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  1. [rp] Kalshion walked out of Medical and gave a curtious nod to the medics He always liked the medics on these ships, they where fast and well trained, unlike the medics on the surface He had asked his private to monitor any coms from the Kindrid As he walked down the hall one of the medics ran up to him "So she's ok then?", Kalshion asked "Yes she is.. and she would like to see you, did you by change tell her you're name?", the medic asked "My name? when we found her she was unconcious.. so there was no way I could've told her my name", Kalshion said looking out the port hole "Well she knows you're name.. she said something about you being in Las Beuios, Pluto awhile ago", said the medic Kalshion glanced over at the medic "Beuios.. that city, I remember it.. my company was ordered to that city when the gammies attacked, we evacuated several children from the city, no adults where left alive it looked like the gammies where only after the children there", Kalshion said, realizing that he was breaking his orders "Well.. is it possible this child was left behind?", asked the medic "It certainly is.. the fighting got to a point where Fleet Command ordered my company to evacuate from the city, and to take any evacues with us", Kalshion was about to say more when Kagome walked up to him, he nodded then walked off toward the guest rooms. -------------------------------------------------- Hikowa layed against the wall, she didn't remember much about the battle or who rescued her from the city. But she did remember the name of the marine who rescued her from the gammies back in the city "Kal..shon...", she tried to memorize his named, "No.. thats not it" she said looking at the door -------------------------------------------------- Kalshion smiled when the door opened, he walked in and told the private to stay back. "Yes Sir", Kagome said steping out of the room, her ZS 10 held high she stud guard.. even though that wasn't really needed She didn't really know how long she had been waiting outside, but it felt like hours.. in reality it was only 6 minutes, when Kalshion came out she noticed a very worried look on his face "Whats wrong boss?", Kagome said "I thought it was a myth, in the books I read back in high school.. it WAS a myth, but if what that girl told me is correct. Then this mission just got difficult, Kagome fire off a message to Fleet Commander, I want all data they have on a weapon called the 'Twilight Burst'", Kalshion said walking off "Umm.. certianly sir but umm.. what shall we do with the girl", Kagome said "Protect her, I have a feeling she knows more than what she's letting on, don't forget she was in Gammulen custody for a couple months", Kalshion finished and ran off toward the bridge "I gotta ask Elio if i can take a fighter up to that Disabled Stormcarrier, very smart of Aiden to ram it.. if what the girl said is correct then looks like that carrier might hold some information we need", Kalshion said running to the turbo left.. the marine there told him he was not allowed on the bridge, Kalshion cursed. He heard a voice behind him and looked over his shoulder, the Cmd Sargeant in charge of the marines on this ship waved the marine aside, the marine nodded and Kalshion was allowed on the bridge "Maybe I shoulda changed... dents in my armor, blood on certain parts.. and burn marks.. oh yea im going to make a perfect 1st impression", Kalshion said with a snicker [/rp]
  2. X2 has stuff that BCM doesn't have (but then again.. don't forget, BCM was released awhile back) UC will have stuff that X2 doesn't have X2 - You can build base's,build stations and, from what I've been reading and hearing, you can walk aroud in stations BCM(Havn't played UC so this is based soley on BCM) - Excellent AI, Able to build fleets, assault planets (IE send down teams of marines and such) Both games evenly rounded and each other things that the other doesn't have. I only listed some of the things I've observed im pretty sure there are more (SC will probably grill me for not really elaborating on stuff)
  3. [rp] Kalshion had been listening in on the com's about the situation, not like he couldn't anyway with all the problems that had cropt up The insurgents here where taken in costody, but Kalshion told them to treat them more like guests.. since they where unarmed and unwilling to fight, he was about to leave when one of the insurgents told Kalshion the name of the child "Hikowa? thats the name... Japanese child.. that is very rare", Kalshion said to himself as he drove the tank off toward Fire Base Alpha, he had been listening in when he heard that 5 marines and a child had to be left behind.. he cursed to himselve for not being able to get to the base. It was at that point that Zulo and Gamma squadrons reported in, Kalshion gave a series of orders "Zulo, continue patrol around the base and destroy any enemys you see. Gamma.. protect the Invader, that Stormcarrier is still around here and the last thing we need is for a 3rd capital ship casultie", he said putting the coms away The tank hit a dip, then a bump and flew over a cliff, it landed on the ground below and continue'd toward the base as the base came into view he saw several gammulen tanks, and bodys... -------------------------------------------------- Kagome cursed to herself when she saw the enemy tanks turning toward them, she loaded a round and fired the cannon, one of the tanks erupted into flames and debris -------------------------------------------------- Kalshion grined, and sled the tank toward a destroyed building, there they used it for cover. "This tank is a big target, so lets use it as a decoy", Kalshion said, ordering Kagome to get out, he hit the accelerater and jumped out.. the tank rolled out from behind the building, the enemy tanks opened fire but even seeing Kalshion kneeing around holding a Bazooka He aimed at the left tank and pressed the firing key.. the missle rocketed out of the barrel and struck the tank's turret.. he then aimed at the 3rd and final tank.. it to went up in flames, he tossed the launcher to the side and picked up his ZS10, the private grabbed him just as several rounds went through the area he had been standing in momments ago "Thanks Kagome", he said noticing Kagome's expression of scare terror, he could tell this was her first real combat experience and, it was taking its toll on her he patted her on the shoulder and it was at that momment that a Sniper round hit him in the kidney, he flew back and a trio of enemy marines ran over to them -------------------------------------------------- Kagome knew that sniper was still around, but she had made it out without the marines knowing. She crept behind one of the marines and slamed the butt of the ZS10 into the marines neck, several cracks where heard, she then threw the ZS10 to the ground and grabed her pistol, both her and the marine fired at the same time, The marine missed... But she didn't.. She ran over to Kal, who was standing but holding his side -------------------------------------------------- "I guess I owe you two times now", Kalshion said with a grin, Kagome just smiled.. 5 marines ran over to him one of the marines was a medic and placed a patch over Kalshion's wound "Nice to see you five are alive and in one peace", he said hearing the sounds of ATV's approuching, one of the marines was holding a female child, she had burn's on her body and a cut along her arm, but thanks to medic she was no longer in danger, but the medic couldn't stress enough how urgent it would be for Kalshion to see the Medic on the Invader for treatment.. he just agree'd and waited for the ATV's to show up [/rp]
  4. [rp] Kalshion sighed when the tank rolled into the cave and stopped.. the two gunships that where chasing it hovered outside the gave. Since the cave was dark the closest gunship didn't see the tanks turret move and point at it.. a second later a burst of heat washed over the tank as it fired.. A second later the gunship erupted in flames and fell to the ground below The 2nd gunship was smart and took off. Kalshion sighed "Good job", he said getting down "There seems to be problems up in space", said the tank commander as he handed Kalshion the com's "Sir! this is Commander Jiko, it seems the gammulens have taken the Kindred by complete surprise", Said Jiko "How so?", Replied Kalshion "Gammulen Stormcarrier sir", Said Jiko "Hmm.. yep that would register as a sneak attack, hold you're postion. You don't have the weapons to deal with that carrier", Kalshion said looking outside "Sir! we have the explosives though", Argued Jiko "If you're suggesting a kamakazie attack then thats OUT of the question Commander!", Kalshion yelled "Yes Sir.. we'll hold postion where about 200 KM from you're current postion shall I send more marines?", Asked Jiko "No.. where ok", Kalshion lied Kalshion put the coms away, and heard a sound behind, he spun around on his heels and aimed his ZS10 at the wall the light he had shined on two insurgent personnel, they where unarmed and very frightened.. Kalshion thought about shooting them but when he noticed that they where more scared of him then him being scared of them, he decided against it Although his orders where to eliminate any threats, he didn't consider the two a threat since they had no weapons, he walked over to them. One of them had blood coming down the side of her face, the other had several brush's on his side "What happened?", he asked -------------------------------------------------- Commander Jiko didn't like Kalshions decision to just hold postion and not help the Kindred "Is Kal crazy... why shouldn't we help", he said firing an order to the helmsmen The Marine carrier, or better known as the GCV-Cresnoya, took off and headed into space along the way they hit something, something HARD, something that was hard enough to destroy the front half of the ship, the Cresnoya lurched to one side and began to fall back toward the ground below "Damn it! What'd we hit!", Jiko said, his question was answered when a Firestorm decloaked on there starboard side, its PTA turrets tracking them as they fell back toward the ground below "6000 Feet", said the helmsmen, "5000.... 4000.... 3000...", Jiko looked at his side the Firestorm was close enough to get enveloped in a core overload, he punched the self destruct button and sent the codes to the reactive, its saftys where released and the core overloaded -------------------------------------------------- Kalshion listened to the two insurgents, when they finished he began to think.. but his thinking was cut short when an enormous blast was heard he looked out the cave and saw an explosion the size of 5 nuclear bombs He cursed to himself, he knew Jiko must've tried to help but ran into trouble.. but he didn't have time to think of that, he turned toward the two insurgents "So you're orders where to secure the area around Alpha in preparation for an insurgent assault.. but something went wrong and you fleed here", he said "yes.. yes thats it.. but there where 3 of us.. we had a young child with us.. a female, she got scared and ran toward the base", the female insurgent said "A child? what the HELL! where you doing bringing a child into a combat zone", he yelled, but the two insurgents didn't answer, Kalshion sighed angerily and looked at the Tank Commander "Send a message to Elio, let him know that we might have a Civilion child in Fire Base Alpha, tell him to get medical ready for when we find that child.. I fear she might be injured also tell him we found and a Mobile ODS system down here.. not much but we might be able to use to help the Kindrid", he said as he looked out, if he had known a child was involved he wouldn't of ordered Delta and Zulu squads to bomb the area around the base.. now he was wondering if he might be responsible for a civilion death [/rp]
  5. [rp] Appoligizing? to a gammulen scum bag!? UNACCEPTABLE! *orders his marine carrier to arm all weapons and aim at the GMV Prosterno* Now what!? huh? huh!? [/rp] Sorry Elio/Jaguer couldn't resist!
  6. The last marine that went into a blackhole never returned =( We had a funeral for her Only SMB marines (like Osjuan) can survive anything outside the CC in Space
  7. [rp] Kal layed up against the gun of the tank, the tank commander came up "Sir.. you got a coms from Commander Elio", said the tank commander "Elio? didn't know he was here", Kal said picking up the coms "Kal you look like you could definately use another carrier. Mind if I come down and blow that bird out of the sky?" came Elios voice through the coms Kal thought about it.. he knew Gamma was on the way, at first he was going to tell Elio that Gamma had things under control but when he saw a flight of fighters and bombers, along with a few gunships come flying out of the stormcarriers hanger bays, he quickly changed his mind "Sure Elio, we have a party down here, tell you're crew you've been invited", Kal said putting the coms down, he searched the field and saw a small cave then looked behind him, 2 gunships where barreling down on there postion "Commander, into those caves we can use it for cover", Kal said "Where not an anti air unit sir", protected the commander "You'll be one once we get this thing in cover NOW DO IT!", Kal yelled.. the commander shallowed then pushed the tank toward the cave [/rp]
  8. quote:Originally posted by Aidan Tylier: quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: quote:Ok, Now it's getting scary! FYI Echo is our resident Babe, you are fortunate getting those from her. Her?! Well I am short on some bridge staff..... But she probably has her own ship and all..... Of course the veiw is much better!.... Especially if your a marine. hehe. Don't go sticking any of my marines out on you're flea widen hull please The last thing I need is them returning to base looking like flea covered dogs *winces at what happened last time one of the marine carriers got to close to a black hole, was surprised the damn thing survived*
  9. [rp] Kalshion slamed his fist against the Communications gear,"Damn thing... remind me to get a new box," Kalshion said as he looked up at the enormous carrier above him "God.. if i would've known that stormcarrier was downhere I would've sent for 6 cruisers, I sure hope Gamma can take it out", Kal said hearing the private in the back ground "But umm sir.. if they do take it out.. won't it fall on us?", the private said.. Kal's look was indifferent as he turned around and noticed that the shadows of the carrier had been cast over his entire camp "I hate it when you're currect Kagome", Kalshion siad, which was the first time he had used the Privates real name.. Kal grabed a few smoke granades and tossed them out of the camp, the ground where the some granades landed began taking fire, but it was enough to draw the carriers attention away from the Young Cmd Sargeant and Private as they fleed the scene The run lasted only 2 minutes, they ducked behind a rock "Good Luck Gamma," Kalshion said as a friendly tank rolled up next to them "Sir!", yelled the tank driver, "Need a ride sir? my squad is moving in toward the base it would be a long walk" Kalshion wasn't sure if he should be glad... or mad, since for the fact that the tank crew failed to notice that large ship hovering near them he just chuckled and told the private to get her ass onboard, strangly enough the storm carrier ignored the tank, when Kalshion looked behind him he watched as what remained of the mobile command center was ripped to shreds by the carriers PTA system [/rp] OOC: Damn Aiden! you knew what the ship was right away nice job man
  10. Details: Fire Base Alpha, a staging point in the war against the Gammulen threat has stopped communicating with any galcom forces in the area surrounding Pluto, at first no one bothered to check it out. But after a month of no contact Cmd Sargeant Kalshion and his squad of vetern marines where sent in to investigate what occured... but what they find could protry the gammulens as being more roughless than anyone ever thought -------------- Bios Name: Kalshion Age: 34 Postion with Galcom: Cmd Sargeant Secondary Postion: Alpha Company leader Name: Hikowa Age: 15 Postion with Galcom: None Secondary Postion: None Name: Kagome Age: 36 Postion with Galcom: Private Secondary Postion: None OOC: Char bios where added since there are 2 characters who are... not real sorta speak, I added them in to add a bit of spice, anyone may join in --------------------------- The sky was harse, it was covered with dark clouds and was raining. As the wind picked up and dust began to move around, a light appeared in the clouds a second later 6 Galcom Fighters shot out of the cloud cover and down toward the ground "Alpha One, enemy up ahead" "Roger that.. open fire" "Corridor to foxtrout 3 clear!" "Affirmative! send word to Kalshions company to move in!" Another ship appeared in the sky, as it ascended toward the ground it began to take fire the marines on board returned fire The ship came down onto the ground "Go! Go! Go!", yelled Kalshion Kalshions squad made there way toward a cliff side, killing a few enemy marines that got in the way "Charlie! set up near this cliff edge, scan the horizon and lemme know the instant you see something", Kalshion said over the com line "Bravo! get those tanks up on the ridge!", he continued to bark orders for the next 2 minutes All was quiet, there insurtion into the Mission Zone went as planed.. the flyboys did there job in taking out the enemys ODS units in 70 miles radius of the drop zone, Kalshion had 5 squads under his command, Charlie was a sniper unit and one of the best, Bravo was the tank unit, they wern't elite marines but they where the best Galcom could give Kal in this mission There where several other squads, Foxtrot, which was the scouting unit. Zulo, which wasn't a ground unit it was the flyboys above who where taking there orders from Kalshion and Delta Thanks to a new unit Galcom created, which was a mobile field base, Kalshion was able to mark the area's that each squad was to monitor "Alpha squad, or my squad, will insert into the base and search for survivors. There are 3 Cruisers and 2 Carriers in orbit, so im sure we'll be safe", Kalshion said before hearing an explosion he flew to one side of the room when he got up he noticed that he was upside down, or rather not him but the vehicle Kalshion opened the door and looked around, no enemy tanks.. however the shadow cast on the ground scared the crap out of him "Oh.. crap...", he said not realizing a marine was behind him "What color, how much, and where do you want it sir?", the private said Kalshion glanced over his shoulder," Private... shut up, this isn't the time for games", Kalshion said as he reached for the only thing still intact "Delta! I know you guys are back on the carrier, but we have a problem down here... can you assist?"
  11. Welcome to the board Aidan Tylier I would suggest you becareful on Galcom HQ, if any of my marines find out what you did.. then I can't gurrentee a safe return to earth
  12. SC isn't the president of a company for nothing.. jesus SC.. is this the FIRST thing you thought of when you started up 3000AD?
  13. Present and acounted for Just reviewing a few things and getting Osjuans next mission rdy
  14. quote:Originally posted by Aphelion7: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: You have to remember your AE is not a marine and probably should be running around in the middle of a firefight. Exactly I hope you mean exactly to: You have to remember your AE is not a marine and probably should NOT be running around in the middle of a firefight. Should not? Hog Wash!! Whenever im a commander and I send my marines down im always down there with them nothing like seeing there own commander down there in battle with them, such a morale boost if you ask me *if there was such a thing in BCM*
  15. Yea I Know, I have this game and I find it pretty fun to The only thing i hate is that you can loss a level =( thats what drove me away from EQ (and into DAoC) Problem is, a world pass COST's Gil (the money used in FF XI) My sister is planing on joining so im building up some GIL to buy a world pass
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    Site under construction, or rather.. the base is going through a MAJOR renevation I hope the marines get some new barracks.. the ones we have now can barly hold all our recruits!
  17. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: when you exit your craft you don't magically turn into a SF marine. You are still the commander and should still have access to Tacops. Alt+S if I remember correctly. Then select the appropriate craft icon and give it orders. Someones been hitting the books
  18. Suggestion I bought BCM awhile ago, but lost my CD case however every game i buy I copy the CD Key and placed it in a small book that way there if i ever want to play that particuler game again.. and if it requires a key then all I gotta do is turn to my little book with 100+ cd keys in it and I can install the software
  19. NEVER run from a battle! Unless you want to be marked as a traitor by your own military
  20. You'll get Neg Exp if a friendly is destroyed in your sector, depending on weather this friendly can defend him/herself or not.. -10000 I beleave is the maximum in the neg range you can get
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    Ok boss, you can shoot me now didn't see that post in that thread
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    Umm... did someone forget to pay the bill? Says billing was suspended :S REMO!
  23. Thief 3??? I'll be damned.. I heard that it was being made by Looking Glass but when they filed backrupt and shut down.. I thought I would never see this game =( Beat one and two.. can't wait to take one number Three
  24. *falls over laughing his ass off* ROFL!
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