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  1. Try doing a CRC32 check on Uc2_00_30RC8.exe, you should get F37EB0A3. Anything else and you may have a corrupt file. Ran a test from 2 apps and got the same result, mine installs and runs fine.
  2. Hi, sorry for the double-post, just making note that a temp fix was found in This Thread. Problem solved. Cheers.
  3. Hi, minor issue with RC8, maybe it's just me, but the cd-key dialog seems to be mis-interpereting my keystrokes, as if the ascii table is all mixed up. Only key that seems to do its designated task is the 'Shift'. Just wondering if anyone else experiencing similar issues? Perhaps its different with other regions/keyboard drivers. Back to my 2.00.27 patch for now I guess EDIT: I'm aware this was listed in the VCF, just seems to be a more extreme version of what was described. Downloaded the patch approx 4 hours ago if thats any indication.
  4. Just set the date and I'll (try to) be there
  5. JeR

    Roll Call

    Yes we are still lurking somehwat, I have to admit I 've been on the servers once or twice a week, but I'm sure all that will change fairly soon. If you have anything planned keep me informed and I'm sure I can be available (outside of working hours ofcourse). In the meantime I'll drop in whenever I have a spare moment and say Hi.
  6. You are absolutely correct, the SR powers all the critical systems with up to 99 units regardless of it being 'off' or 5+. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, since the SR generates its own power from the sun what does it really need any other power source for? Maintenance and repairs perhaps? Might aswell preserve all 10 units for other systems that actually need it.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Ockham: I also tried targeting friendly missiles, pressed Esc, pressed F1 to have the missile "escort" me. It doesn't make impact, but it flys around your CC, a little too close for comfort if you ask me.I've always wanted my very own 'pet' missle, you never know when the time might arise to have a few guard dogs handy. I haven't reached the stage where I have Raider Fleet C&C (exp can be hard to come by in this career) but I surely *cough* would have reported this *cough* sir
  8. lol that shuttle was a dead giveaway, Khan was right on the mark. I just started shooting at the location it vanished (docked) and your sheilds lit up like a Christmas tree I look forward to our next encounter.
  9. LOL! What happened did he get mistaken for a NPC?
  10. JeR

    Raider RP

    MadFox: yeah you more or less got my intentions right in regards to the RP scene, I'm very much a RP gamer at heart. I used to write some pretty imaginative sci-fi stuff at a younger age though, maybe if I'm motivated enough by your story I might decide to join in. It's coming along nicely btw, keep it up guys this could develop into something awesome.
  11. Yeah just throw them all in and let them complain about it later If no-one wants to choose a wing, as you say just put them in one. Anyone who joins TDH must adhere either way right.
  12. JeR

    Raider RP

    You can use my AE if you want, just as long as he lives to fight another day. Regarding RP, thats what I do best 'in game', but I'm always keen for the read.
  13. Too cool for words, my father thought he'd never see this stuff happen in his lifetime but here we are, the exploration of the 'real' Saturn region with ultra close-up shots to boot.
  14. I was thinking of one possible strategy where the heavy armoured cruisers (i.e. Sunflash, Questar) would jump into the region first, thus distracting any possible threats and dropping mines as we go Then we have our quick and offensive cruisers (Starcruiser, Starwarrior, Solnar) to jump in given the signal and clean up the non-military vessels, littering the region with valuable loot. While this is happening, our 'tanks' are giving the military craft the runaround H/J'ing to various navigation points and taking a few shots in the process. When the cleanup is complete we then all converge on the remaining military vessels and wait patiently at the other end for them to come out of HS, then boom!!! Ofcourse you need to take into account that we will not just be up against carriers, and the cruisers and support craft will create an interesting challenge.
  15. JeR

    Roll Call

    I understand the need for a standard format in our sig, but we'll leave that up to Shingen to decide and not some 'other' fleet member shall we For now I'm just following Shingen's sig format and will change it in due course as required.
  16. Anyone interested in killing and pillaging, be sure to PM me and I think we can work something out I can function quite effectively on solo missions but the greater our numbers the more deadly we become. I can think of one such person in TDH who would join me in battle, but he's kinda new to the whole BC/UC world so I'll give him a little time to learn th ropes first.
  17. Well my experiences with the genre don't go back quite as far, but David Brabens 'Frontier: Elite 2' on the Amiga 500 was what got me hooked to this present day (beleive it or not there are still many fans playing this game!). Just goes to show what an impact a decent space-sim like UC can have on people, and if this were the last game of it's kind to ever be made, then I'll be playing it for many years to come.
  18. Gentlemen, I look forward to teaming up with you also. If you ever wan't to start some fleet action just buzz me on msn or icq... or Xfire when I'm having a game. In the meantime I'll be on the servers at random picking out the helpless cargo haulers and showing no mercy to those who oppose me.
  19. To be honest I'm more inclined to refer to ASE since it tells me exactly who is on the servers, regardless of whether they are logged on to Xfire or not. But when I'm playing and in-between games I'm always logged on.
  20. I got an overall positive impression from that review, I'm sure we all know by now what UCs strengths are, and he pretty much hit the mark on it's 'limitless' gameplay. Yes action junkies its not about how 'interactive' that small box of an environment is, its how many things you can do outside that box!! It's good to see some honest opinions coming from people who ACTUALLY BOTHER to get deeper into the game and see what this baby can do. I actually got into the concept of what this series was attempting to do back in '97 even before I picked up my BC3K 1.0 box. Even then I knew it was gonna be big and now... whatdaya know. Just my 2c...
  21. lol err.. my bad just got a little carried away, but yeah I found similar graphics anomolies in BCM which not surprisingly disappeared with later driver releases, so theres your answer folks.
  22. I somehow get the feeling this performance war between ATI and nVidia is getting to their heads, and they're missing the bigger picture - QUALITY Any sacrifice will do when it comes to beefing up performance though... atleast thats what they don't tell you, lol
  23. quote:Originally posted by Takvah: Anyway to get back on topic... HEAVY CRUISERS RULE!I'll second that! This is ont of the reasons I chose the TER/RAI caste. Theres nothing like zipping around the galaxy with a full arsenal and nothing but your own combat skills to slow you down. Jamotto and I were discussing some good tactics to beat the big boys (i.e. cloaked ships) so when the times comes we'll be ready Oh btw Sunflash is the goods, built like a tank, runs like a cheetah.
  24. JeR

    Roll Call

    Greets to everyone on the MP servers, obviously I chose the NPC autogen server in the chance than I might find some easy prey. I was pleasantly surprised to find atleast 3 other raider buddies online when i logged-in. There wasn't much hunting going on in the way of raiding cargo vessels, etc. so we we just chat for a bit and did some rocket bungee off some high-rise buildings down on Foron. I agree with Cc in the sense that we aren't supposed to be TOO organised but it would be nice to just get some ground rules in place and leave it at that. Oh I did happen to come accross a Gammulan criminal NPC trying to take on the ODS around Procon, but he didn't appear to be making heaps of progress, poor guy.
  25. JeR

    Roll Call

    UC arrived in the post today, so I'll be online sooner than I thought Looks like I'll be raiding solo for a bit but even so I'm sure I can keep all those goody-goods and GALCOM folk occupied quote:Originally posted by Ockham: Just something simple to start out with. Every fleet needs a strong foundation, right? Especially a fleet made up of indie's. Don't want to overcomplicate things too early onYup you've got the right idea, and thx for offering to do the raiders code, what would any faction be without rules right?
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