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  1. Alrighty gents, you know the drill. I wanna know how many heads are still here... just keep them attached please... Edit: go figure, can a mod or admin please fix the title... -.-
  2. Ya know the deal! All report in so I have a headcount of who is still alive! Any and all insurgents will be shot on sight
  3. I'm well aware how life can be Nomad; I've lost three jobs now thanks to this health care POS being passed. All three jobs had employers calling me up and basically stating that they can't afford to pay the insurance on their employees now due to this passing. This is why I'm very pissed at my government, the idiots we have in congress don't have to worry about their cozy little positions (though I hope in November we boot them out, and perhaps put in people who DO care about the voice of the people, though I'm still doubtful) plus the health care bill doesn't COVER them (in fact, last I heard, they made absolutely SURE that it doesn't effect THEIR health care plans)
  4. Long time no see Nomad -On Topic We've already stated why we dislike this. A vast majority of Americans didn't WANT this health care reform, the politicions are supposed to listen to us, but instead they ignored us and SHOVED IT down our throats when we didn't want it. It was NOT the proper time to do this, our economy is STILL recovering. In fact, several of the democrats stated themselves that the American people are 'to stupid, and won't understand it until passed'. Nancy herself said 'we won't know what's in the bill until it's passed' and various other comments that were STUPID. I've said it once; and I'll say it again: I don't want government run health care, they can't even run the SCHOOL DISTRICT properly, what makes you think they can run a health care system? Not to mention, I want LESS government involvement in my life, not MORE.
  5. Darn! Almost made it Happy B-day DarkNSF
  6. Yes it does. I have played it in multiplayer dozens of times when the community was active (in 2004 and 2005). I have the game installed right now... You can check it here where it says "64 player multiplay support". I guess AAW and AoA does not have outer space travelling and fighting, does it? I want something like UC but with active players Should I go for "Galactic Command Online"? What is it about? Thanks. http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?showforum=64 Read about it there; it's a MMO being created by 3000AD. The link there has more details than I can give, not to mention the website is juicy!
  7. Already a year?! Wow.... I've lost track of time! Happy Birthday SC!
  8. Considering how old the original UC is now, the likelyhood of there being any servers are pretty low right now.
  9. Mm..... still March here! Oh well, reporting in... even though I already reported in technically for the month!
  10. Holy cow... I'm actually finding myself in agreement with Wolferz!!! Either way though; despite my mislike of this president and his lack of constitutional understanding (and he's supposed to have been a constitutional lawyer to....) I could never desire ill-will on someone.
  11. Oh man I've had this debate on EVERY forum I'm on, I was kind of praying it wouldn't come here Yes, I do think the bill is unconstitutional because it's being forced on every citizen of the country. Likewise, if I don't pay into it, I'm fined? Sorry, but that's just plain stupid. Not to mention how there are Americans who don't WANT health care, because they are well off enough to where they can afford it. There are also people who don't DESERVE health care, such as those who don't want to work and just lounge around at home sitting in front of a TV and doing nothing. Health care is NOT a right, it's a privaledge. Just like how driving is a NOT a right. No, the Federal Government does NOT have that authority. Their authority extends only so far, there is a reason WHY our constitution exists, to limit the government to a small role. Instead, thanks to loopholes, the feds are expanding their knowledge and are borderlining on even more rights violation. There is this thing called 'State Rights' where they control what happens in their states, when the school system was taken over, the states lost their ability to moderate their schools. Ever since then, our educational standards have DROPPED so much that most high-school graduates are IDIOTS. (Colleges and Universities must have 'Remedial' classes now) How can we expect the government to run a health care system if they can't even run a school system? An example, back in 2004, to pass the Nevada High School Prof Exam for Math, I needed to make a 350 score. Now, in 2007 the federal government LOWERED that score to 302. As of right now, state rights are being even more violated because now they have to deal with a health care bill. There was nothing wrong with private sector insurance, it could've been made better if the insurrance could be carried over state lines. This would allow competition between the various companies and thus make life easier on the person. Because the states have their rights being violated; yes, they do in fact have the authority to refuse this bill. However, the Federal government has already proven that they'll threaten people (Example; California. Two democratic senators in charge of a farming area were threatened to have their water turned off if they didn't vote for the health care bill.) in this case, the feds could just as easily threaten to stop sending funding to the state. My opinion? GOOD! The less influence the federal government has in my life, the better.
  12. Quazar entrusted you with the task of Apogee, but I can always provide a helping hand whenever needed. As of right now though I can't post as Kal is waiting on Sho's character to respond. Though, for all intents, I like what I see Now... if only this forum had UPDATED to inform me that there was an actual POST before I had replied to a few PM's
  13. You'll be waiting a VERY long time... we haven't seen Quazer now for three months almost...
  14. True Canshow, just don't take on the position of Resnig, he tends to die once every day or every mission.... we spend a lot of resources trying to keep him alive
  15. Just don't state that you are apart of one of the fleets; that won't go over to well with most leaders. (Such as saying that you are an insurgent apart of Sho's fleet. Or that you apart of Alpha Wing of Prime Fleet, and so on and so force)
  16. I object.... It's not hard to run a free-form RP without timestamps, I do it all the time on other boards, never had a need for time stamps except when progressing to the next day.
  17. Or dead in space! -Sho I stand correct!
  18. I hear ya Shingen, but right now our hands are pretty much tied behind our backs with triple thick layers of duck-tape... so until Quazer posts to continue that meeting, we are dead in the water =(
  19. Damn nice Derek I haven't tried the game (been to involved in STO with a friend at the moment) but I plan to! Nice to hear that you put your foot down on the one's causing the trouble.
  20. You wouldn't NEED DRM if people wouldn't PIRATE games anyway.... oh wait.. that's a concept most people don't seem to understand or get Though I am glad I decided to hold off on getting SH5, will eventually. That being the case; you want to stop DRM? Get rid of the pirates, or.... *gasp* LOWER the prices of some of these damned games. It seems that recently, standard edition for video games now run $59 a peice.. it'll get to the point where video game companies will lose money to pirates not JUST for the DRM but also because of the price (I refuse to pirate due to the higher likelyhood of virus's and trojans in the games)
  21. uhm, the game has no sub. You just buy the client ($19.95) if you want. Yea... I kind of read that part just a bit ago... don't mind me boss, still getting over a flu-bug
  22. Now this is interesting indeed; sadly I've already got my hands in a few others games and don't have the money to sub to another for quite a few months Oh well, I'm certain the game will prosper with you are the helm... just make certain Resnig doesn't touch any of the red buttons please..
  23. Blast... and here I was hoping my hit-squads had been the reason RT hadn't posted *quickly retreats from Insurgent thread*
  24. Meh... one can only wonder.. perhaps it'll do well, it really depends on how they structure the game.
  25. Yea... these guys here are 'supposed' to quality assure the stuff, granted it was my fault in terms of the ram, but the fact that the side panel fan stopped working on the very day I got the machine - kind of tells me that the techs either didn't test the machine properly, were in a rush, or just didn't care. I'm leaning toward rush; sadly I can't replace the panel because it's has a non-standard fan connector, so I just have to bare with it.
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