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  1. i dunno if anyone is moving storms around, all you gotz to do is blow up some levies at the right time and you can really screw over some poor people tho
  2. my grandmother was eaten by vegetarians....of course i told them it was only a vegan chili i had prepared.
  3. hmmm, how come this doesn't come up from a forum search for eve online or eve-online? oh well. it's true that the servers have had some problems when over 400 people got together in 1 system to shoot at eachother, but i play on a daily basis with an average of 11,000 other people and only once have i ever run into lag which actually caused me any sort of grief. splad recalls his memories of playing WoW for a short time....always falling into that pit in ironforge because of lag.
  4. don't know if it helps, but i had a similar problem. i have 2 cd drives. i installed from the bottom and when i went to run it it said cannot find cd, so i switched the cd to the top drive and it works fine. unfortunatly it's working from the top drive so i'm far to lazy to look into it any more top drive: dvd bottom: cd/rw EDIT: both of my hard drives are IDE [ 02-09-2004, 07:40 PM: Message edited by: Splad ]
  5. it's ironic actually, i was having troubles with the whole avatar thing because i wasn't sure what would best define me as a person, and then all of a sudden i saw this. well, it didn't quite define me as a person, but it's just as good because it looks exactly like me. what luck that it just happened to be sitting there in front of me the whole time.
  6. Splad


    kinda late i know, but fox canned firefly to replace it with joe millionaire...those bastards
  7. sorry to double post, but i forgot to mention that my american government textbook is currently covered with a scratch and sniff advertisement for whomen's deoderant. see, we have to cover the books to keep the covers from getting damaged (if they have covers) so i guess it's more cost effective for the schools to get book covers with ads on them because big corporations will just give the things away, hey free advertisement right? it's funny though, the same teacher who handed out these scratch and sniff book covers while telling us to cover our books was also the teacher who told us that (technically)legally he is not allowed to wear clothes that have corporate logos on them, like a nike symbol for instance. apparently the logic behind this is that if we are forced to go to school, then it is unfair to make us look at such advertisements as a nike logo on our teacher's shirt all day. makes sense.
  8. i'm not griping, i just think it's funny. i've sat in classrooms my entire life and never really expected to learn anything in them. my senior english teacher has us draw pictures as group projects and my social studies teacher from last year had twister in his back room hmmmm. i don't think that the public school system is designed to make people dumb and compliant, that's what the media is for, the only reason that the public school systems are so bad is because the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions and when you get paid as much as a teacher does in california, you must have to live off of good intentions. anyways, i said i'm free in 5 months because i'm still disallusioned into thinking that college will be better, so if you would please not burst my bubble so soon, thx
  9. Splad

    100% Ai

    wait, nevermind, i've got that backwords, if reformatting fixes it, then it must be software. whatever it is, you must be installing it every time you reformat. i don't want to imply anything, but if you have your os or any of your basic software that you install every time on a burned cd (as in you're not sure where the files came from) you might wanna try installing from a different cd just to make sure there isn't anything imbedded in a ms office installer (for instance) that could be doing it.
  10. Splad

    100% Ai

    if he's been reformatting, i don't see how it could be a software thing
  11. hahaha!! i have no sympathy for you silly georgian, you think your public school system is going in the ****ter. i live in california, san mateo county (san francisco peninsula), my school has an inflated technology budget, and nothing else. we have unused computers everywhere, and my english teacher assignes (as homework) assignments which must be turned in in manilla folders. he never looks at these papers, so you wonder why he might ask for such an assignment. simple, he doesn't have money to buy manilla folders, or a stapler for that matter. admittedly we do have 3 computers in that classroom, they have never once been turned on by a student, and i have been yelled at for toutching them. well, so long as the people on the school board can drive mercedes' i'm happy, because i only got 5 more months of highschool, and then i'm free.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Anyway, FWIW, I liked what little I played of X2 but until they address the joystick controls issue and revise the AI dogfighting somewhat, I'm probably not touching it again. I can't imagine how they could possibly botch something as important in a sim, as flight controls. Boggles the mind really. I haven't tried the 1.2 patch yet. aah ha! i knew i was invisible.
  13. the 1.2 patch is out and it completely removes the control issues relating to joystick sensitivity. suddenly i feel like doing loops around my space station.
  14. woo! my favorite topic. here, this stuff should keep you guys interested for hours. it's a sort of a skeptical encyclopedia where they list the facts about things in relation to september 11th and let you decide for yourself. link it's split into 3 sections: 1. topics 2. people 3. places here's an excerpt from one of my favorites under "arbusto" the name of bush's first oil company: "According to a 1976 trust agreement, the history behind George W. Bush's first company Arbusto, started with Salem bin Laden, who appointed James Bath (->) as his business representative in Houston..." you can read the rest here
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