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  1. b1bob

    BCM 1.0.08 RC23 Released

    Epsilon 5 nailed the problem. I'll defer to his data. Thanks
  2. b1bob

    BCM 1.0.08 RC23 Released

    quote:Works fine here (just tried it). How were you able to reproduce this? Remember, if your shuttle is damaged sufficiently, like any other craft, it won't be able to achieve enough Escape Velocity required to breach the planet's gravity. Go read the manual. I did this as simple as possible. From DEFAULT startup ship after just starting game, I have always done this to generate some stuff to sell. I load a single marine into SC1. I program a single waypoint to a select location on the moon to deploy the miner. (Usually a in large crater, not named areas.) Then I launch shuttle and watch. It used to automatically deliver and return. Later I program a single waypoint to pick up miner and launch. It did its thing to the moon and back while I "Kirk" it with other things. ver 1.07 always works. ALL 1.08's that I try cannot do this. Shuttle does not return from delivery. No damage observed. I am only going on the change in behavior. If I missed something in the manual, me bad! (1.0, then 1.07 patch and script, then 1.08)
  3. b1bob

    BCM 1.0.08 RC23 Released

    Applied rc 12 and tested. Found what appears to be a bug. Start game, put a marine in shuttle. Set a waypoint to moon to drop off probe. Shuttle will not return to ship after operation, nor will it RTB as commanded. Just wonders around confused. This all worked in 1.07. Also dust off count wrong during 10 second increments. Hope this helps. [ 07-09-2002, 01:53 AM: Message edited by: b1bob ]