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  1. is there nayway to change it so that pulling left and right on your joystick causes ship to go left or right instead of rotating left or right and then when you use the rudder it causes ship to roll left or right instead of go left or right? and one other dumb question i dunno if i must not looking hard enough for it or what but whats the key to rotate between normal flight mode and vtol i just can't seeem to find it on the little sheet
  2. Romale

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    just got the game and i must say so far its pretty good: defently best bang for buck game i've ever gotten: however, i do absolute despise new kb layout, that sheet seeems to be missing some of the layout there pdf or html files that show everything? cuz this new layout is killing me:P
  3. Romale

    name, rank and service

    ohh and dont know if anyone mentioned these two trix or not but an e5 friend of mine did this to his new 2lt, had him mark the weak spots in the commander's tank's armor with white chalk, then later sent him out to get a exhaust sample in a plastic bag (for those of you who dont know about m1a2 they have a jet turbine engine in them puts off really hot exhaust melts through the bag very fast) when he finaly got one he sent him back because it was cold and it had to be a hot sample, and then finaly he did that pricky e 8 thing y'all mentioned earlier, lt went right into the officer with commander/1sgt there and asked for it, laughed about that one for a week, then we uhh re distrubted the doors of his hmmvw, think the captain actualy made him pay for the doors too lots of fun
  4. Romale

    name, rank and service

    Hot? christ man it was like 118-125 during the day and cold as hell at night:( sucked but thats okay had good training and got to hear a marine general admit that there analyst suck and they gona adopt army training program etc. etc. ohh i get to goto bragg soon yay
  5. Romale

    US Military is on the move

    imagine how i feel i get to go fight while pussies like him stay at home watch it on cnn. let me assure you of one thing mr. pussy, i will never allow socialism in my country. i know americans are not the weak people that your ideology assumes they are. If you think for one minitue that americans will ever be the mindless drones you want them to be, you should kill yourself right now because despite all the educational opertunity you were provided, you have failed to learn anything other then failure. to me you are the weak person, when you have the balls to enlist and see what the real world is you get back to me until then, you shouldn't waste your time trying to change a countries system when its that system that allows you to even strive for it.
  6. Romale

    name, rank and service

    PFC 96B Intelligence Analyst U.S. Army
  7. Romale

    Low-Income Taxpayers: New Meat for the Right

    p.s. Drive on and Always Forward! "You can't say that civilization don't advance, however, for every [new] war, they kill you in a new way. - Will Rogers -WW I: Chemical Warfare. -WW II: Nuclear Warfare. -Korean War: Poison tipped bullets. -Vietnam War: Punted bullets (bullets spin though the air like a punted football. You get hit in the foot, it'll come out your mouth). -Operation Desert Storm: Bunker Busters (Who wants to be trapped 50 feet underground, and if you dig deeper, our bombs just get better.) And Precision Munitions that go through windows, smoke stacks, and doors. Not to mention video camera on them so we can see the little people running away and their faces. Operation Enduring Freedom: UAV's armed with hellfire missiles. Operation Anaconda: Bombs that miss you, but create an avalanche that either kill you or trap you in your cave. Next war: Something clever, I wish we could use AT4's on people though.
  8. Romale

    Low-Income Taxpayers: New Meat for the Right

    I just wana share my personal story real quick. i am from a poor family, my grandparents were rich but my dad managed to waste all there money. my mom busts her ass of everyday, despite being poor most her life she never giving up and has her own business doing laser hair removal, its hard to make money because of overhead, but she's finaly on the right track and will post a profit in 5 months. the point being, she busted her ass off and is getting somewere, my first job was a grocery store bagger 6.00/h my second job was at officemax 7.50/h and then at 18 i joined the army. my wealth shot up dramaticly from this. while military doesn't make mutch, you dont haft to spend the money you make, your housing/food is taken care of and you get payed plenty as long as you dont have a family. what im getting at is everyone makes choices in life, and those choices govern how your life turns out. i foolishly was a democrat until a few years ago, when i started talking to x green berret that got me to enlist in the army. he proved to me as does my own history prove to me, that if you stay poor, its because you choose to stay poor, my mother is proving to me that if you work hard enough you can get somewhere, and for those people who lack the intelligence or the drive, the military needs as many stupid people as it needs smart people, they make the choice not to take hold of something that will set you on your feet and get you on your way to sucess, when i leave the army i will be making about 120k doing what i do here in the civilian world. You want me to feel sorry enough for lower 20% of people to take all the tax burdon away from them, so people like me and my mother who have busted my ass to get somewhere in life can pay for them? no sir. i refuse to work hard and bust my ass everyday so someone else doesn't haft to. being an enlisted member of the army aint easy. i've worked for 2 weeks straight getting 2 hours of sleep every other day while im outside its snowing on me and im freezing. but my personal suffering and adaptness at doing my job garuntees me a pay check now, and a good paycheck when i leave. i will not pay more because other people are to lazy to do what i have
  9. im having trouble with mission that your spost to assist in capture of zernin station: wth are you spost to do i drop probes in all 3 sectors mensioned, and it always fails, so then i tried capturing station myself after its disabled and soon as i get sos i crash to desktop ... but im not sure i just sosed it and not destroyed it crash happens to fast. anyway is there something special your spost to do? i havn't been able to find any scripted ships other than vegabond/fighters, fighters just sit at jumpgate and do nothing, if i order them to fly somewhere they resume whatever they were spost to be doing but still shouldn't be that way ? anyway how i pass this mission
  10. Romale


    okay, now where can i get them:p
  11. maybie the sc's right and i havn't played it enough to really see it yet. gona play it for a few more weeks before i post reply etc.
  12. Is there any actual reason to attack planetary assets? i mean they just rebuild, and the game isn't effected by you destroying them? clearly if i destroyed all the insurgent bases on earth all there support craft etc. it would have impact in there influence in region? is there any reason to play roam mode other then to just randomly blow people up? if i attack an insurgent planet destroy everything galcom doesn't exactly take area over. im sorry but im just having a very hard time seeing any objectives in roam mode seeing as how one side can't actualy beat the other, the only thing i seem to have ability to do is to effect security of trade routs which effects game but i dont know i just dont seem to see npcs actualy trying to goto war with each other they just randomly tasking crafts out and dont actualy try to effect regions of space by gaining control of them? will that ever be in any of the bc games? i know im sorry for *****ing i just want to either win or lose, not just roam around for ever. i dont even care if i ahve 1% effect on who wins or loses but i want someone to win and someone to lose damnit. i sorry i just used to having things i do effect something even force protection just to free up assets. ohh clearly dont shoot me i know would probably be impossible to code? i just want to see someones responce on issue cuz i really am confused as hell why roam is there cuz its just like instant action:p on bright side i do like acm missions and i been playing bc3k for a long time, just got millenium Please use sensible thread subjects in the future. I have edited yours just this once. [ 11-26-2002, 05:45 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  13. Romale


    Has anyone made any alternate campaigns for bcm yet?