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    programming question for derek

    I guess most of them would all have the same basic "nomenclature" and most of the things sound like they're based off of C's language... its just a matter of learning the quirks and usefullness of the certain compilers... but even so, SC, thats impressive to be able to say that you've actually programmed in all of those!
  2. aphelion7

    UC's first rating on Yahoo

    I posted a note saying it isn't even out yet blah blah blah... with the reports from you guys ('n gals?) and submission that they're reviewing in which I said it wasn't out yet, they should get the point!
  3. aphelion7

    UC's first rating on Yahoo

    Roger that SC, I'll do it after I get home around 1:30 (9:30AM right now here) if no one else has yet.
  4. aphelion7

    LO-MAC patch

    quote:Originally posted by Mano Faber: The developers asking their gamers what to do with the product/patch and explaining that a publisher want to hold/release it for this or that reason. When i saw the news about if the patch should be released, it felt like a deja vu. Looked similar to the Derek question asked a couple of weeks ago whether UC should released with or without some bugs. Guess i just appreciate it that the developers of my favorite games communicate so open with the gamers. LoL good point, although it looks like (since the game is out) if the developers want to release the patch to the US first or wait 'till everyone's are done and then release worldwide. Obviously they went with the US release first because I just patched Lo-Mac a few days ago lol... Yeah but really, I wonder what DC is up to? 30k copies of the wrong version, and what are they doing now? Did they copy them on CD-RWs and trying to erase the 30k copies to put RC2 on? Heck didn't Derek say he had a version even after RC2 now?! We want our game! ::cries:: lol
  5. aphelion7

    Call of Duty

    Yeah really.... I do feel that Day of Defeat for Half-Life is a LOT better than this... although for 40 bucks a 4 hour game that I could easily use as a coffee cup coaster after I'm done is a bit to steep... Great singleplayer experience though... but I still feel for multiplayer Day of Defeat blows it out of the water... even Battlefield 1942 is more fun although not as realisitc IMHO... (gameplay-feel wise...)
  6. aphelion7

    LO-MAC patch

    What do you mean? Love LO-MAC... just wish my computer loved it too... talk about a slideshow lol.... stupid Radeon 8500 pos... ::grumbles::
  7. aphelion7

    HTML in posts enabled? Disabled? Actually both...

    quote:Originally posted by Joel Schultz: Anyway, allow me to smack myself with a fish on your behalf. [/QB]Ooh I want to help too!
  8. Make sure you don't have an auto trigger setting on your joystick (if those have such a thing).
  9. aphelion7

    UC manual

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I created the manual a while back and its already out of production. No, I'm not going to make the electronic version available. Yeah, thats what I need to do, make it easier for pirates. LOL Never thought of that... seriously who wouldn't buy this game if they wanted to play it, there is just so much you can get with having the "bought version" community wise!
  10. aphelion7

    New UC Movies - Released

    Uh oh, SC is done releasing movies... the time comes near!
  11. aphelion7

    UC manual

    Kinda neat idea if he would want to do something like that... allow the vets to wet thier lips with something until we have the actual thing in our hands. Maybe people will actually read the appendices then? lol
  12. aphelion7

    Outside of CC(on planet)

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: You have to remember your AE is not a marine and probably should be running around in the middle of a firefight. Exactly I hope you mean exactly to: You have to remember your AE is not a marine and probably should NOT be running around in the middle of a firefight.
  13. aphelion7

    Some more UC questions

    quote:Originally posted by Adamastor: i get the exact same message that you get if the antivirus is on (mine isnt9, i shut down prettymuch everthing trying to install it but it wont work. its no big deal, the uc demos will be out within the next month (i think) and im in no rush... Huh?! I'm not sure of a specific error message that relates to whatever antivirus program you're referring to, read that post and think of yourself as one of us... what the whoot do you mean!?
  14. aphelion7

    Missing Textures

    quote:Originally posted by netshaman: I have a Radeon 8500 too and with the catalyst 3.8 i had the same problem because they are buggy , there is a clipping phenomenom which makes the textures disappear so i turned back to the 3.7 and all works fine with them as they always used to be. Blah, its ATI trying to support thier P.O.S. card ala 8500... drivers have always sucked for this thing... I was pretty sure it was them! Still need to find my CD though
  15. aphelion7

    New UC shots

    quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: While you folks are waiting, sink your teeth into these. Also, I sent the 60 shots to DC and they're sitting on them it seems. what can I say but "OH YEA!". Even a GPS system too. Well I'm assuming that's a GPS system in the first screen shot. That's Coleman's camping supplies new SUPER COMPASS with built in topographic display module... lol EDIT: Grr, I can't spell, lol...
  16. aphelion7

    Missing Textures

    I have a radeon too... it has worked perfectly for me... but haven't tried it lately with the new drivers they released... those MIGHT be it... try downgrading or wait till I find my BCMG disk and let you know Might have something to do with data1.cab... SC?
  17. aphelion7

    First Person POV

    quote: I actually have the shots, but have been busy with the last parts of the manual because it has to go to production today. So, you have to wait a little longer. Its not like any of the guys who bought the game for the "ACTION FIRST PERSON" are going to read it anyway... untill of course they get yelled at for being stupid! I can just see it now... you're down on the ground helping out the footsoldiers when a transmission comes in that the orbiting base is under attack, eveyone on the ground creams thier pants not knowing what to do.. but the old battlecruiser vets all form ranks, with various shuttles arrving from thier corresponding ships to shuttle them back... darkness falls over the remaining "action orented gamers" as a dozen carriers and cruisers are seen in the distance breaking through the atmosphere to go aid in defense. "WHAT are those things?!" Just hope they don't visit the forums!
  18. aphelion7

    First Person POV

    If you want a near perfect representation of first person shooting that isnt "neck braced" like Quake or Unreal... try Operation Flashpoint: 1985 http://www.flashpoint1985.com The way they do it, is the crosshairs do move around a bit... like you're breathing hard after a run... you're not that accurate... normal unaccuracy of a human holding a weapon can be noticed too with a bit of a sway. The screen has a "box" around it... so you can move your crosshairs around that "box" without effecting either your head POV or your BODY TURNING... once it hits the constraints, your head then moves up, or your body starts turning... Quite interesting, and possibly it might fix the problem you're facing, SC, with the idle animations? Download the demo and check it out, if you want! EDIT: I must also add, the crosshairs arn't really even supposed to be used for aiming accurately, as if you're firing from the hip to grossly exagerate it... you ahve to bring up crosshairs which changes everything and makes it HALF-LIFE/QUAKE/UNREAL style but looking thru the iron sites themselves... maybe you would want to go that far with first person?
  19. aphelion7

    Power Allocation?

    I'm confused here, in the system power allocation page, where you put power to all your systems... I've got a few questions: 1> What exactly does raising the power of the engines from half (default it seems) to full? The ship doesn't seem to run any faster, etc..? 2> Allocating power to the solar panels... I thought these GOT power?! I figured maybe thats what it meant, but when you up the numbers your avaliable power units goes DOWN.. Other systems are self explanitory, like power to the launch bays etc... (which are either on or off) but most of the ones that allow you to allocate specific ammounts of power seem rather confusing. Is there anywhere where this is explained or can anyone do so here?
  20. aphelion7

    BCG First Person

    From BCTC: quote: 12/19/02: Be advised that this product will no longer be released as a separate stand-alone title. My question is about the First Person element of this game quote: BCTC adds one more element to the series' total immersion premise. This time around, the entire game takes place in a full blown first person perspective. The internal structures of all space starstations, planetary starbases, capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports) are being built in full 3D. This means that from start to finish, you exist in full 3D inside the game. Not just the bridge. you've ever wanted to walk through your entire ship, interact with your crew (i.e give them orders), view the outside world (space or planet) from your bridgeviewer or porthole somewhere on, say, deck 3 - now you can. So exactly how is the first person going to be in BCG? Are you going for what you planned for BCTC with BCG or is BCG's first person just going to be updated slightly from BCM? I'm not really concerned about this if you're doing the full blown First Person from BCTC in BCG, but I've also read in BCO from what it sounds like is going to be a A.) pay-to-play game B.) is going to have the first person feature from BCTC. If this is so, are you going to at least add support for users to host thier own servers as in BCG, just to mess around without having to pay monthly on?
  21. aphelion7

    Why We Love SC:

    quote: For BCG we're make several strides in a lot of directions and which - I personally believe - will seriously startle even the most loyal vets, once they get their hands on it. From the new high end assets, vehicular dynamics (with new control schemes), down to the fluid motion capture character animation, new PTE spec III terrain engine, new graphics engine etc etc, its the last of its kind and its going to go out with a band. ......unless of course we sell so many units that we have no choice but to do another (or perhaps an add-on pack). Actually I've followed BC for at least a couple years, and your outlook on your project, SC, hasn't seemed to change! Keep up the good work!
  22. Hey, I've set up BCM:G and I am unable to start an MP server. It loads the splash screen, then disappears doing nothing. Is there something else I have to do?
  23. aphelion7

    Question about Hyperjumping AI

    quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: Or you could also jump into one of your own shuttles and do a little trading perhaps? You will really appreciate the HJ recharge rate differences (as well as speed, agility etc.) between shuttle and CC. Arr... I see... I knew about the CCs but never thought of the Shuttles etc... looks for appendix ah, I should probably read through this again Thanks guys, :: shuts up until MP is released ::
  24. Okay, I'm flying around in my CC... a nice big juicy enemy CC rolls into a hyperjump going after one of the neutral LRT-10s... being police class... I decide I should probably help him! Anyway, I intercept his hyperjump and jump there myself, and wait a few more seconds (which was really cool) until he exited his own jump... I started hammering him before his ship even appeared (the blue phased part of exiting the jump which again is really cool.. man im a n00b...) Needless to say I blew him to pieces before he even knew what hit him... that or he was REALLY stupid... either way... after the huge explosion ... i saw a little shuttle fly off... i figured i'd give chase... the guy immediatly went into a hyperjump and i followed right behind him noticing he was going to one of the jumpgates... he got there before me... jumped through... and i exited my jump and was litterally right on his @$$... I quickly followed him into the jumpgate... thinking I've got you now you bugger! heres the odd part... next thing i know, the S.O.B. is hyperjumping again to a wormhole! My hyperjump is at say 30% now and I cant do anything to chase him! Now answer me this, because I've seen enemy fighters, and this shuttle do the same thing... do assets' hyperjumps recharge a LOT faster than a CC's? Or whats going on here?
  25. aphelion7

    Unable to start MP Server

    ::hides:: hehe... sorry guys, I dropped in, in the middle of all the excitement for BCM:G etc... and still am not sure as to the status of things... I'll just shut up and wait...