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  1. Hmmm...sorry it took so long for me to tell you guys...but I'm here in bandera...so freakin hot and humid here...I dont see how anybody can live in a place like this. But wait, there's more! I'm not on a 56k modem, but a 28.8! the 56k modem in my mom's comp doesn't work right, so it only connects at like 20kbps. So, an uber slow connection shared by 3 people, until I get my laptop on the network, then a whopping 4 people on this one connection. And if that wasn't enough, I got about 6 more months to wait...well, sorta. I'm hoping in 6 months to get back to Odessa and back to my broadband. And to the dry heat... Plus, add on all my personal problems here, and how my brain works, it's a wonder how I am still sane...or am I...the world may never know... So, uh... What should I put in my sig? Retired? MIA? I'm hoping I can come back... -Commander Genken of the GMV-Felt Tip Pen ==-End Transmission-==
  2. The song is nice...if only my comp liked playing music in BCM without slowing down...that's what I get for going with the minimum specs... But the song is great. Keep up the good work!
  3. Well, today is the day...oh so much fun ahead *hint sarcasm...about 10 LRT-10's worth* and I more or less got my Swordfish 2 model done...except for the skinning...now I just need a friend to load it up in his 3DS Max, and finish it off...I think. Oh..that reminds me... Vertices: 453 Triangles: 812 Groups: 23 Materials: 0 Joints: 0 Smoothing Groups: 1, 2, 3 Mins: -105.86 -3.60 -132.59 Maxs: 105.83 61.82 84.02 Center: -0.01 29.11 -24.28 What does this tell me? If I tried to use this in any game I've ever played, it will bring my system to a grinding halt. Why am I telling you all this stuff? I'm not sure. But I figure you will see my modeling skill. (Skill? What skill? I use boxes, cylinders, and spheres. And that one 24 sided cylinder is what made it jump so high...maybe I should replace that...or take it out and see what it says. lol) What have I learned from this? Other than posting this crap to eat up my time, and your reading time, that that I need to give Chumbalumsoft(however it's spelt) that they might want to make the Model stats where you can copy them and paste them...they are a pain to type. Then again...they dont need that in there I guess. What will I do? Find a copy of 3D Studio Max and get it working on this thing. That and learn to model using the Vertices. Sorry for wasting your time posting this crap. I just figured I would show you what my actually decent moddeling looked like. It looks good, but it will kill most computers. God I need a life...or some friends here... Ooh, took out the 24 sided cylinder... 403 Vertices, and 710 Triangles. Not much of a drop actually... maybe I need to get rid of all these spheres...lol
  4. I lost my 10 bucks...and thats a good thing . lol Sounds like a good idea Cmdr Nova. The only experience I have in moddeling is Milkshape 3D, and I only know how to make models with boxes, cylinders, and spheres. A friend of mine has 3D Max, but he doesn't have BCM, so I dont really know how well he can do with it. I also dont really have any experience with skinning either. I'm sure I could make skins, which if I draw on paper and scan in, should look good, but then again, people arn't my best. I dunno if scanning it in would work though. But if everyone that you had in mind, or wants to help could chat in a room on AIM or IRC or something, I'd be glad to give some input and help some. But there is also this problem I have with my mom, so I will be able to let you know an answer monday evening or tuesday. Basically what I'd like to do is make the Bebop from Cowboy Bebop. Basically an unarmed Carrier, like Epsilon suggested, and 3 fighters. One like the Swordfish II, one like the Redtail, and one like the Hammerhead. The hammerhead would be unarmed, but would have a tractorbeam and some decent armor and sheilding. For the redtail, we would need to figure out how to quickly switch from FTOL to VTOL and back to manuver it. That would be its advantage. The swordfish would be fast, manuverable(except for the Yaw, so that the roll would be used more), and the Plasma cannon thingy on the bottom wouldnt be functional. Then again, I dunno what all we can do. I do like that we can make CC's float. that would be nice.
  5. Since I'm a transport pilot...supplying the front lines, Either a LRT-15 for an unarmed transport, and for an armed transport, a Jenstar, since it has a good combination of speed, cargo capacity(I hope the appendix is still accurate), and defense. That and 10 marines are good to keep unwanted intruders at bay. And what I find weird is that the appendix says that the LRT-10 has more cargo capacity, when the LRT-15 is alot bigger...odd
  6. What Elio said. lol Actually, Happy B-day Grayfox And mine was the day before LordDavid's (4th) but I dun care...16...god my mind is messed up... Ok, I'll stop the babbleing before it gets out of hand. But yes, Happy semi-belated B-day to you. It's still...Friday the 13th here...another 36 minutes or so to go till saturday for me. So yes, get drunk, have fun, and uh...please dont put the expenses on my tab...I only got 10 bucks that needs to be cashed. lol [ 09-14-2002, 12:27 AM: Message edited by: Genken ]
  7. good Idea. why didn't I think of that... Then again, I would need to fix it up just right...decent armor, a little bit of sheilds, but not able to use all the big guns..still a good idea. The only difference I really see in the Shuttles, Fighters, and CC's is the size, and that CC's hold shuttles and fighters(when a carrier, of course). My guess is that they all basically use the same coding(well, not all the same, but I'm sure you know what I mean...if you dont, then I need to figure out what I am babbleing about). I hope I lose that 10 bucks I bet in that other thread of mine...
  8. That sucks. Oh well. I bet 10 bucks that that is the answer in my other question about the floating CC's. lol
  9. Is it possible to(through a mod or something like that) have a CC float like a shuttle craft? If so, that would give me more reason to get 3D Studio Max, and try to make the Bebop from Cowboy Bebop...or a small mod. See, and if it's possible to do what I want in my other thread (about changing planet features and stuff, if I could also make Ganymede where CC's can fly in it no prob) then I could try my luck with a Cowboy Bebop mod...ooh...unarmed transport with 2 or 3 fighters(Swordfish 2, Redtail(thats gunna be a bit awkward to do), and the uh... *looks at Cowboy Bebop DVD's* Hammerhead(make that baby float as well, but no weapons and a tractor beam to simulate the hook thingy on it). Then again, it would help to learn to model using verticies, and not boxes and cylinders... Right now though, I'm gunna try my luck at replacing the little face Icons with some from Cowboy Bebop. Jet as the male commander, Spike and Faye as uh..pilots or something I guess, and Ed as the Research officer...Ein could be the CO. Better than Resnig. lol
  10. Is it possible for someone like me to change what a planet looks like? like add a 1000km canyon and put a big tube from one mission zone to another? And then like, have it on struts and allow fighters to go down there for some really twisted combat? lots of people down there going at a speed of 2k would be funky...better have a good joystick and a manuverable fighter, eh? But I was wondering if it's possible for someone to do that, like as a mod of sorts...you could make some wicked planets... Arrakis comes to mind. Nothing but sand and rock outcroppings...but no spice Oh well, Radine and stuff like that go for alot of money...and I can think of some neat natural defenses... Oh. sorry, I have a tendency to babble, and mispell easy words.
  11. Another thing I found...with uh...the best sheilds, the Nova, when using the Afterburner, and Retro's, can go to almost 4k in speed. I've made a 1200k journey(or was it closer to 2k?) on a planet in a matter of minutes. It was pretty cool going around 10k feet...then getting as low as 6k, and slowly trying to pull up and go down so I didn't over correct and redecorate the nose of my ship. pretty fun.
  12. Nice mod... I like that Nova, started up a game as a Gammulan Raider...but no ships to kill The Phantom though...it seems to have no guns Was that intended? Did I install it wrong? I moved the zip to the BCM directory, then extracted it, and the Nova worked fine...hmmm... Then again, did you intend it to be something like a bomber (A-6 Intruder comes to mind, no guns, just bombs). Then again, the guns could be a glitch on my comp. I downloaded 1.0.08 RC15 and RC 18, installed 15, then 18, from the BCM directory, like I should have...so its gotta be my comp...interesting... I still sorta like the Phantom though...its fast, manuverable, and if I can get to a planet fast enough, and set waypoints, I could blow up Falkerie bases and stuff. Good job on the mod though, and keep up the good work. And since I dont see much use for the FEngineer in the Nova, I just load him into SC1, and keep him on standby to pick up crates...too bad I didn't realize the shuttle from a tourist ship started running towards the base before I HJ'd to it...came out and "Hull integrity breach" and boom... lol
  13. quote:Originally posted by Dredd: MP is so simple for me. If you arent Gammulan, and you aren't helping Gammulans, and you see me, you run. Simple as that.Ooh...what is it...1 week later? Heh, I wouldn't even let them have the chance of running Dredd. Then again, I doubt you will. You have what...12 fighters on your big, heavy, slow, uber dangerous piece of a ship? They see you, or anyone else in the Gammulan military, and the will try to run, or beg for mercy...then again, you could have frieghters surrender their cargo to you...and then you could blow them up anyways. lool, j/k. But I'm on your side, so I dont have to worry about our wrath. And if I see someone running from you, I could try to block their exit...but your fighters would have already been there...whatever I can do to help.
  14. quote:Originally posted by TheBunny: But then on the horizon like a star in the sky was the shuttle. Untill a SAM missle launcher took it down .Something you might try is fly the shuttle in yourself. In Tacops, set some waypoints about 100 kilometers or so away from Resnig and the base, then get a 3rd near Resnig. At about 50 or so kilometers, slow down, and get real low, like around 60 or 70 feet. if the place isn't flat, then you would have to go fairly slow, and I recomend a decent joystick for flying the shuttyle. You will be able to avoid the SAMs, and if you beam down like 10 marines to guard resnig, you can land next to him and try to get him and the marines to the shuttle. Be sure to beam him a little ways out, where they should notice him, but he has a moment to get ready...or beam Resnig and 9 marines down at the same area. I know that you can fly higher than 100 feet to avoid SAMs, but I say go as low as you can, so when you get right on top of him, you can hit the VTOL/FTOL button and squish him . Either that or land right next to him. If you have a carrier, send down your fighters and get them to waste the SAMs and strafe infantry. Or you could beam them in an unocupied part of the base, where its most empty, and let the enemy marines come to him. But it seems like a fun Idea, so I might try it. Another Idea is to try it in a friendly area, getting a decent time with some practice, so it goes fairly smoothly.
  15. Ah, Cowboy Bebop has gotta be my fave series. Spike is my favorite...most of the time he is calm, and he is good at fighting. I wanted to be a merc once...few years ago...then I wanted to be a bounty hunter...wait, still do, sorta. I've also wanted to join the Navy, then Marines, then Army, and dunno if I wanna do that. But hope you like the National Guard. If I join the military, I would either wanna be a feild medic(or whatever it is that treats people in a firefight), so that I have more than one reason to shoot back at them. That, and I could work at a hospital or something after that too. My second choice would probably be a grunt...nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the morning...or paintballs whizzing by your head. But then again, they use bullets, which are smaller and faster, and probably hurt more than paintballs, but they will still let me know to get down. Then again, I would love to fly fighters off of a carrier deck and shoot other fast moving objects down...but I dont wanna use the F/A-18 Hornet...its too ugly. Much like Galcom HQ But one week before I know anything...and I'm thinking about starting up a channel in Gamesnet for us Gammulans. I'd of course hand the reigns over to our commanders. Besides, I dont know much about IRC. Yes, useless post, and I need to get to bed, but figured I'd chat some. Keep hunting those bounties. See you, Space cowboy. "And what is the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge."
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