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  1. I rarely find reveals revealing much anyway (Except you, when you reveal, you reveal) Still, I played PS1 for quite a number of years and enjoyed it a lot. So I'm hoping SoE does as good as a job as they did on the first one. (My only gripe, are the mechs.. those ruined the first one )
  2. Surprised no one started one o_o Anywho, report in!
  3. Kalshion


    Anyone heard from Most at all recently? Since the Tsunami he hasn't responded to my e-mails nor the Pm's on this board or on PF's board.
  4. Yea, they hit an old-server that housed the Neverwinter Nights forums.
  5. Thanks for the heads up boss! Though that 'does' explain why the board was acting strange earlier, I thought it was my ISP. Will let ya know if I see Resnig running around anywhere...
  6. It was interesting at the time, but after seeing that the classes are called the same from GA, not to mention some of the weapons seem to bare some resemblance as well, I'm already starting to lose interest. I already play GA, don't need to play another =P
  7. It'll be ready when it's ready, and right now, it ain't ready. Meaning, no idea...
  8. Everquest 2 also does this with their Freeport server (F2P with Microtransactions or a monthly fee) actually, them going this route with only it 'one' server is actually what killed the Monthly Subscription only servers (but, that's what the idiots get for whining that F2Pers will destroy the community, if anything, the F2P community is more well behaved than the live community actually.) Regardless, for EQ2 you also have that same model. You can play the game for free, with natural restrictions of course, and if you want to you can pay extra money for more characters, more classes and races to play and also using better spells and such.
  9. Yea I wish that we had with Q hadn't died, really wanted to finish that up =\ Regardless, welcome back
  10. Actually, according to the video which is ingame footage the graphics appear to be a step up from X3TC. However, it does appear, based on translated interviews, that the ability to pilot multiple ships seems to have been removed from the game. You pilot one ship and one ship only. I am HOPING this is just a mistranslation, but I worry it isn't. And as for MP? I would LOVE for MP to be in this game, so that myself and several friends of mine could have fun building an empire but the thing is, I believe based on how massive the universe is that it would require a dedicated server (which I would most certainly jump at the chance of running off one of the servers I own)
  11. From what I've gleaned and such, they are using a completely new engine for this game. Not only that, but it seems the game is already near completion as one of the devs hinted that they are 'polishing' it up.
  12. You know the deal! Report it now so you can receive a complimentary fembot for your captain Wow! What the heck was I thinking? I meant that to be 2011 not May 1st!!!!
  13. Them's fightin words there Shohashi! Prime will meet ya in Nightbridge!
  14. Now I wanna know if those windows can be blown out, because I can just envision me sitting in one of those skyscrapers, sniper rifle in hand, eating a donut while waiting for some unsuspecting insurgent to get into my cross hairs Ooooooohhhhh... I am giddy with excitement if that is possible
  15. Derek, those shots, they make this PF-Marine DROOL Man those shots are more detailed than some of the others I play that claim to be 'the next big thing' can't wait for this to come out!
  16. At least wait for some gameplay trailers to come out. Then make your decision about whether or not this game will be your "cup of tea" Some people make decisions entirely off an FAQ, I personally don't find it right but that's just my opinion. That said, those of us who have been with 3000AD for years, know that this game will be a blast regardless of what was stated in the FAQ. Main reason that even though there are things I don't like that Derek is doing with this game, I'll still play it regardless (or at least I'm HOPING to play it, finances being what they are right now, I honestly don't know what the situation will be when LoD is released)
  17. In my experience, even if you have a game in windowed mode, it'll still minimize sometimes depending on what programs are being activated or what the computer is doing. This happened quite often with three games I used to play (The X-series by Egosoft. Silent Hunter, by Ubisoft. And STO, by Cryptic) That said, I honestly can't give you any solutions on fixing this problem as I don't have dual monitors
  18. Famous Quote: It'll be ready when it's ready, and right now, it ain't ready As for a date, eh, have patience
  19. I'm here and well, though I had to kitty-proof the main office so if you see any fembots running around they are chasing after a kitten.
  20. I think I'll say this now before any other hard-core sub-sim players do, how much indepth are you going to go with the subs there Derek? I'm thinking along the lines of stuff like Silent Hunter and such (only, naturally, more futuristic)
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