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  1. Umm, when you first start up the game you can't skip the intro But I found that after that you can skip it but it seems to me that you may also need to alt-tab in order to kill it. I don't know what's up with some of these companies but they seem to think that making it difficult to skip an intro is a good thing. Otherwise, Civ 5 is the first Civ game I've played and I love it, but HATE how the game auto-switches ya to the next unit to move (when there is a unit right NEXT to it that needs to be moved to, but instead the game thinks this unit on the other side of the map is more important) But I like it
  2. And with that said; If that is truly the case though then I'm somewhat certain that the SC won't make a mod of that sort, or any sort, for UCCE. After all, he'd have to take away resources from his current development along with personnel and put it into something that may, or may not, even be played.
  3. I don't believe it That... and considering how much time has passed since it was FIRST announced years ago? If it does get released then they have better do a great job on it!
  4. Wait, and space is supposed to be just black? Last I saw of some NASA images there were colourful nebula's in space, some brighter than others. We just don't SEE them here on Earth, need a telescope (a powerful one I gather) Unless your referring to their coloured backgrounds being poor; otherwise I don't think so, it's probably hardcored.
  5. [RP on] Kalshion took a seat, thinking hard on what Shohashi said; the man had a point, and it was something he hadn't considered due to all the innocent deaths that went on, his push to end insurgent lives that clouded his own judgement. "Thinking of it that way, you do have a point," he said and tapped his shoulder. "If they wanted to, I supposed it is possible for them to change their weapon signatures to match known Insurgent profiles, perhaps even Galcom profiles as well. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if half of these reports of your people attacking unarmed ships could very well be traced back to Gammulan ships," "The thing is, how do we prove that your ships didn't actually attack these unarmed ships? We'd need proof," he stared at Shohashi. Though he knew it would be hard to convince those above him, proof would go a long way. He did, however, intend to inform his science officer to run some scans on the weapon signaures they found on the debris and to go back and see if there's a way to 'peel' away the Insurgent signature and see if there's a hidden one beneath. [RP off] -Kal
  6. Yea but the universe is no longer as big as it was a few years ago (when it was pay to play) and that killed the interest for me
  7. There; doesn't sound like much of a problem, but we still need to get through the negioations currently happening between the Insurgents and Kalshion
  8. Well, when Q started this RP, we spent a few hours on yahoo chatting about the storyline..and the jist of the whole conversation was to keep it a freeform RP. That means the RP evolves according to user posts. Than the dude bailed and left us all hanging. If you read Q's posts in the RP, you can get an idea of where he wanted it to go. Freeform Rp's cease being freefrom when someone decides to finish it off on their own I'd strongly suggest waiting until Shohashi get's some freetime, but it does appear that Shohashi doesn't mind though based off his post, hopefully what you have will be ok.
  9. You guy's know the drill! Report in! (sets up detectors to pick up Insurgent intruders)
  10. Loving it SC, though it needs that 3000AD feel What is that quote from? I'm assuming this is an option within the administrative control panel.
  11. Ok, so let me get this straight Shingen. A few months ago I asked you if you had any details that Quazar gave you, your basic reply meant you got none. Yet, now you've posted that you have details related to the ultimate plotline. Post: http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50026834-open-rpg-discussions/page__view__findpost__p__173805 Can you see why I'm somewhat confused right now? First you say you had no details and then now you say you have some, so mind explaining that to me please?
  12. Kalshion


    Yeah..it looks like you get to retain your original post count of 730 and the reg date of 12-28-01. That's #@%#@$ up And what's wrong with that? Yo Weegee!
  13. Kalshion


    Welcome back Echo I guess I'll have to call off the assassination squads.... anywho! Nice to see ya back
  14. Whenever I go to logon to PF forum, I am no longer recognized. When I click on the forgotton password link, I get an e-mail with a link that when clicked sends back to the same authentication request page. http://primefleet.insanityprelude.net/foru...action=reminder If you've forgotten your login details, don't worry, they can be retrieved. To start this process please enter your username or email address below. Over and over again. sigh... Double checked everything; even tried the reset password myself, everythign worked fine. Don't know what the issue was, though it might've been possible that you went for the password reset when the network was having issues @Sho
  15. The only details I got was to freeform this RP. But if no one wants to RP, then it's not much of an RP With what is going on right now with me; I can't RP (and thus since I'm the only one in Prime RPing right now, that rules prime out for the time being =\)
  16. I got addicted to Transformice and forgot I'm alive! And still hunting Shohashi
  17. and? anyone wanna finish this RP? Right now, the only one who holds all of the details and information has disappeared. Unless he's given you everything and such. Otherwise, I can probably RP a little, but I've largely been out of the loop on what has been going on (no updates made since) What details? I've been trying to complete this RP for months.. I can't do it on my own That would be pointless. I assumed he had given you details and such; guess I was wrong =\
  18. To save yourself a bigger headache, don't bother buying the upgrade version. Just buy the full version, using an upgrade version usually curtails headaches
  19. Well, I ran into a problem that I can't really solve since it's hard to FIND actual answers to them. I know the law well enough, it is against the law to sell your work for monetary gains. The thing is, an interesting thing is happening on one of the boards I'm a member of. This being a write-a-phon, where you write a story and the person who has the best story get's a five doller steam game. The owner of this board is stuck on whether or not to allow fanfictions, or derivative works. There's the issue where it's unsure whether it's truly illega, or not. The reward isn't a constant stream of money (It's a small steam game) but it's still a legal issue. In my mind; it is illegal, and does in fact break the licensing agreement, but I wanted some more opinions on this matter. I know Derek might be able to help out better with this since he owns a company and such, but anyone's opinions are welcome and accepted.
  20. and? anyone wanna finish this RP? Right now, the only one who holds all of the details and information has disappeared. Unless he's given you everything and such. Otherwise, I can probably RP a little, but I've largely been out of the loop on what has been going on (no updates made since)
  21. Current one is largely dead right now sadly; and I've become to busy to RP for the time being
  22. Imma waiting... Though I did just remind him, we'll see if he posts... hopefully so
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