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  1. Well darling, nice to see I'm not forgotten. I've been doing a lot of other things of late (at the moment it's mudding) but I'm still around. I don't know how much of me you'll see in the future, but I'm here. If you want to contact me send me a private message (I get them in my email, which I check every couple of days) or use ICQ, my number is 173266393.
  2. I honestly don't see why how much you make, or how terrible you are off is relevant to this discussion. Woferz, my apologies, but the rich do not use so called loopholes to get out of taxes entirely, indeed people with money pay a bloody hell of a lot more taxes then you, it's almost assured. I don't know where you get off saying things like that; it really is quite ridiculous and totally incorrect. As for your hardships, well, that's your problem. There is not one other person on the face of this planet who's responsible for you, none. Now, I'm not saying you didn't work hard, but there is more to success then hard work and it shows. It's self evident that some people manage to go somewhere with there lives and some don't, and while I'm not sure exactly facilitates this, I don't feel any need to pity those who can't succeed. And like I said before, your problems are yours, it's not a matter of sparing money to "help a neighbor though a rough time" it's a matter of having a choice. The government has no business making me or anyone responsible for supporting others. Now, I can understand why you might be bitter towards those of us with more money then you, but it is hardly our problem. Being so disgustingly crass about it is hardly the solution, though I must say it paints a rather bad picture of the lower class. Oh, and Race, I'm not claming that the unemployed are too stupid and too lazy to work, simply that they aren't my problem.
  3. I have to disagree about resident evil, I loved that film. Oh, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a great film or any such, but it was seriously fun.
  4. Darling, most of the news out there doesn't qualify as scholarly either.
  5. I'm not so sure I would go so far as to call him a traitor, that term is generally reserved for people who commit treachery. If you start calling people traitors because of the political views, however skewed, then you're treading on dangerous ground. That said, this Michael Moor character does seam to be something of a toad.
  6. LMAO! I agree, it's a fabulous film, one of the only times I've ever seen a film based off of a book turn out as good as the book.
  7. quote: Only shuttles and the Marauder gunship can tow it It cannot be stored in the cargo hold because its too big, measuring 15.0m H x 23.16m W x 55.71m L And to prevent that problem of crazy gamers grabbing this baby and running all over the planet with it, each side only has one - and you can't drive it unless you have the prrequisite rank (from EPs and kills). Well, at 30mph I can't imagine I would want to drive it anyway, just pick it up with a shuttle and go.
  8. Why bother placating them? Either they're going to buy BCM:G or BCG, in which case they will have multiplayer and have no reason to be complaining, or else they're not going to buy either of those games, in which case it doesn't matter.
  9. You people have it all wrong, male Syrion slaves are where it's at, especially when they have *ahem* specialty cybernetic limbs.
  10. While I originally considered BCM MP a good idea, having read your arguments for not implementing it I find myself swayed. I have been, quite frankly, amazed that you have continued improving (not just fixing bugs) BCM as long as you have, you have a rare level of dedication to the game, your fan base, or (as I'm inclined to believe) both. While BCM is definitely a good game and worthy of support, the time has come to move on to the next game. And while I must admit that some people will be vexed by the lack of multiplayer, I would venture that this is most likely because you said that it would be included rather then because they cannot afford BMG:G.
  11. Gammulans stick together, its called unity. Independents like Valdemar may not be part of our fleets, but they're still Gammulans, and that's what counts. Besides, who would want to keep company with a bunch of savage humans who find the consumption of sentient aliens appealing?
  12. Do forget the chicken revolution.
  13. Well yes, I imagine you will be expecting to come to Gammula with me, or at least your head will. On the other hand, if your career as a commander doesn't pan out you probably shouldn't become a clairvoyant, you just don't seem to have very good accuracy.
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