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  1. Their quiet because alot of us are busy with stuff.
  2. Guy's, considering what just happened in Japan, I'm not sure whether Most will be posting in rollcall (he doesn't do it often, but still) regardless, please keep in mind that Most lives in Japan. It just got hit by a 8.9 Earthquake so please keep him in your thoughts and let's hope he is ok.
  3. And here I intented to post this at 12 on the dot... then I fell asleep >_< Reporting in as usual ;-)
  4. I'm here! When can we expect GalCom Online? "It'll be ready when it's ready, and right now it ain't ready"
  5. Meant to post this at exactly 12:00 but feel asleep Anywho! Speak up troops! Who is still here to ring in the new year?
  6. Merry Christmas all, and hope for a Happy New Year
  7. Flighty Echo has a kid who keeps him grounded But yea, and to be honest it's not just the gaming industry that has issues with 'saturation'. There are many other carrier fields that have become saturated, to the point where most employers are hiring those with experience over those without. The best advice I can give, is to prepare your kid for the future in whatever way you can. He's only eleven, just a kid, though I'm happy to hear he wants to plan for the future - at that age he should just be enjoying childhood while it lasts.
  8. *taps his mic* Oi, I'm a day or two late in reporting in o.o
  9. Stuck in Japan for quite awhile. Heh, i'm still stationed there until 2011, but having 3 kids, ages 5 and under have hampered my gaming/roleplaying experience quite a bit. I messed up a few years back having an online gaming addiction and swore to myself I wouldn't go back down that road. So i've been sticking to console pretty much, anything with a 'pause' feature lol. What about you man? CO of Prime Fleet...needless to say i'm a bit jealous ;p. Alot has happened.... I'll bring you up to speed at some point, suffice it to say, I'm happy to see you around again Regardless; wish I was stuck in Japan, one of the places I'd love to move to But yea, you need to update your signature as well.
  10. The battle scene was nice, but yea it won't be anywhere near as cool within the real game. I may keep an eye on it, but I'm doubtful I'll even bother with it.
  11. Use VirtualDub, most people who use Fraps tend to use VirtualDub to compress their videos into a more managable size. Depending on the codec you are using, you can get that video down to anywhere from fifty megs to two hundred, it really depends. But I've had luck getting vids down to twenty megs, when they were originally three gbs.
  12. Happy B-day there Eclipse
  13. I've only played it for an hour; so I can't honestly give an accurate review yet though the combat seems alright, research is cool, customization is rather interesting and the procedural generation is something I really wish every game introduced. What I can say is that the models bug the living daylights out of me, they just seem to weak and so quickly done, like no thought really went into them. I know the reason why they are so low on polys is so that you can have massive fleets of ships, but I've always been taught that you shouldn't sacrifice quality for quantity. Regardless; the modding ability of this game will satisfy me quite a bit once it's fully completed and such. I'm already aware of a mod out there that makes drastic improvements to the models and makes them look neat. Otherwise, Canshow, I dunno what you and I were doing wrong - tried hard, got my ass beat after an hour. Had over a hundred ships appear in my small little system (I'm a slow expander in these games ) I have heard that sometimes the AI IS stupid, but othertimes it can give you a run for your money. But eh, I bought the game so I'll play it and give a review of it at some point, though I am probably going to wait until the game is actually FINISHED before really getting a serious review up. After all, it *IS* unfair to the developers to review a game that is unfinished, when they themselves admitted to that.
  14. Not anymore; dun have the funds now to play it.
  15. LOL! Well, we can always open another thread on that one! I downloaded it myself. -Sho Aye same.
  16. I saw that Magnus, not sure I agree with someone advertising a game in another game's thread
  17. That worries me then... why the heck would they only make it use ONE core? Idiots...
  18. Only... one.... core.... ughs. No wonder...
  19. Anyone else encountering slow downs with this game? I've noticed this after playing my current game (doing it on easy since I'm new to Civ 5). However, I've noticed that now that I'm almost ten hours into the game, it slows down quite a bit when selecting other units, or during turn phases where it takes roughly three-five minutes. The other thing I've noticed is my ram usage has been going up streadly as I play this game (Gotta love the G19 Keyboard ) anyone else possibly noticed this?
  20. I didn't see that; was clearly way to tired yesterday when I replied
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