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  1. quote:What makes you any better than, say, Cruiser? He reported what he thought was an issue with the PTA coverage on his favorite ship. His post sparked my interest and I immediately investigated and was able to find - and fix - the problem. Thats how we do things around here. Well said SC. I just downloaded the tutorial(video) and I have read some good reviews. I have the original BC, BCM, BCMG, and UC. [ 01-10-2006, 07:22 AM: Message edited by: StarRider ]
  2. I agree UC, ...start fanboy comment... All 3000ad titles have been chock full of features never seen before in 1 single title. Take Battlezone II. It was said to have cooperative gameplay on the box..., nada. But, did people complain?, a little, did it last?, yes. UC was a bargain for $20. Count me in on UCWA. ...end fanboy comment...
  3. I am watching Star Trek right now. My comment is on graphics. UC has better graphics than the original Star Trek, close but not quite as good as Next Generation. BCMG is more like the original Star Trek in terms of graphics quality, the planets, more of a 2-d look to space, but the hyperspace affect is better than Star Trek. I thought it might interest some others. Take notice next time when you see with ST or STNG.
  4. Here is an analogy to an arcade shooter and a military game. Unreal 2 vs. Operation Flashpoint. OFP has huge maps, but the graphics aren't that great though. The ground clipping and the running/walking are graphically terrible compared to Unreal 2. Any military FPS with the size and scope of OFP will certainly not compare to the graphics quality of Unreal 2. I hope the reasons are obvious. Freelancer vs. Universal Combat or BCMG. UC has a huge universe and you can land on planets, anywhere on them and fight in mission zones. Same situation with ground and objects, almost exactly the same problems. Again, UC is a military game. Freelancer, small maps/systems, small universe, excellent graphics. But, remember, even Freelancer was criticicized heavily 1 year ago because the graphics were 'dated'. I think 'some' gamers are the most finicky souls on earth, esp. when it comes to graphics. I'm a graphics hound, love the look of EVE, the graphics of Freelancer. But I enjoy BCMG and UC for other reasons, gameplay,gameplay,gameplay. UC is a treat, a bonus that was added to satisfy us graphics hound. In fact, I was thinking over the weekend that the Edge to Edge title is being developed in part to satisfy all the Graphics Critics, to prove that 3000ad can produce a graphically wonderfull game in the 3000ad universe. I hope I didn't go to far off topic.
  5. I don't think this game is above critisizm. However, to critisize this game's features by comparing them to some other games such as Freelancer and Eve, is to disqualify the argument. There is no game you can compare the BC series to, any version. So to say the graphics look 4 years old does not make any sense. What are you comparing it to? UC looks incredible graphically, even close up planets. The improvements are many and great. I only wish Dreamsnatcher didn't dumb it down from Derek's original design. The only think I don't like with BCMG and UC is the multiplayer, so far I have not been able to get a server up and running. Freelancer is incredibly easy to get a server up and running, but I get bored with that game too fast.
  6. SC, Could you provide a sticky at the top of the UC and BCMG game sections labeled, "Tutorials" showing everyone where this info is kept. This way, any and all tutorials for both games will be captured and available to everyone right when they get in each section. Please include mention of any tutorials in the manuals and 'how to' information contained in manuals. Some people just don't open books. This will save precious time(mainly yours) in answering questions about how to get into the game. Just a suggestion 'o great one'....;-) Al.
  7. First Impressions. Good: Planets look great Music is good. Menu is excellent. Graphics are incredible considering scope and size. Sounds have improved, esp the lasers, more bass-sounding now. Bad: BC exits hyperspace too far from jump-gate. It use to take only seconds to get to jump-gate in sub-light speed. Now it takes minutes. The jump-gates have graphics annomolies, I liked the old jumpgates. Maybe Freelancer had some influence on deciding new jump-gate design. Those are the big pluses for me and the minuses. Other than that, for a newbie, its a perfect game.
  8. I like the idea, but how about this. "Supreme Commander Warning: Entering the planets atmosphere without setting waypoints is hazardous to your crews health. PlanetFALL Y/N?". If they still enter the atmosphere, they have no one to blame but themselves.
  9. I was suggesting that UC-Gold have improved collision detection. Thats all. I had posted that in a thread somewhere here. I understand the reasoning now from your description in the dreamsnatcher forum.
  10. I take back what I said about Collision Detection in a UC-Gold version in another thread. You make alot of clear points in that thread.
  11. The Alternate Universe's Top 10 Selling Games of 2003 The Alternate Universe is the the Mirror world in Star Trek, a place where people see things differently, game reviewers live and die for good space-sims, and games come out on time. 1. Battlecruiser Millenium Gold 2. Battlecruiser Millenium 3. Universal Combat 4. Half-Life 2 5. Halo 2 6. Doom III 7. Eve 8. Morrowwind GOTY 9. Homeworld 2 10. Battlecruiser 3000ad
  12. I'm play'n BCMG as I write this, eeeeeexxxxcellent!!! Now Smither's, rub my feet.
  13. I have had this same problem with UC. In BC 3000ad, BCM, and BCMG, I could enter atmosphere without setting waypoints. When I got UC, I was crash landing all the time. I like taking my BC into a planets atmosphere. Its no big deal, so I set a waypoint, makes sense. In previous games, I have always set waypoints after I entered the atmosphere. The problem with doing this is it takes forever to get where I'm going. I always set waypoints when I launched shuttles, but I guess I never thought of doing that with my BC. Anyway, I noticed the same thing. My first thought was the game changed in UC, but I didn't know I had to set a waypoint, thanks.
  14. Sorry about the file. It is working now, just follow the link. It was not working. I totally agree. If there was ever a game that GC is usefull for, Battlecruiser is it. I have used GC2 with Battlezone II and Homeworld. I think it might come in handy with Imperium Galactica 2, but I have not tried that. I absolutely love the music to BCM, btw, ever since I heard it on the BCM Demo. I actually would use the BCM music from the Demo and then play BC 3000ad before I bought BCM. I have 2 monitors in front of me. While I am dinking around with web pages, I can give commands to BCMG through my headset on the other computer and watch the action. I use a Sybex Switch, so when I need to use the keyboard, I just switch over to the other computer. My other computer, the gaming one, I have a dual monitor setup. Right now, as I am playing the game on 1 computer, the other screen I have powercows website up, re-reading some things on his "Tips" page.
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