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  1. Based on your answers, you are most like Boromir You were also very much like Wormtongue Bill Ferny
  2. Just a few questions Derek about the new advanced AI. We all know the game is not FP shoot-em-up orientated but how does the new AI fair up when conducting a ground assault? Do enermy marines and tanks (etc..) provide a better challenge when under attack? Also, how well in your opinion do friendly assets respond and carry out orders in regards to an assault? Are you pleased with the new AI and does it meet with your expectations?
  3. It's all sounding great Derek. The changes seem like good call. Looking forward even more so to this.
  4. OK, I'm still experiencing the same problems as decribed above. Is there any reason to believe that the game just will not run properly on this system. So far nothing I've done to try and solve this has worked. Derek said this is a controller issue but everything (drivers) is up to date and the system itself is only a few months old. Any suggestions will be appreciated as I would very much like to start playing the game again.
  5. Hey, whats wrong with the PrimeFleet Forum????
  6. Gammies like to hide in the shadows like rats. I have an official bounty on my head from the Gammulan fleet. I look forward to when I tow "Dragon's Daughter" back to gammie land when play multiplayer.
  7. Oh dear. We've all done starwars home movies but most manage to keep them safe.
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