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  1. I stayed up all night playing it. Very fun. A lot more light-hearted than Sea Dogs and somewhat more action/minigame based. Overall, it's a great game. If you're interested in this style of game, check it out.
  2. So...once we've read the PDF can we ask silly questions? *sprints out of forum*
  3. I especially love how the jet pack is labeled "Jet Pack" Whoa...some of those weapons look AWFULLY familiar!
  4. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The idea is to KEEP moving. You - being ex-army, should know that. There is no "Retreat" Battle Drill in FM 7-8 And a few times, I tried running full sprint across the world, but that usually meant they just killed me slightly later...or they'd kill me when I had to stop and wait for the guys I'm supposed to be escorting to catch up. Apparently, I just suck at the Marine side of this game. Is there a "target nearest hostile" command while on foot that I'm missing? You know, like without switching to the DIE? Which, btw, good acronym...whenever I use that thing, guess what happens I actually tried switching all the actual marines to SAD and leaving the stranded brass with me, but it didn't do much good...it's almost like they didn't switch to SAD and they kept following me and ignoring the enemy.
  5. Well, it's instant action, so I can't do anything about stupid marines...and as far as snipers go, that's a pain in the ass. I finally cheated...in more ways than one. I use /i so I wouldn't get wasted and then ordered the gunship that was supposed to pick us up at the extraction point to fly to me instead, then I ordered the officers and marines onto the gunship, then got on myself and flew to the extraction point. I did the "walk a thousand miles to the PZ" thing enough in the army, didn't feel like doing it here. Still haven't pulled it off without /i, tho.
  6. What the hell? I'm getting killed before I can even SEE the enemies and the rest of my squad, who are supposed to be escorting me just stand there and watch me die without returning fire. Seriously, what am I missing here? I mean...is it just mandatory to use the /i cheat to do anything on the ground or what?
  7. Hey, look at it this way, then: They were just helping the kid out. He wanted pain, they gave him pain. Seriously, tho. I'm done here. This serves no purpose but to fuel your indignant, melodramatic rage.
  8. again with the melodrama. How again is there danger of putting the kid's eye out? Besides, I bet the incident sticks with him and he'll think about it next time he decides to go on a maniacal self-injury spree.
  9. Umm...police stun guns are not touch range stunners, they actually shoot the contacts out. Also, spare me the melodrama.
  10. quote:Originally posted by street: they SAID he was trying to cut his LEG, with a PIECE of GLASS. EXTREME difference, between someone TRYING to kill oneself, who knows theoretically how... and a 6 year old child, who MIGHT cut his leg, and feel a little pain or get a few stitches, if he actually was faster, smarter, and tougher than a stupid cop..jeesh! and NO, I dont think they did it for fun,,,,I think that SOME cops are idiots, who NEED more control, supervision, and regulation!!!! after all, they are NO BETTER mentally, emotionally, or in any other fashion, than any of us citizens, and it is THEIR philosophy, that everyone else is to be controlled, by whatever means necessary, but they themselves are beyond reproach....not MY philosophy, and I will NEVER, overlook an idiot response....even if he IS wearing a badge!!! 1) There are arteries in your leg. 2) I don't trust CNN (or anyone else) to give all the facts or even the correct facts. EVER. Yellow Journalism went from a faux pas to a way of life. It's disgusting and ridiculous. In any case, a taser won't do permanent damage to the kid, the piece of glass would.
  11. street, how long do you think it would take to kill yourself with a piece of glass? I can think of at least three different ways that take less than a second. He could've pulled it off before an adult got there. So until I see a video that shows otherwise, I'm working under the assumption that they did the right thing. I mean, really, do you honestly think they did it for shits and giggles? "Hey Bob, watch what happens when I hit this kid with a taser!" ----------------- @Wolferz LOL
  12. Thanks. I knew it would be something simple that I'd somehow managed to overlook.
  13. I think I'm gonna sue Marvel for the disillusionment of my childhood belief that the creators of superheroes were heroes themselves.
  14. US troops SHOULD know all that; at least, they've been taught it...sometimes the brass likes to forget things, tho.
  15. OK, I admit it. I'm stupid. I'm dumb. I might possibly be retarded. How do I find out where the extraction point is? The Brief says that a TDU has been dropped by satellite and that it is the extraction point...but...I see nothing...is it just so far away that it doesn't show up immediately on the radar?
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