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    BCM Trader's Assistant

    [ 09-13-2002, 09:21 AM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  2. BMcCleud

    BCM Trader's Assistant

    quote: I was wondering if there's a way to input new inflation values since overtime it fluctuates. The program currently operates with best-estimates of current inflation levels.
  3. BMcCleud

    BCM Trader's Assistant

    quote: I always wished for something like this back in the BC3k days!! I hope you find it useful. I seem to [ 09-12-2002, 12:30 AM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  4. BMcCleud

    BCM Trader's Assistant

    Hello. Hope you find this program useful. It started as a simple utility for myself because I like to trade goods and getting the maximum yield for the trade no matter where I might happen to be in the universe can be a tedious process. This program resolves this issue by giving an immediate capability to see whatÔÇÖs closest to me, in space or planet-side. It was almost finished when I realized this program might be something others are seeking as well so here it is. You can find the link at the begining of this post from the S.C. It lists every System in the Universe, and every Planet within each system, and all Stations and Bases relative to a particular Planet/Region in a scrollable format. It displays all necessary attributes including inflation, mineral content, class types and a host of other useful information to make the "Trading" experience give maximum yield. It has other features including a complete Filtering system with user-specified criteria. After selecting the desired filters you can "Filter" the entire universe and show things like Planets with specific mineral percentages and station/base inflation levels, etc. I welcome any questions or comments about this software. Current development activities include a quick Galaxy/Find-planet button to display the universe with the selected planet highlighted for instantly locating it visually. The .NET Framework: There are many users who still (probably) don't have this installed yet. It is imminent that if you continue to use Microsoft Windows as your operating system you will eventually get this in some form or another, most likely from a software package installation. The future of software development is always in flux when it comes to trying to guess what might be down the road, but it is obvious the .NET Framework is the next generation of tools from Microsoft until something else comes along. As an engineer, and because of the software packages I create, it is important to use the latest technologies available and utilize them for maximum potential. New engineering tools, unlike other types of things in the software industry, do NOT come along on a regular basis. Any new software development package upgrades, as in going from Visual Studio 5 to 6, from 6 to .NET etc, represent something important for the industry or it wouldn't fly. We're a picky bunch. If you don't get it right we throw yours in the trash and move to another. [NOTE] I have just set up a quick little page on Geocities to host a couple images of the program so you can get an idea of what it looks like. The images I have are a little to massive for Geocities so it squished them but it should give an idea. I reworked them into .GIF files to make them as small as possible (smallest is roughly 80K) since this reduces the color and also tried to adjust their size to best-fit Geocities layout. The very bottom image is totally smashed by geocities to make it fit on their layout. It represents an example of how the filters screen can be user-adjusted to get maximum use of screen real-estate. I don't know how many views will succeed before this sites bandwidth are exhausted for the month but hey at least some will get to pre-view before it fills up. Program: BCMTA Images: http://www.geocities.com/bmccleud/ [ 09-12-2002, 08:21 PM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  5. BMcCleud

    Feel Safe Flying

    quote:i just hope my pilot is an expert marksman... cause a bullet going thru the aircraft hull at 30,000 feet... well... my arse would be sucking buttermilk.lol. The plane won't decompress (instantly by any means) from a small bullet hole, assuming it actually penetrated the fuselage. Besides, we can always rip a chunk of the dead terrorists nappy hair, wrap it around some brain tissue and make a temporary plug.
  6. BMcCleud

    ALL video games banned in Greece!

    Well that is truly pathetic. It's the same scenario as banning all forms of Vehicles because some dumb bastard might get drunk behind the wheel of one and run over another. They can't stop person X from becoming (I suppose is the reasoning) addicted to Gambling so ban all and sponge money from the country for playing Chess. God Bless America. (and all other non-terrorist countries...) quote: Originally posted by Race Bannon IV ...members of Sept 17th Just curious about this one. The news agencies in the states report a group called 17November that sounds a lot like what you're describing. Am I thinking of a different group or is it actually called what you said and reported incorrectly here?
  7. BMcCleud

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...its not 100% reproducible which is why I haven't gone back since. I figured as much. I imagine your plate is just a bit full regarding far more serious issues (in multiple projects no-less) but you seem to be doing an impressive job at chewing an entire pack of gum and running not walking. Man what is your average day in hours? Writing enterprise software has me doing about 12-14 but I have a feeling that's hella short compared to yours! EDITED: Btw I realize this message had nothing to do with tech support so ill try not to do this again either. [ 09-05-2002, 01:47 PM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  8. BMcCleud

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    quote: Originally posted by Gordon Brutus, this is from the VCF Yep I went and read every word of the VCF after the SC's reply. It should now be far easier to recognize known issues at this point (with current VCF) as I come across them. They are very few and extremely specific. Again, my nOobness will dissipate quickly. I want to contribute positive input that helps make these sims be all they can be. Posting about issues long-known just clutters threads and I'll try (and succeed) to not do it (though noone is perfect )
  9. BMcCleud

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Your time would've been better spent reading the known problems section of the VCF. Well, I'm thorough when in debug mode, but i'm also a nOob here. I'm sure in another day or two I'll remember to scan your VCF (also known as the library of congress) in addition to the massive forums to see if I can absolutely determine if a local issue has been addressed.
  10. BMcCleud

    Misc Tech Support Issues IV

    Ok. I currently have a save game that consistently CTD's when I zoom in on planet Sygan. I spent some time pounding enemy bases into rubble and went into space for a breather, dispatched enemy cruiser and attempted to return to planet to pick up drones. From TACOPS I observe planet. No matter which region I select once I click one more zoom level (can see cloud layer) I see dead-center of screen an icon that has a TER MIL BUNKER, 0SHE, HULL5000, INT100, WHITE as though disabled. This object always appears dead center of screen when at first cloud layer zoom level no matter zoom location. Clicking another zoom level down CTD's. Using 1008RC17. No command line arguments other than -n Freshly installed using the following procedure. Uninstalled previous BCM. Manually obliterated game folder. Reinstalled from CD. Copied bcm1007.exe into game folder. Executed and upgraded. Unzipped bcm1007_script_update.zip into game folder which overwrote the 2 zip files in data folder. Copied bcm1008RC15_update.exe into game folder. Executed and upgraded. Unzipped bcm1008RC17_update.zip into game folder overwriting BCM.EXE in root and bcmver.html in docs folder. Started new game. Play for some time, saving at intervals. Game ran stable until the above was encountered. Consistently CTD's once zooming in as described. Hardware is all at defaults. Not overclocking anything. Let me know if there's something I can do to further assist including file transfers if this hasn't already been reported. A Search for the word BUNKER within General Issues did not return any results. EDITED: Instead of clicking with the mouse to zoom further down and thus crashing I used the keyboard to zoom down to the ground. This revealed the BUNKER appears to be deep within the planet itself and explains why it is centered in view no matter location when viewing from far above. This seems to mean the BUNKER is trying to rebuild itself underground. Since it is perfectly centered (when far above) no matter location this also seems like it might be at the true center of the planet if planets are modeled with a 0,0,0 as core? Also (and maybe the key to the crash) when putting the cursor over the BUNKER icon it displays 2 identical BUNKER entities which perhaps means 2 objects are trying to rebuild and occupy the exact same x/y/z plane. Anyway, starting to make a guess so time to stop here. [ 09-05-2002, 01:49 AM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  11. BMcCleud

    A few questions:

    Ok appreciate it. That's what I was after. Last question on this subject (probably ). Will destroying numerous large enemy military bases on planet X affect the power struggle on that planet in favor of my race/caste? Your AI seems to have some intense will-of-its-own so I'm curious if this kind of civilization-spreading/power-shifting on a per-planet basis is possible. From everything I've read so far locally and on this board it seems planets are built with specific regions and structures. Since all structures rebuild over time (unless a RANDOM is sitting there churning away) then my scenario doesn't look possible since a neighboring race can't move in to the recently renovated location and expand their planet-side presence. We all want to take over the universe. Just wondering if it's possible 1-planet at a time. EDITED: BTW I installed 1008RC17. The Launch Bases page had just what the doctor ordered. Thanks. Also extremely pleased to be running in 1600x1200 finally! [ 09-02-2002, 09:56 PM: Message edited by: Brutus McCleud ]
  12. BMcCleud

    A few questions:

    Thanks! A to ->Q3: No. Once you've unleashed RANDOM on a planet, its done. I've read about RANDOM on here and in the Artifacts under docs. Sounds like a serious way to end the day of an entire civilization. I was talking about OTS like a Bugnor meaning I (perhaps by mistake) currently think the OTS are nuclear weapons. Since the RANDOM is listed in the OTS category I was thinking the other OTS weapons were akin to versions of a nuclear warhead with varying yield depending on model. Are the normal OTS weapons conventional warheads or nuclear? If nuclear then will an obliterated base from a Bugnor rebuild or remain radioactive for a few hundred years?
  13. Hello. First off I have to say I'm SO pleased to be here. I'm a long time BC fan. I still have the original CD, manual and box in my closet. I've been thoroughly enjoying BCM now for just over a week. I love it! I'm using the v1.0.07 version. There are so many games I have collecting dust because the developers spent x amount of time focusing on making a 'pretty' game and forgot to put any GUTS in there. BCM is just an amazing (as expected) simulation with more depth and things-to-do than any game in history. Once the highly anticipated gfx upgrades are complete it's a sure bet all other games of the genre will (should) finally bow and say uncle. Them = Us = I've scoured the forums and every piece of information I can locate for over a week. I've discovered many answers. The following represent things I was simply unable to locate. Q1: Can planet Starbases be captured and thus converted to race/caste? I spent some time pounding the defenses of a Starbase on Earth being very careful not to damage the SB in the process. After the defenses were smoking debris I proceeded to carefully rip apart the SB until it went into SOS mode. I docked but wasn't given the Capture message. It simply logged into it with a limited amount of menu options, none of which were SB specific including no Tradecom. Is it simply not possible to capture (take over) a Starbase like we can Starstations? Was looking forward to propagating my species on a few planets Q2: I can not seem to figure out how to configure custom controls for FP mode. I see no interface for FP-specific config settings. I even tried altering the [FP] section of bcmconfig.ini but got strange results, such as a few (very few) of the key changes I made take affect but wind up combined internally with what ever the default action for the key was prior to editing, such as a combined strafe + popping up and down between prone stances. How do I change the FP keys? I've used the same 'general' config layout for every FPS game I own (staggering amount...) since DOOM and add additional according to what's available with what ever game. This method has proven time & time again to be perfect for me because I'm immediately comfortable with the controls and can focus on the task at hand instead of trying to use someone else's idea of what a KB+Mouse combo might be. Q3: Dropping a little 'nuclear love' into rival bases makes a nice crater. Do totally obliterated bases rebuild themselves after such a holocaust like they would if simply destroyed by conventional means? What a nice touch it is to have the camera suddenly start panning the intended nuclear target complete with gentle music and birds singing. It almost makes me feel sad... almost Q4: Does anyone have a link/shot of inflation rates? Seems like I ran across a thread discussing this as an addition in 8RC15(+/-). Any available for 1.0.07? Thanks in advance and I'll try and post meaningful questions (and answers eventually) during my stay here at these monstrous boards.