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  1. Usually after I reformt and reinstall windows. I do the driver install for the video from the CD it came with, then I update with the ones from the site. Also I dunno if this will make a difference for this or not, but make sure you installed your chipset drivers. I had awhole bunch of probs with my comp cause I didnt install em.
  2. one time I had a fighter break through my shields and knock my hull down to 52%. The only damage I took was about 50% to the weapons pod.
  3. I was at Destiny and no I didnt set course for the SD. I was just about to drop out of HJ when my shields instantly failed and I took massive damage.
  4. I got my ass whooped within 2 seconds after getting within the weapons range of a starbase. I had a firestorm with the best hull and shields. I pretty much did what you said to.
  5. does the random weapon cause damage? I have nothing but the basic minerals and I still take damage to deck one.
  6. Im sure that boosted morale. Didnt even get a shot off.
  7. Guess I must have. Even with the best shields in the game I still got owned within 2 milliseconds.
  8. The comms computer is down so a tow is out of the question. The shuttle bay is also no more so I cant get my crew out of the ship. The shields dropped almost as if they were turned off. I mean I could withstand a starbase for atleast afew seconds but all this happened within the blink of an eye. lol looks like ill have to hope for C then I guess.
  9. Ok so im trying to take over the starbase destiny and was almost in her weapons range, coming out of HJ. Anyways before I am in her weapons range my shields drop and I take massive damage to the inside of my CC(fully upgraded firestorm). Everything that could be damaged was, most was destroyed. I really don't know what happened cause the only enemies other then the starbase were two fighters. What could have caused this or better yet how do I get myself out of this mess?
  10. This game is the easiest ive ever modded for. The only prob I had was getting the tags exactly where I wanted them.
  11. Can somebody post some pics of what they look like in game?
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