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  1. gnowor

    Fix for the Windows key

    I know about the shortcut trick prox, but whenever I get a new game, I always forget to update the shortcut. So I figure fix the problem once and for all. -Gnowor
  2. Lol. Hey Denny. Should've kept that one to yourself, and just been one of the first ones to beat the new UC ACM. Never gonna be head of PrimeFleet if you give away all your secrets. -Gnowor P.S. post #51 woohoo!
  3. gnowor

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Different Kinko's will vary. General idea is anywhere from $5-$12 per square foot (depending on material, my Kinko's is $5/sq. foot for bond with full color printing since we've been charging that for awhile noww, even though we've been told to go to $10/sq. foot) Could charge you $9.95 for the scan. At my Kinko's, what I'm gonna do is scan it myself, get it blown up, and laminate it($2/sq. foot). Will cost me $84 (minus employee discount). Little pricy, but damn it'll look nice. For just a much larger version (but can be done on the regular copiers), you could get an 11x17 printed and laminated for $6.50 or less). -Gnowor P.S. I'm just wondering if SC's gonna start selling the posters on the site and tell DC to piss off about their stupid MSRP.
  4. gnowor

    Keyboard shortcuts

    So I guess that means we're all hitting Kinko's. -Gnowor
  5. gnowor

    More n00b questions

    quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: 1. no. 2. no. no. And you wonder how Official Testers are recruited? I'm guessing it's from concise answers and posts like this so that SC doesn't have to sort throught a bunch of junk when he's reading bug reports. -Gnowor
  6. gnowor

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Also realize that Kinko's has a strict copyright policy. You come in asking to blow up the galaxy map, they're gonna ask you to get permission from the copyright holder. BTW, Hey SC, can I have permission to blow-up the galaxy map to say... a 3'x4' print? Got a spot on my wall that's perfect for it. -Gnowor P.S. For anyone who couldn't guess, I work at Kinko's. And am actually working right now as I'm writing this post.
  7. gnowor


    1. No. Can't control another ships systems. 2. As for those check boxes, they let you tell them what they're allowed to do (or at least that's what I always thought they were). For example, you uncheck cloak, that means the commander of that ship is not allowed to cloak. You check it, he is allowed to cloak. Whether he actually cloaks is up to him. -Gnowor
  8. quote:Originally posted by CrazedOne: So the NPC carriers start out with a low AI and that low AI allows them to target Star Stations which is suicidal, so when their AI gets higher these actions should take place less often? Here's some more theory. I don't believe that a higher AI for the carriers will make them no longer attack stations. Reason being, regardless of how stupid it may seem to attack a station, their processing of the order dictates "Kill anything that is trying to kill the thing I'm escorting" They believe the stations are trying to kill you because the stations are tracking you. A higher AI isn't going to change the fact that the stations are tracking you. A higher AI might just go ahead and make them attack the station FASTER. The theory behind that is simply that because their AI is higher, they figure out what to do faster. In this sense, it might be smarter on your part to have dumber carriers. Again, purely theory (since I don't even know how I might check the AI of a carrier escorting me). -Gnowor
  9. What the SC is trying to say I believe is that they are still in Escort/Defend mode when they attack the starstation. Let me explain it this way. ---- You give the order to the commander of another carrier the order to protect you. Then, that commander's AI takes over. He (it) decides how best to protect you. He sees the station targeting you (as shown by the TRK logo right by your tactical [radar] view down below). Since the station is tracking you, the commander decides the best way to protect you is to destroy the starstation. So as you can see above, they are not in SAD mode, they are in escort mode. Were they in SAD mode, it wouldn't matter whether the station was targeting you or not, they'd attack it. ------ Now this next part is theory, and maybe SC can clarify if he feels like it. The reason TAB-F1 works for you is because the carrier's AI needs to react to your orders. This means that when you re-issue the order, they need to go through that process again of thinking of the best way to protect you. Again, that's just theory. Hope this helps. -Gnowor
  10. gnowor

    CTD with a lot going on

    I was under the impression that if I give an order to a shuttle while in hyperspace that it would execute the order when it leaves hyperspace. Maybe I was incorrect. The point of issuing that order was so that I could go ahead and watch a probe in TacOps and when my shuttle exited hyperspace it would execute the order. I figured it was more efficient to issue the order and then watch TacOps then to watch TacOps, issue order, then go back to watching TacOps. The subject was so vague because I believed the problem to be vague. In that, upon having issued orders to my CC, was not sure if it might have been simotaneously doing something to cause a crash. -Gnowor
  11. gnowor

    CTD with a lot going on

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Were you in hyperspace in SC4 when you gave the order to collect cargo?Yes I was hyperspacing SC. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Do it. I dare you. I double dare you. In fact, I dare you +1 Hammer of Death.The reason I posted here was that I was trying to isolate the problem before bothering you SC. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: And the subject of this thread is the #1 reason that your threads are deleted on sight. The only reason I didn't delete this one, is because Remo posted in it. Thanks, SC. That explains a lot. -Gnowor P.S. Post would've been more refined by the time it made it to Tech Support.
  12. gnowor

    CTD with a lot going on

    Yeah, Remo, it seemed like one of those "Wow, I'm not even gonna be able to repeat that crash if I tried 100 times cuz there were just too many things going on." Just thought I'd throw it up there in case anyone happened to respond, "Oh, yeah, I had that one. It crashes whenever you order your CC to anything in the gamulan quadrant while at a RED ship alert status while you're Hull is at 99%. That one happens to me all the time!" Thanks for the response. -Gnowor
  13. Gonna post this here since I can't quite isolate the problem and dunno if I can duplicate it but here are the things that I knew were going on when I got this CTD. Hoping someone out there can relate a similar set of circumstances to a CTD, otherwise I'll just chalk this one up to my stupid computer. First off, was in ROAM mode with starting asset of a TER/MIL Firestorm from GALCOM HQ. 1. Took SC-4 to Majoris in Alpha Majora for a trade run. 2. Left Command Craft defending GALCOM HQ. 3. While in Majoris, I was jumping to the station to dock. 4. Decided to order my CC to come and join me (this would require a couple jumps so thinking CTD could've been related to that). 5. While I(SC-4) was in hyperspace, an enemy ship got blown up and dropped cargo. 6. Went to the Command hotspot on the right hand side of my screen, and ordered SC-4 to collect cargo. 7. CTD. A little complex. And like I said, not sure if the Command Craft just being ordered to do a few jumps could've had something to do with it, but I put it all in there. Will move the thread to Tech Support if someone can confirm similar circumstances. Edit: Almost forgot, using UC v1.00.02 RC5. -Gnowor
  14. gnowor

    Marines get stuck

    quote:Originally posted by Lestat9: P.s. Do you ever eat or sleep? LOL I have a feeling he eats but I was wondering on that latter one as well, just didn't have the guts to ask. Kinda brought myself to the conclusion that he was putting off sleep since he had more important things to do. I do the same when I've got the offer of an overtime shift immediately preceeding or after my regular shift. -Gnowor
  15. gnowor

    RC4 Patch Comments

    quote:Originally posted by CrazedOne: You cant let the "few" ruin it for us can you? He can do whatever he wants. Just think, everyone, about how much SC has already done in support. I dare you, name one other game developer that is this involved in the tech support of their games after they hit the market. Most of them get them out the door, fix any major flaws, and move on. Dreamcatcher said the game was good to go when they released it out the door, and, were he not such a nice guy, SC could argue that his commitment to supporting the game ended when they released it (If it wasn't playable, why'd you release it?). SC has already gone above and beyond the call of duty by being this engaged in the support of his game. Here's a point for all of you (and one I should probably read a couple times too.) Knowing how dedicated the SC is to this game think about it this way. Maybe not releasing the RC patches to the public will make the game better, in that, all the time he spends chasing our wild gooses, he could be spending making the game better. I.E. the more we post on the forums about less important problems, the less time he has to spend on the more important problems. That's my 2 cents. (3 cents in Canada.) -Gnowor P.S. SC, you can feel free to shoot me down on this post. Actually, don't know why I'm saying this since, you're always free to shoot me down anyway.