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    Solar reactor

    cant remember the last time I saw a starship
  2. Crush7100

    Shouldn't it be a federal offense...

    quote:Originally posted by Reno: You can never find too many ways to end your career [/QB]Not sure about that how many ways can you think up? Anybody?
  3. Crush7100

    Shuttle Follies

    quote:Originally posted by Reno: Or maybe have the towing shuttle stop and position your CC infront of it by a fair distance before having the tractor release. Talk about one large-scale game of 'catch'... sounds like a game of "keep away"
  4. Crush7100

    UC Review - Computer Games

    any meaningful quotes for those of us that dont get that one. Dont mean to brown nose but if you say its fair, would like to know what they think are the strong and weak points.
  5. Crush7100

    Crazy Iowa Weather!

    When you understand the the power of the storms they dont seem as menacing. But, concerning the big brass ones, we chase them, catching them is a whole different story.
  6. Crush7100

    Crazy Iowa Weather!

    Actually we usually chase them, they are fun to watch, till they actually hit something like the last one here did. Totally destroyed the town of Bradgate not far from here, about 30 miles. Luckily no one was killed and only a few injuries.
  7. Crush7100

    Universal Combat: After Action Reports (MP):

    its stories like this that really make me upset about being robbed. was saving for a new comp to run UC but now have to replace everything (about $3,000 worth of stuff). Thinking I can skip on the tv and stereo, maybe get UC running a little sooner. At least they didnt get any of my BC stuff, thats kept elsewhere thats a little more secure. One day....
  8. Crush7100


    YKYBPTMBC: when you come home after youve had your house broken in to and your first thought is **** BOARDERS
  9. Crush7100

    Universal Combat Pre-Orders

    had that same problem when tracking down BCMG. EBGames wouldnt order it for me, but one day i walked in when the district manager was in. Mentioned ordering it for me and when they said they wouldnt he overrode them, had it in my had in 3 days. gotta love it.
  10. Crush7100

    Wraith station disabled

    this freaked me out was running as a trader in a mrt-15 between galcom and wraith stations. while in lyruis system was targeted by a zel/cri starcarrier, needless to say i ran. Hypered to wraith station but as i went to dock the station immediately went disabled. No damaged to shields or hull and the starcarrier was not even there yet. a fal/mil corsair engaged the starcarrier while i ran and grabbed a couple screenshots. just trying to figure out what happened to the station. any ideas thanx correction was in my shuttle when it happened.
  11. Crush7100

    And they lived on as stardust

    welcome to the UC/BC universe, scary part is it only gets better.
  12. Crush7100

    Solar reactor

    considering i have no idea how to solve this problem i thought it was quite funny. only it didnt help me solve it none. did help me blame gallion tho, he was to pull the BC3K "technical fluff' together for an appendix, now that would probably help lol
  13. Crush7100

    Wraith station disabled

    (The true key to happiness is when you realize that your problems are not caused by others but, rather by yourself.) problem is i still havent figured out what i did to cause this problem. still looking tho lol
  14. Crush7100

    A few suggestions for the future.

    thats a blast from the past
  15. Crush7100

    Intercorp Rollcall

    Here you are doing a little recruiting, as a trader I could use a little backup. Problem is, I was doing a little research on the company and came up short. Intercorp website not running right now?
  16. Crush7100


    or slapping the guy in the next cubicle because he looks like Resnig.
  17. Crush7100

    UC Review - Gamespot (2)

    he doesnt have a clue, just look at the spelling, somebody needs to give him a link to the dictionary. He shoots the game down for "various issues" but does not explain.
  18. Crush7100

    Technical or Incompetence??

    watched thru TACOPS and even sent Resnig to get the popcorn. Reality shows in 3000AD, can he make it out of the interceptor alive?
  19. Crush7100

    UC Review - Gamer's Hell

    only points this review gets is for good screen shots where did he get them? obviously didnt play it to get them.
  20. Crush7100

    Shuttle TOW command...

    i have noticed one other possibility for him not heading to the station. sometimes if the station is directly behind the shuttle the dim-wit cant figure out how to get there. i just send a second shuttle from an angle to tow the first, as soon as it knocks the first one at an angle release the tractor beam and the first one should fly right to the station.
  21. Crush7100

    drones and intruders

    the real bummer, for them, would be when the marines offer to light it for them with the ZS10
  22. Crush7100

    About Dreamcatcher Forums - Please Read

    nah think they just figured out that allowing people to bad mouth SC wasnt going to help them at all
  23. Crush7100

    Babylon 5

    already picked up season 1 and 2, but only one problem now i want the rest and they arent out yet aargh
  24. Crush7100


    You think the reason they can't find life on Mars is because they aren't setting waypoints before entering the atmosphere The building you work at loses power and and the first thing that goes through your mind is "RESNIG!!!!!!" lol
  25. Crush7100

    UC Pixel and Vertex shader requirements

    Yeah that list is real handy... at this point I know i am totally behind the times. need a better job to afford the upgrade for bcg. working on it, man i am working on it