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  1. martinstretton

    Product Activation

    The last activation code recieved was on 06/10/06 you are on my trusted list but I do know my IP is having difficulties can you please send it to [email protected] as an alternative. The two codes were a genuine mistake caused by the fact that I have saved all my emails from you, and in trying to give you the previous code I sent the wrong one, nothing underhand is going on!
  2. martinstretton

    Product Activation

    I followed the instructions and sent two emails, no reply I have just sent another one with UCAWA as subject, I have validated my email address as per instructions to get past your spam filter, I will wait to see if there is a reply to the latest one.
  3. martinstretton

    Product Activation

    I have sent an email to tech support regarding new activation code, no reply can you help?
  4. martinstretton

    Sorry I am a noob but help me please

    Or save your game and use resume last. It`s slightly quicker
  5. martinstretton

    NPC Jump Distance

    It is easy to calculate the jump distance of NPC craft. Wait for one to jump to the gate, target it match speed, check the distance from your ship, then target gate, check the distance. then subtract one from the other and voila you have the distance of the NPC ship from gate. And then you see that it jumps from more than 0.5 clicks out.
  6. martinstretton

    NPC Jump Distance

    Thanks for the prompt reply SC. I will wait until another Megaron (the same ship as mine) jumps in and then see how far that jumps from.
  7. martinstretton

    NPC Jump Distance

    Ok I have searched the forums and found no answer to this. My last post got kicked off for some reason, I must have broken an unwritten BB law. So I will try again. My tactic is to sit on top of a jump gate and wait for enemy craft to jump in or jump to. I have noticed that as I am 2-3 clicks off the gate, whenever an enemy craft drops out of hyperspace it is usually between 100-150 clicks away from me. So I target it match speed and fly to said craft, only to find that when I get to approx 80 clicks from it jumps through the gate. Now my question is how can it jump from so far away (50-60 clicks from gate)? I have to pilot my craft right up to the gate to jump, Any answers? It
  8. martinstretton

    Capturing Stations with Cruisers

    I capture stations by loading up with STS missiles, cloaking and blast away. Keep an eye on the armour status of the station, as it gets low turn off your PTA system. It should the emit an SOS signal. And then you dock and capture it. Load up with radiation cntrl units at least one for each deck because you could be cloaked for a while, causing decks to be iradiated.
  9. martinstretton

    UC 2.00.11 Patch Released

    Okay patched to v2.00.00 and then to v2.00.11 lost the saved games, but no big deal. No problems with it so far. Thanks SC for taking the time and effort to help me. As a lay computer user your help and guidance are much appriciated, and thats the reason I have stuck with the series from BC300Ad v1.0. Great work!
  10. martinstretton

    UC 2.00.11 Patch Released

    Okay I`ve downloaded the patch checked the MD5 signature, all is fine. On checking the save folders log file it says 2235 full save profile 0, it also says 2235 quick save profile 0. I have only used the save and quit option. Does this mean that if I apply the v2.00.11 patch that it will delete my saved games, also as I have only used save and quit why does the log file say 2235 quick save profile 0?
  11. martinstretton

    Gremlins in the Navitron, etc

    Are you near any fluxfields? To get rid of the corpse try docking at a starstation that usualy works.
  12. martinstretton

    RC3 Patch Comments

    At the risk of getting blown out of the water. My version is patched v1.00.02 RC1 dated 09.02.04. I have looked in the anouncment thread and I still can`t see a link or clue to how to get RC3.
  13. martinstretton

    RC3 Patch Comments

    Okay i`ve tried the search option and the uc file downloads and the only patch I can find is RC1 where is RC3? Please
  14. martinstretton

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    First impressions? Visualy stunning a great improvement on my previous BCM. Sounds good very atmospheric and quite realistic. ACM scenario I would have liked more choice of Asset. The 1-9 keys that in BCM controlled speed I really miss, thats 1 of 2 gripes. And also in BCM I liked the fact that you could set the speed from the main viewscreen. But overall congratulations on a job well done.
  15. martinstretton

    Medicines: What are they for?

    Hello Samten just a thought what value dog fighting skills do your pilots have?