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  1. AWells

    Natural Selection

    Well, I managed to locate my HL copy and I must say that this mod is definately worth checking out. It's definately refreshing compared to the vast amount of CS clones out there and offers many unique gameplay features that I've never seen before in any FPS. Truly awesome mod. Heck, it's even inspired me to brush up on my C++ with the HL SDK.
  2. AWells

    Anti-War FAQ

    quote:Menchise, darling, there is no way I'm going to read through that FAQ; it's extremely long and rather bland.My sentiments exactly. I started reading the first item, got about half way through that before I realized I had stopped paying attention to what I was reading. So, I skipped to the next item on the FAQ and the same thing happened... I then gave up on it. If I had to rank this FAQ against other possible things I could be spending my time reading based on fun factor it falls in somewhere between the instructions for VCR programming printed in a foreign language and a stop sign. [ 11-08-2002, 08:23 AM: Message edited by: Litvyak ]
  3. AWells

    ballistic fingerprinting

    According to studies by the BATF and the DOJ the vast majority of guns used in crimes are obtained through street sales and theft. Ballestic fingerprinting would be useless in any gun obtained in this manner. Some 86% of crimes committed with firearms involve never firing a shot, simply using the weapon to threaten the victim. If no shot is fired there is no bullet or shell casing to try and match finger prints with and ballastic fingerprinting is useless. Shot from shotguns cannot be ballistically finger printed. Assuming no shell casing are left behind (not hard to do... a double barrel shotgun gives a criminal two shots without ejecting any shells) then ballastic fingerprinting is completely useless in these crimes.
  4. AWells

    ballistic fingerprinting

    I don't see what's discriminatory about not expecting somebody who lives outside the United States to understand the U.S. Constitution and Legal system. I certainly imagine that Canadians wouldn't expect me to understand how the Canadian government works as well as they do. He didn't say, "Canadians are morons", but was referring to the fact that in U.S. driving a car and owning a gun are vastly different under the law, with the latter being a constitutionally protected right. He said he didn't expect Ep5 to understand this because he's Canadian... just like he wouldn't expect him to understand if he was German, Brazilian, Finnish, Russian, French, Argentinian, Cuban, Japanese, or from any other country. I don't see where Jaguar was out of line, especially since Ep5's post that he was responding to had demonstrated a lack of understanding of the difference between owning a gun and driving a car under U.S. law. [ 11-06-2002, 09:18 AM: Message edited by: Litvyak ]
  5. AWells

    ballistic fingerprinting

    quote:Your gun could be used in a crime, therefore we are going to fingerprint it.And you could be a criminal therefore we should fingerprint you on a regular basis and take DNA samples. After all, statistically speaking you have a much higher chance of being a criminal than my gun does of being used in a crime. After that we'll bring all your kitchen knives, fire place pokers, tools and other possible weapons to the lab and test them all out to record thier unique slash and bruise patterns, because they could all be used in a crime, too. And don't forget the chemical make up of the gasoline you get each time you stop at the service station needs to be recorded, because it could be used for arson. And how are we going to pay for all this? Why you're going to pay of course, because we're hiking your taxes 500% and laying off police officers to cover the multi-million dollar expense of this project that has been used in Maryland for 2 years now to catch a grand total of ZERO offenders. [ 11-06-2002, 08:39 AM: Message edited by: Litvyak ]
  6. AWells

    ballistic fingerprinting

    Ballastic fingerprinting? Give me a break. Changing the ballastic fingerprint of my gun is easy and takes no time at all... I routinely swap barrels out my friend since with both have P229s, mine in .40 and his in .357. It's incredably easy to get a replacement barrel, firing pin, and extractor... hell, SigArms is a 15 minute drive from my house, and they'll ship replacement parts (though not whole handguns) straight from the factory to individuals. The only thing Ballastic fingerprinting would accomplish is giving an acuse to register gun owners (since after all, it wouldn't make sense without registration). My gun will never be finger printed. quote:i even frequented the range twice a week, and i know i could have my .40 tested and the ballistic sig would have barely changed... and i figured to have put at least 20 boxes thru her.20 boxes?? I put 7-10 boxes through on each visit to the range.
  7. AWells

    Natural Selection

    It was down the first time I checked it... now it seems to be working. Looks nice... kind of an Aliens feel to it, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that... it just's a hit against originality. Love the artwork... if I still had my HL copy I'd check it out. [ 11-02-2002, 02:12 AM: Message edited by: Litvyak ]
  8. AWells

    Natural Selection

    Well, I'm sure it's a great game... to bad the webpage doesn't appear to work.
  9. AWells

    The BCM community...

    It's absolutely terrible... imagine a community without 1000 wish list posts a day, endless flame wars and all the other crap that you see on other developers forums!! How do we ever manage?? I don't know about anybody else, but I find it impossible to hate anybody in this community, even the hippy liberal types I think it's almost funny, really. I mean, look at the almost endless supply of ignorant people who take any opportunity to flame Derek in other forums and reviews about the way he runs these forums, and really this is probably one of the better communities on the net.
  10. AWells

    Report Card Time

    Hmmm... I don't know... I think those kids draw better than I do
  11. AWells

    Cream puff, low miles, just in...

    The only time I've seen John Deer tractors in person has been at the fair in Deerfield, the next town over from me. It's an argicultural fair so they have people selling everything from Chainsaws to Tractors.
  12. AWells

    Cream puff, low miles, just in...

    Don't underestimate the sportiness of a good tractor. [ 10-28-2002, 12:09 AM: Message edited by: Litvyak ]
  13. AWells

    Back in the saddle and wow!

    quote:I know that this is a great game becuase it also runs on my computer which is all I can say is a sign from God that this is truely a great game.Well, I must admit... much more convincing than Dredd's arguements on the existance of God
  14. AWells

    Cream puff, low miles, just in...

    quote:Nothing epitomizes redneck more.My sister lives in Tennessee and spends her days watching one of her dogs try to hump her goat... I think it's something in the air down that way or something.
  15. AWells

    Freelancer not vaporware?

    Really, I can't wait for this one. Hopefully it'll be worth the long dev time (then again, maybe they're just paying the Dev team by the hour)