to grow... vertically integrate and destroy their competition. When the apex is having five jets, 20 houses across the planet, etc everybody wants it. It is this insatiable greed that has come to define American business and hurt the people of this country and people all over the world. It does sound good on paper....but Tommy boy Friedman is turning out to be Stalin with a happy face. quote: I sense a lot of anger from this point on, so I'll leave the rest uncommented. Really? I thought it was animated but not overtly emotional.... Behind the animation and lively descriptions exists some anger. I don't live in happy land. I live in real life and I examine the facts that are hard to find. Behind the veneer of the multi ethnic techno happy land that is America commercially defined one finds greed, unchecked ambition, corrupt political process accepted by the mind numbing group think attitude disseminated by corporate media, and the real abuse of people and families by those who believe that progress is profit and your personal worth can be estimated by your investment portfolio. It does make me angry. It would make any moral person angry. I thought I was keeping it to a dull hum. I will say I find it distasteful to sit back and discuss issues in cool robotic fashion.maybe when I get older.
  13. quote: Many corporations are headed by people who started out in the mail room (or equivalent) 25 years ago. That is not an acurate statement. The vast majority of CEO's and senior execs started in the top 20% or the second 20%. Society is becoming more static. quote: The issue of double taxation resonates with the lower, middle, and upper classes because even the poor envision a day when they will do better, and they don't want to see their successes taken away from them. They want their children to be better off than they were. I would agree with the last part. However when people lose their jobs and their pentions and college options are destroyed by a reckless company....then that same company covers the execs and cuts everyone else loose with nothing....people wake up. When media focus on rags to riches BS stories utilizing synergistic strategies to inflate the reality of the situation you have one class pushing its values on another.only now its ok for some reason.however, if say, the workers want to go back to the jobs they got locked out of they are terrorists and threatening our economy for not eating a b*llshit contract like good little disposable people.ercontingent workers. Come on. In our country workers were told it was wrong to think in those terms and were beaten, shot, and legislated against until they lost track of themselves. That's ok....times will change. The only thing that keeps destructive greed in check is a strong union hence a damaged America economy with a withering capital goods infrastructure and corporations falling over each other to get the hell out of dodge before that dreadfully boring labor people realize that all their jobs are gone.. The latest round of commercials is trying to get people into the market to keep even their meager earnings turning a "profit". That is until everyone got burned and didnt want to go back. Reallyif the ever declining middle class wasnt invested in the market they might start looking at the national gambling addiction and emperor Dow Jones in perhaps a new and peculiar light.. So instead of having real reform you have a government overrun with wealth and no punishment for doing "wrong". This is why a smart person will not take their money to Vegas regulated by law or a stock market regulated by crooks. As far as investment theory....it sounds good. It does. Until you live it and loose your entire livelihood and your kids ticket to college so some rich kids can play Rockefeller and run back to the trust when it doesn't work out. Industry should always be secondary to, and take orders from, an insulated political body that represents the peoplethe real people, those who have to live in whats left after capitol flight..those cozy toxic wonderlands of poverty stricken crimetopia of those who deserve it because of a poor showing in the crap game of life where the house always wins (right GW wink wink)..these people of course stand in glaring contrast to our noble industrialists who are ever burdened with being able to hop a plane to wherever...to do whatever, and I mean whatever, whenever they get the urge.. Further these people should not get my tax dollars for R+D so they can make drugs that I might not even be able to afford....never mind I don' even want to get started on this....Cato blew that one off the hinges. If you think that success is right there for the motivated you better check your socioeconomic background and know your role. This country is in a state of delusion and maybe when we run out of countries to bomb (this would of course leave us with a gaping industrial void) people can calm down and really take a look at how they are living and why they are living that way..or maybe they will stop voting status quowho knows.hell Bush actually acknowledged the global pandemic of AIDS [another liberal conspiracy (smirk)] and renewable energy so ANYTHING can happen.
  14. quote: In order to buy enough shares in a stock to garner $50,000 in dividends, one must have put a lot of money down in the first place, but being rich enough to purchase a large chunk of a company shouldn't disqualify that person from fair treatment by the government. I understand the logic...it sounds good until you live in America and live with the upper 5% who earn at least 155,000 annually. Where the top 400 people examined by Forbes had a minimum a worth of $725 million and includes about 280 billionaires. The captains of industry who inherited most of their wealth (Thurow, 1987; Queenan, 1989) Then it's a romp through Harvard vaguely remembered through a drug induced haze and it's off to maintain the status quo from on high. Here is your fair treatment in government: http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/mems.asp What does it mean to be an owner? That's an interesting question. I guess when competition is so cut throat if you manage to pull your self up (assuming you aren't swimming in a sea of wealth already) you feel your entitled to just about anything you want...I don't know I never been there and I don't really care to....I know I'd end up doing all those stupid things like trying to take care of my workers and their families and go bust.yeah I can understand climbing up high and looking out and realizing that either this mountain is really shear and really high or damn if I can do everyone else can too. Of course we know that there is only so much opportunity to go around.. Lets go down the list and try to understand how that system that sounds entirely reasonable and "good" would lead to these facts in America: 20.4% children live in poverty 10.9% elderly live in poverty America spends 12.4% on health care (the most of any country in the world) but and doesn't even cover everyone. US infant mortality is 10 per 1000 the highest of any industrialized nation. We have no national maternity leave program. We are fifth in the world for murders...in the world... American workers get 10.8 paid vacation days a year. Of course we are last again. And the lowest voter turn out rate of any western democracy. Canada, sometimes the next up from the bottom rung, outperforms us in every every area and usually by a wide margin. But I guess we can destroy any other country the fastest.... As we are starting to see....with the consolidation of industries, power, and wealth perhaps the myth of ownership will no longer appeal to a disenfranchised population...maybe when the promise of political choice is actually offered, people will see a light and move towards it. Or maybe the haves will do everything in their power to have one branch of the government decide our elections.....or have the media only focus on certain stories with engineered content..and maybe shift education under the wise and fiscally responsible wing of industry (cause we all know they do a good job until some dictator acts up and causes our economy to tank)because they paid good money for that election, those media outlets, and that society anyway.right?
  15. Wolf I am also sorry to hear about your situation. What can I say...it doesn't have to be that way. quote: I am unable to work because of a Government regulation designed to protect everyone I only take issue with this statement because if you think industry is going to police themselves or treat you better without regulation....history is clear. The only time industry acts as a responsible social partner is when the people demand, usually in blood, that reality. In this country a propaganda system has been instituted against working people and itÔÇÖs still going strong today. Our labor history has been buried and people manipulated by converging systems of thought that really only serve a tiny portion of the country. Government can be a strong ally in building a future concerned with issues of social and economic justice but those reps have to be held accountable. Petition recall, instant runoff, debates shaped by vision and ideas rather than corporate sponsorship/ownership, transparency and accountability for those in public and private office. Until that happens theyÔÇÖll throw all the nonsense in the book at you...but the simple fact is that power of self determination begins and ends with the people and their communities. Anyway, thatÔÇÖs how I feel.
  16. No kidding...I cut out after "distinguished American's and (hesitation) fellow Americans ..." (translation top 5% (smirk) and the rest of you gullible fools") Truly pathetic....yep anyone else part of the 35% (and growing) group of American's that do not identify with either flank of our one party. *rant on Yes...all you third base heroes out there....keep being born into wealth and American workers will keep payin' for your humble lifestyles...under laws enacted by eighth term millionaire insiders / CEO types of course....but hey no one said life was fair (smirk).... And don't give us no guff or we'll thin the herd with a blatant war of aggression to secure the wealthiest oil zone on the planet for future strong arming tactics..its really is only a coincidence that oil happens to be the key ingredient for maintaining our meager lifestyle(wink wink).and any parallels like.oh.all the top officials in the executive branch are big oil is just silly.and the fact that Halliburton industries was awarded the multibillion dollar contract for supplying the American troops in the Gulf region is well(smirk), trueandyes.that was Cheneys old companyand yes, Halliburton does receive a bonus if they go over budget.BUT REALLY THIS IS ALL A CRAZY LIBERAL CONSPERICAY(wink wink) And hell, just for kicks when you get back from fighting.were gonna send your jobs to some American territory in the pacific.where the cheap labor makes our stock options blow up like car bombs of gold! Its a win win situation  What? What? Daddy.why are the peasants looking at me like that? *rant off
  17. RE was no 1 even if I didn't see most of the others.....I liked the tough female, really on point....I think they could have added an hour and really made the movie better.
  18. The walls come out.ladders come out faster. The people who build the walls are well paid....the people who build the ladder love the climb, hate the wall, or hate the pay.... I have Norton protection...seems like every day I'm attacked...virtual track was fun the first time.
  19. quote: The very structure of the AP -- the impersonal bureaucracy through which this huge volume of information is filtered -- encourages "desk reporting" from foreign correspondents Bureaucracy worked for Soviet elites for quite some time and currently serves free market elites very nicely. Having media dedicated to profit, sensationalism, and fell good BS if perfectly suited for maintaining a society taught to value the same. It's not manipulation, its content engineering.....it's not biased, its the information market...and we all know markets regulate themselves in everyones best interest....always. Besideshow does having an informed citizenry truly benefit a society anyway? We really should just stick with practicing democracy in the industry constructed consumer context. Imagine.we could all end up walking around wearing tin foil beanies made in Singapore believing in evil things like universal health care and some weird notion of social and economic justice.(shudders violently).that you CNN!
  20. quote: I am a constitutionalist and a patriot. ? quote: THe fact of the matter is that will work without a free market economy. The federal government powers are enumerated in the constitution, and that is one document that I believe in, but YOUR ideas have perverted the government into something it was neve supposed to be. Not at all....your failure to deal with new threats to self and state sovernty have left you scrambling for a past that connot exist in the face of present corporate realitites that suvert evrythying you claim to believe in. quote: Regulating business and making things fair destroy the very business and good wage jobs that you want to create. What do you think the founders were trying to accomplish?!!? They wanted to bring a sense of "fair" into the peoples lives. The anational corporations are destroying all kinds of American jobs in the name of a profit that does not relate to us. quote: Whereas my way, deregulating and detaxing business will create those good wage jobs and opportunities for the poor and regular people that you claim to care about so much. No it won't. Over the last twenty years we have seen unfettered business move over seas and further stratify our country. They are destroying the American middle class while stalling the development of third world nations since 1980. Your idea's would allow them to pay anyone five cents an hour while hoarding obscene amounts of wealth and destroying the environment. quote: Your way, government control over everything My way people retake their lives. Government is the vehicle to achieve that goal...unless you are a closet anarchist.... quote: My way allows those business's to grow, to create mor good wage jobs and to create a healthy economy where NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. Yup...go over seas with jobs and provide a good wage for those already with more money than god.some patriot.
  21. Look what it got them... How about we get people jobs and good wages? I know I don't know everything...unlike some. I'll get over myself if you drop the part time patriot front while being a free market fanatic.
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