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  1. Thank you Denny; I think this is the last time I have a company build me a PC, not a bad experience overall, just that they didn't follow most of the instructions I gave them Only reason I didn't ask a friend of mine to do it was due to his job being rather hectic over the past two months; go figure that it finally stabalized just a week ago
  2. Got tired of listening to the "music" in that video.... otherwise, I didn't even know Freespace still had an active community might have to find my disks and reinstall it But Canshow is right =)
  3. Very nice Wolferz! As for your question; if it's the version that the game came as when you downloaded it then its probably the gold version, since Derek no longer makes patches for that game (Not the last time I checked which was back in '05)
  4. Ok, I wanna know who is still kicking Insurgent butt and painting the marks on their hulls! Speak up! A gentle reminder, and this is the only reminder I am giving, remember answer the rollcall on the main forum as well. Keep that in mind in the future, as this is the only time I'm saying this.
  5. im hoping things are progressing fast and this means a release date or beta sooner than expected. I'd rather Derek take his time, than to do what most companies do and speed on through development.
  6. ...all I can say is that you're in for a shock - and pretty soon too. That just drives my excitement; I look forward to it SC
  7. STO will still be my bread and butter, at least until BP comes out, provided GCO doesn't come out before it. The fact is; I dunno 'what' I'll do once GCO comes out. It's still a year away, and a lot can change in one year.
  8. I can agree that the government in general has no right to see what I'm doing; which is probably why I reside behind two firewalls But.... well... I would say more but I'd turn this into a political debate, and I have no desire to do that.
  9. Modding still violates the user agreement you signed when you started using the software. If people can't read the agreement and FOLLOW IT, then its THEIR fault for being caught and being banned. They have no right to whine or complain about that since it's right there in the agreement that you are not allowed to modify your 360. Sheesh.. why do people complain about stuff that they aren't supposed to be doing anyway?
  10. Yea.. sad isn't it? Yes, you heard me. I do NOT agree with digital downloads of games, at all, not since a friend of mine lost his steam account to a bug in their servers and they wouldn't reimburse him. For that reason, I prefer a hard-copy thank you
  11. That's what a password generator is for Anywho. Played the beta last night with another guild I'm in, had a lot of fun - when the servers weren't crashing left and right. Ahh, but that is beta yes? Seem's a lot of kids in this generation do NOT understand what 'beta' means, I found a lot of players ingame who were moaning about the constant server crashs, not to mention the posts on the main board inquiring the same thing. It just scares me that this new generation of gamers do not seem to understand that when you apply and are accepted into a beta test, you are there to TEST the product and find bugs, you really don't have any right to complain about the bugs you find or the servers that are crashing since that is YOUR JOB. Ughs... either way. Despite all of that, the game is very fun, and I can foresee myself playing this one at least until SW-ToR comes out, provided nothing changes my mind on that game.
  12. I may be wrong about this; since it has been awhile since I've last played - but I think destroying friendly assets (fighters, ships, bases, stations etc..) will earn you negative experience. How managed to pull it off is anyone's guess
  13. Gotta love when that happens Lalala still waiting for those posts. In the meantime, I HAVE SCHOOOL! D: Hehe, I'm still curious what he has in store. Kalshion still has a lot of questions
  14. Not until the 12th, one of the communities I'm apart of has a few in the beta and they are enjoying it.
  15. Well, after about two-three years of us using a free board, I decided to install a forum on my server to use as Prime's new home http://primefleet.insanityprelude.net/forum/index.php There is currently no website, I haven't yet figured out the software that I do plan to use just yet. Please register on this site; registration is open for now. Please keep in mind that some names may NOT be used except by those people (For example, if Derek wants to register on this forum, he'd have to let me know - since I don't want someone registering as Derek Smart... that name is reserved for the big man himself) All members are to register on this forum! As the next roll-call will take place on there!
  16. I'm here! now to get back to work..
  17. [rp] Kalshion nodded and interfaced his reports; he flipped through them until he found the first of ten different reports. "Keep in mind, the civilian populace won't stand for the insurgents becoming an independent state. Let alone allies, with the numbers of innocents you've killed - and no I don't mind military. As much as I hate to admit it, military are prime targets and not worthy of being considered 'hands-off'. Civilians, however, are hands-off. Most don't know how to fight on their own, others rely almost entirely on the military and police to protect. Which is why I find it hard to understand some of these reports," he said and displayed a report made close to three years ago. He had several holographic pictures appear. One showed a gutted transport, with bodies floating in space - amongst them - women and children. "Three year's ago, a police patrol encountered an SOS from a civilian passenger transport. That transport was carrying over two hundred civilians from Earth to another colony. The transport was unarmed, no weapons. Yet one of your ships felt it was prudent to open fire on it, killing all on board - including them," he pointed at the women and child. "Tell me, what did they, and the hundreds more on that ship, do to deserve a cold death? Might I also add that the captain was surrendering his ship, in order to save those lives, yet one of your ships just blew it apart without mercy. This is just one of many I want to discuss, this kind of murderous killing has been witnessed and reported at least eight times over the past five years.. As he sat there, waiting for an answer; he wondered what the insurgent admiral would say. Would he try and say that 'your military have killed innocent insurgents as well, what's does different?', in the back of his mind - the difference was simple - the insurgents made the choice to put themselves in the line of fire. These civilians did not. [/rp]
  18. And yet, when I get right now to it, I'm still no where near as good at RPing as others on this board =( Ahhh but I do hope you don't leave us forever =) Either way, I'll try and get a post up sometime later today - a tad swamped right now =\
  19. [rp] Kalshion stared at those in the room; he folded his arms over his chest and nodded. "I see," he muttered to himself and motioned for his marines to stay by the door. "I don't want to be interrupted ok?" he told them, both nodded and stay by the door. He knew ten others were standing outside in the corridor, he had given them orders not to have their weapons at the ready, he didn't want to give them a threatening posture as he did have a secret interest in this meeting. He walked toward the table and stopped. "Not sure if introductions have been done, but the names Kalshion, Strategic Commander of Galcom Prime Fleet. I'm here under the authority of Supreme Commander Clint Renies, and have been granted full authority to act on Galcoms Behalf," he looked at those in attendence. He then glanced over his shoulder at one of his marines who had his hand up to his helmet. He walked casually over to Kalshion and whispered into his ear before handing him a brief case, inside held the intelligence reports about various questionable insurgent activity. He was glad to have brought them along, he waited until the marine was back at his post before setting the case on top of the table. Kalshion wasn't much in the mood to listen to insurgents, but at the same time, he did have the authority to act on Galcom's behalf, which means what he did now would mean the difference between a full blown war between the insurgents, or between Earthcom, or peace for all. 'Peace', he let that word ring in his head for awhile. With peace there would be no need for soldiers like me, then again, I have to think of the civilians more so, he nodded and then looked at the insurgent he knew as Shohashi. "I know who you are," he said. "What about the rest of you?" he asked, looking about the room. [/rp]
  20. [rp] Kalshion gripped the handhold as his ship was struck by an enemy torpedo. "How many flipping torps do they have?!" he shouted over the blaring alarms. "Unknown sir! To many for a ship of that size!" shouted his sensors officer as he gripped the edge of his console. The bridge rumbled as more torps slammed into the shields, one managed to break through and hit one of the upper decks. Fire erupted and several crew were seen flying out into space. Blast doors sealed and fire-suppression systems engaged. "Launch fighters!" shouted Kalshion as he took a seat in his chair and started barking orders to the Prime Fleet craft in the area. Presto was just launching his own set of fighters when something hard slammed into the left side of his ship, causing a very wide hole to appear in the hole. "Sir! I don't know what they fired at us, but it bypassed shields and blew apart the secondary launch deck!" shouted one of his officers as fire chained up that side of his ship. He knew his ship was in deep trouble, he could hear the constant damage reports that flowed into communications. Fire was spreading at a quick rate, the emergency fire suppression systems had failed and no blast doors were sealing. His ship was listing hard to port, fire very evident in space. The G-carrier however ignored him now, figuring the ship was done for anyway. It turned its attention, and it's fighters, toward the Bison Gon Flurie and the lone Earthcom carrier. It's main weapons array fired, splashing the ships shields. The Bison returned in kind, scoring a hit on the carriers starboard side. Kalshion knew that something just wasn't right though. "How is it that carrier has so many fighters?" he asked himself and ran a sensor check of the ship, he pondered it for a moment. "Is it possible those fighters are clamped to the underside of the hull?" he asked himself and ran another check. "Sir! Incoming Tranmission from Galactic Command," said his comm. officer. "It's highly encrypted, can't access it sir," she said. He nodded his head and quickly went into his briefing room; he decrypted the message and read it to himself. ===Begin Transmission=== From: Galactic Command To: Ben Zwycky, Kalshion, Case SUBJ: For Your Eyes Only Stratetic Commanders, Vanguard High Command has informed me that a delegation of Insurgents is visiting their headquarters in deep Solar orbit. I'm charging one of you to go to that Earthcom Starbase and participate in the talks. I don't care which one of you it is. Ben, I understand you may be otherwise detained at this time. Case, I haven't heard from you in a while. I'll leave who will go for you three to decide. I also don't care if you decide to befriend the Insurgents or make enemies with Earthcom. I hereby vest in the three of you my authority to formulate new policy and carry it out as you see fit until I say otherwise. I do not wish to be disturbed with this rubbish until our next scheduled high command meeting on April 4th. Dismissed. Supreme Commander Clint Renies Commander-In-Chief Galactic Command Alliance ===End Transmission=== "Knew it," Kalshion grumbled and slammed his fist against the wall. He did have a laugh though, "rubbish? I must agree," he said before flexing his hand a bit. He accessed the communications system and encrypted his message to Ben Zwycky and Case. ===Begin Transmission=== From: Strategic Commander Kalshion To: Ben Zwycky, Case SUBJ: For Your Eyes Only I'm close to where the meetings will take place, I'll head there as soon as possible. I don't personally know what these insurgents have up their sleeves, but I'll keep you two appraised on what transpires. Strategic Commander Kalshion Fleet Leader Prime Fleet ===End Transmission=== With the message sent, Kalshion headed back into the bridge and pondered what to do. "Status?" "Primary launch bay is damaged sir, only got one fighter off before we took a hit. Secondary launch bay is still active, but that blasted carrier is aiming specially for it," said one of his officers. "Also, Commander Presto just reported that he is unable to continue the fight. His carrier is critically damaged, they've got fires on all decks. Weapons and Shields are offline, life support is barely operational. He's got dead as well, he's requesting permission to leave the battlefield," "Grant it, tell him to go to Galcom HQ. Inform one of our Nightstars to tow him there. Likewise, we need to be somewhere," he said and stared at the tactical map. More of his ships had just arrived, bringing the Prime Fleet ship count to sixteen now. "Order all ships to open fire on the G-carrier...." he shouted. [/rp]
  21. Lol; no no it wasn't in relation to what I said. I got shoot-down very harshly by a friend of mine over a story I'm writing, and I do mean harshly... it killed a lot of my desire to even continue writing for roleplays or stories anymore.... it seems that, while others appriciate the work I put into writings - my friend does not and seems to think I should write 'perfectly' and have no problems. (The only reason I'm still his friend, is because I rely on him a lot for other stuff, despite him being harsh, he does help me get things right) I just wish he'd realize that he does a good job destroying motivation I'm just worn out right now; I'll probably think a bit better later. Suffice it to say, I have other idea's in store, though like everything else - don't hesitate to tell me if I go overboard and such
  22. Oh.... afraid I can't think straight right now....
  23. It'll also determine whether Kalshion will be able to find a place; if the Insurgents were to secure their own city-state (or nation state) it'd cause an uproar within Galcom, as Earthcom is technically betraying Galcom right now in some sense. The fact that Earthcom felt that Galcom didn't need to know; is just proof that Earthcom has no desire to keep the Galactic Command informed on stuff - this could potentially spell an internal civil war between Galcom and Earthcom, unless the UFN in general comes to a concensus and manages to keep things tidy and under control. However, everything will depend on what transpires in this RP it seems. I know Kalshion is sympathetic right now, though he 'hates' insurgents (none-more-so than Shohashi's character ) he also knows that if the Insurgents were to manage to create a nation state, it would create a few problems. Naturally, I'm just speaking from my point of view on the subject
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