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  1. Just got my copy, runs alot smoother, great job SC!
  2. That game looks soo awesome....the nuclear bomb graphics look great and realistic...i cant wait for this game.
  3. Saddams a mad man..I think we can agree on this. He'll also do anything to hurt other countries,example after we ran him out of Kuwait he sets fire to the oil wells....like a sore loser of a battle he tries to make the rest of the world hurt by thinking he can destory the worlds supply of oil. I dont think we will go to war against N.Korera. I really dont think its worth going to war against them as much as saddam because he's crazy enough to use them..he doesnt care about his people's well being. But if N.Korera wouild even try to threaten a country not only would the US react strongly to this, but any country with interest to us would to. Plus that countries not to stable anyways, the people of that country may go against the goverment if they know that they could be waiped out in a few seconds... I think if anything, they should be watched, and if they continue kicking out weapons inspectors, then we should consider war...after all...what could they be hiding that we dont know?...
  4. First off....if a country would lauch any nuclear weapons at us, not only would we retaliate, but our allie would too..after all you dont want your next enemy to be around if you can help it. I dont think a war with iraq will lead to a WWIII..I dont see any repeat on history from WWI. WWI was started by the assasination on a prince and one country aiding another. If the US attacks Iraq, the "war" will last maybe a month. The majority will be in the cities with urban fighting. What other country will aid saddam? Who would be dumb enough to? Doing so you's be comitting political suicide..not to mention any other country doesnt have the military power of the US. Also I remember seeing a report on Russia after the soviet Union collasped. Aperson had easy acess to nuclear product, infact an agent was able to gain access to a high level facility with just a credit card and some unsaid tools. Thats one of the reasons the US gave so much more to the russians. In this time, is it possible for someone to made off with something?
  5. Merry Christmas everyone..and have a Happy New Year
  6. I loved it...The battles,the animation,it was great...I didnt agree with how the movie kinda cuts off from the book...alot more happens in the book before it over....I guess they'll put in Return on the King... 9/10
  7. .....oh god... I really hope this isnt true....who they trying to fool?
  8. ok..heres one from PC Gamer: The teacher of an Earth Science class was lecturing on map reading. After explaning latitude,lomgitude,degress,and minutes, the instructor asked. "Suppose I wold you to meet me for lunch at 23 degrees,four minutes north latitude and 45 degrees,15 minutes east longitude...?" After a confused silence a voice volunteered "I guess you'd be eating alone."
  9. IM PLEASED IM PLEASED!! now all I want is THE GAME!!!
  10. NOOooo...all those years I had hope to track Big foot down..gone!!! hahaha wow..no surprise.....Id like to hear what those beleiver of big foot say....
  11. what I was getting at is if saddam has the plan and part to build a nuke then he could do anything he wishs... He doesnt have to send a lond range nuclear missle to destory a enemy he hates....just pay acouple thousand dollars to a suicide bomber and put it in the back of jeep.....drive to the capitol of the country and detonate...since we didnt see where the nuke came from it would be abit harder to say who did it... Oh and WWII would have never happened if countries wouyld have paid more attention to germany...after WWI the allies left the enemy counties in ruins....England,france and the other want to see germany die....instead of giving money and aid to them, and making them like the west, they left them with no money,broke and with no true leader.... If we'd ignore saddam what could happen?
  12. One thing I always think about is when people complain about Sept 11 and how it should have been provented.....yet now we could be dealing with a guy who could posses nuclear warheads...instead of two tower falling we could see a mushroom cloud rising..... Im not saying to send our troops for no good reason..(I personally dont if I go or not) but I dont want to hear or see a crazy dictator blowing up his near by countries or cause even more problems in the middle east.....
  13. Ok Ive been away for awhile....sadly my computer had a power surge and everything was destoryed....everything except the modem and RAM..I just got my computer put all back together (took over 2 months to buy and check everything). Now I see there are more patches....what do I need to download to patch up my new and installed BCM?..also anthing I missed?....i see we're talking more about multiplayer
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