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    Originally posted by HRose:

    He says:

    The problem is about the movement in first person.

    In multiplayer the movement (back and forward) depends on the inclination of the visual, while this doesn't happen in single player.


    Origionally Posted by SC Oh-So-Many-Times:


    I don't think it has to do with the drift, but I could be wrong as I'm not too sure what he's saying anyway... er... either of them lol

    Dennymala, maybe you could try chatting with this guy and see what hes having problems with?

    "I think they're trying to communicate!"

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    Originally posted by $iLk:


    I just tried to exit the cc on a planet (tranis?) and rather than exit and then die.. (as u do, sometimes) I got a message saying you can't exit because you'll die. I didn't notice this prior to RC7.

    A small thing.. but apprecitated nontheless (how many planets have I died on?!)

    And now I'm going to bed coz I'm posting far too much crap for no apparent reason.


    I had this same bug last night. Was in a BCMkIII and flew down to the planet Earth over one of the mission zones. Landed my CC and when I pressed the Alt-E got the message you can't exit on a planet or you'll die.

    OK what have you two done before hand... gotten out of ur ship in space, got back in and then landed? stuff like that... it works fine on a new game so give us some more details of what you had been doing... think of things like I mentioned above!

    [ 03-02-2004, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: Aphelion7 ]

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    ...But quite frankly, the game is not about a Battlecruiser any longer and hasn't been since Q4 1999 when I started developing BCM (released in Q4 2001), so it was a good idea to rename it, but not refocus it.

    Exactly SC, you refocused the game a long time ago... I have nothing against renaming it, as it fits what you changed so many years ago quite well.

    But still you have the wankers who think that you're trying to persuade the public into thinking its something totally different. ::shrugs:: what can ya do?

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


    I *THINK* he means that the W key makes your body or ship or whatever hes using rotate foward and backward. I.E. Pitching up or down

    If you hold shift to use your mouse to roll your ship left and right, and hold W to engage your thrusters... SHIFT+W makes you pitch foward which I think he means by "inclination" -INCLINE... so that may be his problem?

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    I have looked in this and its normal. I was under the impression that this had to do with the inventory.

    The inflation rate can go below 0 as this implies growth at that station.

    What exactly do you mean by "growth" SC? Being curious, are there more (different types) of products avaliable, or there are more of a certain product avaliable?

    I guess a negative number means theres just so much more stuff in that station that they can sell everything for cheaper, right? Your second sentence throws off the idea that it has to do with inventory, so I'm just confused... lol not hard to do BTW!

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    Originally posted by CrazedOne:

    That stinks, Ive been playing RC3 then RC4 wrote down some of the issues I encountered, then read the updated "Known Issues PDF" realized none of what I encountered was new so left it alone. Im always happy to get some new updated features along with some of the "Known" with no complaints here. You cant let the "few" ruin it for us can you?

    err here....

    I'm suprised those "few" were even able to FIND where the RC4 patches were... don't stop the RC's though SC, thats evily Cruel!

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    Originally posted by Mariner:

    Also, I can't for the life of me get my ship back into space once it's entered into a planet. I hit the engines and go up, but no matter what I do once I get to about 15000 on the altitude my ship inevitably comes falling down about 5000 feet (meters?) I keep thinking there's something I'm doing wrong, but I can't find it anywhere in the docs. And is there some time when you all are hosting multiplayer servers that I just don't know about? I'd think this would be great over the net, but no one is ever playing when I check.

    Well, thats about it for my complaing. Cya all around.

    Check RC4...

    Log into your registration (for the game itself) here, and you should see a section to Download the Release Canidate patches(beta patches basically)

    Login Here (Or Register Your Game)

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    Originally posted by gnowor:

    Damn, SC. I swear they must just plug you in all matrix style and just download the code from your head cuz most of the problems get posted, you know exactly where the issue is. Don't suppose you do psychic readings too? I could use the winning lotto numbers for this weekend too while you're at it.



    Concidering SC wrote the code and I'm assuming he comments and knows what parts of his code do... things should be able to fix easily like that

    My code on the other hand... woo...

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    Originally posted by dennymala:

    Maybe it can be a problem with the rank of the AE.....if it's too low he can't command the marines...?

    Well concidering it sounds like marines from HIS CARRIER (or cruiser..) I doubt thats the case. I will try more planetside stuff between the horrible frame lag and low fps I get with my crappy Radeon... and let you know what I come up with!

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


    Originally posted by Reno:

    Ok, so maybe -slowly- pitching up isnt the only way. Guess I'm too subtle

    No, you are correct. In his case, he hit the SHIFT+9 key during the brief moment when the required altitude ceiling was breached.

    I wrote an entire section about this on p60 of the manual. Yet, people don't seem to want to read it.

    You know I read through the whole darn manual in about 1 hour maybe thats why I missed that, lol... I'll check that again tonight...

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    Originally posted by nexusmind:

    Mangaed to get into naval units, use weapon systems, give orders, etc. I can't seem to move them though. Also, whenever I go to a naval base all but a couple of the aircraft fall through the carrier's deck into the sea and just sit there floating inside the aircraft carrier. When I get into a small gunboat it tends to bounce up and down a lot too, 2 feet submerged then 2 feet above surface.

    That may have to do with SC's support structure polishing he's doing... when I took of with my shuttle I disappeared into the hull of the ship and got stuck UNDER the flight deck until i was able to squirm my way out of the front... I felt pretty darn happy when I didn't get any damage because I was all over the place under there lol

  12. quote:

    One problem that currently exists is that nothing is stopping someone from take a naval asset from sea to land. I have to prevent that somehow.

    Well SC actually when I entered the planet right above them they were already ON the land was my point!

    As long as the ships can move fine in the water, and not move at all on land... I see nothing wrong with allowing players to be stupid and beach themselves...

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    Originally posted by DiscoJason:

    Well, then SC is confusing the hell out of me


    So, unless you have thrust factor 9 (the craft's max speed) set, using the W key acts like a pseudo-afterburner.

    This would seem to indicate that at Factor 9, you shouldn't get an increase of speed. This was what I was referring to when I said no afterburners. He indicates that being at a lower Factor and hitting W acts like an afterburner (in that it gets you up to max speed), but is only kind of simulating the effect. At least that is how I take that quote. Far be it from me to insert words into the mouth of the SC, though.

    This should all get cleared up today and I can stop speculating, though.

    SC sounds like there are no afterburners, like there were in BCM.

    Thats not the biggest problem though, hit 9 when you have power level of 100% (10) in your logistics. It (hitting 9) doesn't achieve any higher top speed than if it were at 50% (5).

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    Originally posted by netshaman:

    Ok, so start with a roam scenario, select aestrom or another vessel from the assets menu, goto tacops and select tactical, tell your AE to go to transporter, exit, select the Earth, observe and choose a place everywhere on the planet, select tranporter in the tacops menu, setpos and tranfer the AE on the surface, then press the F9 key to activate the external camera and see the AE have no texture exept the rifle, backpack and pulse laser.

    Here you can see what it looks like :

    I've done a LOT of surface activities... and I've watched myself in third person a lot too... nothing looks wrong...

    Tell me what all of your graphics settings are set at(*IMPORTANT*)...

    If it still doesn't look right... which race / caste etc you selected...

    If all else fails... go into your control panel, uninstall your ATI drivers, control panel, and anything else ATI and re-install your cat 4.2s... in fact try that today... because I wont be home 'till after 2:30 today (its 9:20 in the morning now)

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    Originally posted by Reno:

    Two or three degrees...once you're just under flight ceiling, climb at full burner at two or three degrees. Never fails for me, regardless of if it's a an Interceptor-2 or a Generis.

    See thats why I was asking Techniques... when I'm pointed at 50 deg. and my speed indicator shows 600+ knots and im LOOSING ALTITUDE I get a bit confused as to why. The altitude caps for the fighters etc, seem to be IMMEDIATE with no preformance loss until they reach that certain exact height. It works, but its just rather odd to have your ship suddenly stop going up when you're accelerating perfectly fine at top speed not a second ago. The only reason a craft has a max altitude is because it can't physically hold it self that high in the thin air. With a shuttle going over 600 with no wings anyway, do you see why I was a bit confused as to why it just didnt "feel" right?

    If my shuttle has a max altitude it would be because the thrust of the engines cant pick up enough air to burn and the engines flame out... but its a shuttle... so how in the world does it have a max altitude anyway?

    You say its so easy to egress... I'm just not used to the way you implimented the max altitude of crafts SC it just feels unnatural and so sudden. I'll try the 2-3 degrees thing... but it sure looks like the AI when they fly pitches QUITE higher than that and still is able to egress... i just stop moving and suddenly my craft falls again and I keep doing that over and over no matter what I have tried.

  16. quote:

    Originally posted by Darkling:

    Has anyone taken control of a Naval asset? I've heard conflicting things on this that it can / can't be done yet?

    I landed my MK1 shuttle on a naval carrier and got in it and docked. I tried to move around but the thing looked like it was on LAND so... guess you cant move beached ships?

  17. quote:

    Originally posted by Spindoktor:


    I may get roasted for this, but I think probably the reason is to make the game more stable in a Multiplayer environment.

    You maybe right, but I thought it was to add more action focus to UC. More vehicles/ships moving slower = more conflict over a period of time. Something like that.

    Not only does it add more "action" by being in areas longer to experience more battles... it keeps the scope of the game realistic... I love flying to earth... for like 10 minutes and it fills up the screen... only to see that im no where close to entering the atmosphere yet!

  18. quote:

    Originally posted by Kronin:

    Well i bought the game Feb 10 and started playing, then installed patch 100.02 , had to start over because save games from retail i bought did not work, now i install patch 100.02 RC3 and save games from 100.02 (feb 14) dont work.
    So every time a patch comes out i have to start over???


    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Weird. Oh well,
    its an RC release - use at your own risk
    , but mine worked fine when I tried it.

    Come on now...