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  1. mfd_2002

    Hail,, GAL-COM

    Greeting's My fellow Commanders. From a long leave of absence, It seems the my trusted Battle Cruiser, Stands at the ready. " Engineering, I need a status report an hour ago! "
  2. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) Continued My escorts, took me to the rear of the hanger deck, where I was greeted by the stations second in command, Lt. Cmdr. Lemons, We exchanged Salutes and we started conversing about my meeting with Commodore Jackson. It seems that GALCOM had proceeded my arrival, and had sent some of the Details of the proposal. As we came upon one of the deck turbo lifts, we stepped into the car as the Lt. Cmdr, called out. ( “ Promenade level two “ ) . The doors whisked shut then the lift began its travel, Moments later the doors opened to the Upper Deck walkway of the Stations Promenade. We stepped on to the walkway and proceeded to the office of the Commodore. Commodore Jackson, stood from his desk as we entered the room. ( “ Excellent to see you again Commander, I trust you have come here to discuss our support in this upcoming plan in the Credian sector ? “ ) I turn to offer a handshake, and replied. As Lt.Cmdr. Lemons, closed the office door. “ Well, Sir, I can assume you have gone over parts of the proposal then? “ He responded. ( “ These were transmitted this morning . “ ) As he handed me the proposal GALCOM sent Via Subspace transmission. ( “ Mr. Lemons, and my self was just reading thru the plans. So it looks like we are going to lend some support in the administration of this Station? ” ) I quickly browsed through the printed documents, and replied. “ Yes, That’s what the Supreme Commander and I discussed, It seems that your expertise in the local trade markets would be beneficial in such an operation. If anybody could bring a station back on line in a short time, I would think your experience would permit a quick and expeditious recovery. Let alone your unique knowledge would be a valuable asset, to say the least.” Commodore Jackson, glanced to the papers I handed back, and spoke. ( “ I understand you will be granted Fleet Command protocols, during this operation. It would be a great contribution if we could have a few LRT’s sent out from GALCOM to ferry our supplies forward to the station. After the initial strike takes place, It would be a good thing to bring up some repair parts and materials from Wraith Station. I could get a list from my engineers, as to what might be necessary in the advent of a hostile take over of a Class Eight, Starbase. “ I thought what Commodore Jackson had said, and replied. “ Yes, I will get the fleet to assign a few LRT’s to this Operation and Just maybe, when I return they will accompany the Uylesess as a Task Force. With any luck we can load out your list of Provisions that you will provide. I will request what materials I can, If you have any trouble on acquiring anything. You can get in touch with me at GALCOM Station, the Uylesess is not scheduled to depart for another two weeks. “ Commodore Jackson, looked to me and replied, ( “ Cmdr, It looks like we have a good plan, Ill start on the preparations today. Lt. Cmdr,Lemons will escort you to the pilots lounge. I will be in touch, if we run into any snag’s. " )
  3. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    Personal log ( Continued ) The Jump into Sirius, went Uneventful, as 1st Lt. Sanders piloted the Vandal class fighter onto an approach Wraith Station. As the station grew ever so closer, 1st Lt. Sanders contacted the station flight controller requesting clearance for docking. ( " Wraith Station Control, this Vandal One One Zero requesting approach and docking clearance, vectoring on 130 degrees Mark 30, 1250 Kilometers out. " ) ( " Copy One One Zero, Hold heading reduce speed to 60 KPS, approach beacon on 447.50 MHz, you are cleared to dock at bay 4 L. " ) The 1st Lt. Replied, ( " Roger Control, Vandal One One Zero on approach " ) Moments later our Vandal class fighter was approaching the Station, I could see the landing bay outer doors opening as we made our approach, ( Rogue ) maneuvered the fighter onto the Bay, directly in front of us with well practiced precision. The Fighter seemed to glide all most motionless as we entered the Landing bay, the docking approach lights, flickered in sequence, as we were grabbed by the stations tractor beams, the fighter shuddered, as 1st Lt. Sanders brought the fighters Main Thrusters to Idle. The shudder subsided as the tractor beam brought the ship to a halt on the bay’s floor. We felt a sudden jerk as the decks parking tractor locked on to the fighters landing gear, and began to shuffle our fighter on to the bays lift. As we proceeded on to the docking bays lift platform, the fighter stop moving. Moments later, as the lift descended into the hanger deck below I started to unbuckle the flight harness, and began the post flight check list, we powered down the spacecraft to prepare it for storage and recharging. The maintenance crews started, their routines of servicing the fighter, I opened the canopy, and stepped out onto the Copilots, ladder. I glanced to 1st Lt. Sanders, and watched as he stood from the fighters pilot seat, I exclaimed. " 1st Lt. Sanders You want me to assist, in closing out this flight " ? He look towards me, and smiled. Then replied, ( " No Sir, I’ll get us ready to head back, It will take a three hours, to top off the reactor charge I’ll catch up with you in, say four hours, that will be close to around 16:00 Hr’s. I’ll meet up with you at the Pilots lounge. " ) I checked my watch and replied, " Very well Mr. Sanders, 16:00 at the Pilots Lounge I’ll be there. " He nodded, and I stepped down the rungs of the ladder to the deck. As I stepped onto the hanger deck, I turned and was greeted by two Station Marines. ( " Commander, We have orders to escort you to the Stations Commanders Office. Commodore Jackson is awaiting your arrival, Permit us gather your things Sir. " ) I saluted and One of the Marines picked up my Gear bag, and we proceeded to a waiting deck shuttle.
  4. mfd_2002

    A Vision Came and went....

    I knew it, it was just a vision... Misgiven at that ...
  5. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) Continued Our patrol of the Earth’s local jump points was proceeding to its conclusion, 1st Lt. Sanders and I Were fast approaching the last jump point. Our ( Vandal ) class fighter just dropped from Hyper Space And was maneuvering towards the Jupiter jump gate. I called out, “ Mr. Sanders I have the Nav – Com all ready programmed, awaiting your orders. “ 1st Lt. Sanders replied, ( “ Roger skipper, let me call this in. “ ) I in turn started the download to the Nav- Com, as the head set crackled. ( “ Center, This is Vandal One One Zero, requesting , a Flight plan out of system, to Wraith Station, Ready to transmit data, on your request. “ ) ( “ Roger, Vandal One One Zero, begin transmission, and stand by. “ ) I glanced to the data recorders Hard Drive indicator, as it blinked frantically as the data was being uploaded to the transmitter. Then suddenly the headset crackled, ( “ Vandal One One Zero, data transmission complete, stand by. “ ) 1st Lt. Sanders brought the fighters main thrusters, back to low power, and we drifted under the ships present velocity, when the response came. ( “ Vandal One One Zero, your flight plan has been approved and logged, proceed to indicated jump gate and contact jump control, on 1250.270 MHz. with Information Delta. “ ) Rogue replied. ( “ Roger Center, Contact Jump control, and proceeding to new heading. “ ) Rogue engaged the fighters main thrusters, and maneuvered onto our new heading, in seconds the Nav-Com acknowledge, “ Hyper Drive Activated “
  6. Greeting's to the Forums of BCM / BCMG As I was running shuttles back from the mining operations this moring, on my BCMG now in its Fifth week Of Continuiouse game play, give or take a Game save. When It came to me, as a vision... It would be a cool thing, If the All Might keeper of the Code, ( the SC himself ) could bestow up on us the means to interact with a few of the games NPC's... ( Like docking and Boarding LRT's) ( Maybe even Deploying and Build Planetary base camps and such.) The Inter action with a few NPC's could be something for Us hardcore ACM mission freaks.. Hunting for some cool scripting, a Means to get orders to seek and destroy. Maybe a few recon missions. it would add Yet more depth, to the world of a Deployed Battlecruiser.. But alass... It was just a fleeting glimps... Don't mean to scramble any ones brains ...
  7. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Continued ) Suddenly the Vandal class Fighter, was enveloped in the what looked like a star field, and then in an instant, the familiar red-blue Doppler shift appeared, as we entered into the subspace effect. 1st LT. Sanders spoke. ( " Well we are on our way, we will do a few orbits around the Moon, and then maybe a low orbit or two, and over to beacon 170, that will take us out towards the first Jump gate. On this Patrol we will get to visit all the near Earth Jumps . " ) I spoke into the mic. " You handled her well, Mr. Sanders. How many hours do you have logged ? " Rogue responded. ( " Well Sir, after this flight I’ll have somewhere near 500 hours, should be like 487, or something the like. This patrol runs about 4 hours or so, We will be back at GALCOM by lunch time. " ) " No worries, It’s good to be back in the vacume ", I Chuckled. I glanced toward the pilots seat, and watched the Moon draw closer. I looked down to check the navigation display, to check on our progress. Just then I thought, This would be great opportunity to jump out to Wraith Station, Since we have a capable fighter interceptor, which is Jump drive equipped. I began entering the data into the Nav-Com and it projected our course. I locked the display, then called to Rogue. " Mr. Sanders did you say, we will be out here 4 hours? " He replied. ( " Yes, Sir. " ) I checked the Nav-Com flight parameters again, and then compiled the calculated flight time, aginst our power and life support capacities, and spoke up. " Mr. Sanders, I have a suggestion, after we make our patrol, how about we go for a ride. Say Sirius, I have to discuss some pending business with the station commander there, what say we go for a visit ? " There was a moment of pause, then 1st Lt. Sanders replied. ( " Sir, that would be a great tour, I could use the flight time." ) I responded, " I figured you would appreciate a good flight, I’ll make up and transmit the flight plan to GALCOM. I’ll sign it off as Navigator, that way you get the stick time, you don’t know how much this helps me. " His response was a bit jovial, ( " Hey there might be a promotion in this for me. " ) I Chuckled back, " Not today Mr. Sanders, Not today… "
  8. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) Continued Rogue called out. ( " GALCOM Control, Vandal One One Zero on Cat-1 standing by for Launch. " ) I heard the response come over the headset. ( " Roger, Vandal 0ne One Zero, Cat-1 charged, have you on the ball, Green for Go. " ) I glanced up from my console, to see the launch clearance lights, at the end of the launch bay glowing red. Then suddenly they went dark, and the Green launch indicator came on. Just like the traffic lights from Centuries before, " GREEN for GO " Suddenly, the Vandal Class, Fighter shuddered as all four Main Thrusters went to Launch power I glanced to the consoles, and checked the instrumentation, all the power indicators were all green, just then the Catapult fired, I was slammed back into the Copilots chair, And before I could take a Breath, we were ejected from of the Launch bay. I turned to glance over my left shoulder, to see the GALCOM Station slipping away from us, as we slipped through the stations inner magnetic field, and were cleared to maneuver. 1st Lt. Sanders, called out. ( " GALCOM Control, Vandal One One Zero, we are outbound to Genesis Station, request clearance to lunar trajectory " ) ( " Roger, One One Zero, have you outbound, hold heading and speed, contact Center on 470.210 Information is BRAVO " ) ( " Roger Control, Switching to 470.210, Vandal One One Zero, Clear, " ) I checked the Communications console, and watched the frequency change, as ( Rogue ) dialed on to the assigned frequency. His voice came over the head set, ( " Center, Vandal One One Zero, with Information BRAVO we are outbound to Genesis Station, requesting Lunar trajectory. " ) ( " Roger, One One Zero, continue on flight plan, intercept beacon 127, upon arrival your cleared to Lunar insertion. " ) I glanced to the navigation display and observed, our flight path, marking the beacon, rogue adjusted our flight path, to intercept the beacons position. The Distance whisked by, and in just a few minuets. The navigation computer called out the arrival to the beacon. 1st Lt. Sanders reached to the Nav-Com console and activated the control lock. Instantly the Nav-Com called out, " Hyper-Drive Activated "
  9. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) Continued I reached over to the Com panel to activate the VOX setting, and responded “ Hey how about some instrument power, so I can check my gear “ ? I saw his hand gesture, and suddenly my consoles power indicators all went green. I began my tasks Powering up the essential navigation computer, and adjusted the display to a good resolution, then reached over to my right legs pouch and pulled the data recorder from it, and slipped the drive assembly into the consoles data drive bay. As I seated it with a solid thump, I pressed the upload switch and the drive lights came on, and I watched the Navigation console running through the upload parameters, Logging all the data and flight maps to the computer, in just seconds I called out on the VOX. “ Rogue, Navigation is up, Loading Tactical when your ready.” He responded, ( “ Aye, Skipper. Coming at you “ ) I toggled the data screen to the Tactical display, and watch on, as the Information was uploaded to the Navigation computer which resulted in the markings on the screens indicating all the Proper Jump points and key navigation beacons, all linking up with our proposed flight plan. It took just a few more Seconds and all the Fighter co processors and computers were up, and online. Then in a moments time I got a green Lights on the Navigation panel, as all the computer systems synchronized. I called out on VOX. “ Ok, Rogue, I got green Lights back here, We’re good to go “. Suddenly I felt a slight shudder, then glanced to the cockpits console, to see power levels starting to climb up the reactors power indicator bars, slowly at first. The reactor power climbed from the bottom third of the Indicator which were marked in red, then climb into the yellow midrange markings, and slowly climbed into the top third of the indicator, all marked in green. Moments later one could feel the vibrations of the main thrusters, awaking from their sleep. I made a quick glance to the fighters life support console, to see all the indicated functions were in the green, and all was in order. I then completed my check list and called out to the 1st Lt. “ Rogue, we are all good back here, all green on the boards. “ Suddenly, I heard Rogues voice crackle through my helmet head set. ( “ GALCOM Flight Control, this is Vandal One, One, Zero. Requesting permission to taxi. “ ) The response came back instantly, ( “ Roger One, One, Zero, your are cleared to taxi to the lift-1, stop short, for staging “ ) Rogue replied. ( “ Roger Control, Rolling, to lift-1 stop short, for staging “ ) Slowly our Fighter creeped along the hanger deck, and then on to the vehicle lift, Where a ground handler was just ahead of us directing “ Rogue “ by hand signals to position the fighter, square on the lift platform which will lower us down, to the Launch Catapults one deck below. I did a quick last minuet check of my instruments, then I could feel the lift lowering, Moments later our Vandal Class Interceptor, was being hooked into the Catapult shoe, I could feel the familiar jerk as the Cat shoe, locked on to the front landing gear. I would just be a few seconds more and we would be shot from the catapult, down the launch bay, and out into the vacume of space.
  10. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) Continued We arrived at the Main Hanger, of the GALCOM station we entered the Pilots briefing office. Across the office near the Flight Decks entrance, was located the Flight Directors status board. We proceeded along our way towards the assignment desk, I observed tail numbers of the various fighters, on ready status, and there about ten rows down, I seen Rogues Call sign, written in, next to it, marked in blue, the words “ Active Patrol “ 1st Lt. Sanders stepped up to the flight controller desk, and asked for his assigned fighters Maintenance Binder, and we walked over to one of the briefing desks, the 1st Lt. began browsing through the documents and maintenance logs. I watched and he handed me his mission data sheets and said. ( “ Oh, here is the Navigation data, and armaments we have, It’s a SEAD load out, but If you would check the ordinance listings make sure we got the right load. I’ll check out the objective lists, and tactical tasking. “ ) I opened the document sleeve, and pulled from it the various munitions check lists, I was browsing through the papers. Checking all the preparations checks and noting the initials of the Loading Crew, I thumbed through the rest of the pages refreshing my procedure’s for arming our selected ordinance and then running, those procedures through my mind as I set there. In what seemed ten minuets or so 1st Lt. Sanders stood form the table, and looked to me then replied. ( “ Is everything in order Sir, “ ) ? I stood, then responded. “ Yes Mr. Sanders, everything has checked out, we are good to go “. We returned the binder to the Flight Controllers desk, and we headed out into the Main Hangers massive flight deck, we stepped out on to the deck and followed the marked pave way, down several bays until we came across Bay 17. There in its glory, was parked a Vandal Class Interceptor, The maintenance crews were finishing up the pre-flight checks, and the crew chief saluted the both of us as we approached. The two of us returned the salute, and I began my preflight of the ordinance racks. 1st Lt. Sanders in turned had been conversing with the Crew Chief, then in a few moments, he saluted the Chief and began his preflight checks. I walked around the Spacecraft, checking all the Instrument bays and sensor screens, As I walked under the Port wing I knelt over to, look for the ports sides, instrument bay access panel, located just before the Port side landing gear bay. As I came across the panel I reached into my flight suit and retrieved the key, I slid the key in, and gave it a quick methodical turn and the panel dropped down exposing the one of the numerous flight sensor packages. I checked the Power status, and data port cables, all of which looked good and secure, I slung the panel up to it’s closed position and secured it closed with the lock. I placed the Key back in my sleeve pocket and crawled out from under the wing, and proceeded aft. As I came around the port side, main thruster nacelle, I inspected the nozzles and vectoring dampers of the lower Port Engine. All looked in good working order, I then proceeded along the starboard wing and visually inspected the Weapons load, and the spacecraft’s hard point mounts. All looked in working order. As I came around the Starboard wing, I observed 1st Lt. Sanders inspecting the forward landing gear and the cockpits armor. He turned and gave a Thumbs up, and continued his inspection. Moments later we met up, on the Port side of the fighter, and began gathering our manuals and climbed In, to board. I of course took up my back seat position. I climbed in, and adjusted the seat a bit, and began my pre-fight instrument checks. 1st Lt. Sanders, got seated in the pilot cockpit, and hooked up our person to person intercom. ( “ How you doing back there skipper “ ) ?
  11. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) 05-05-3010 / 8:00 GMT I awoke from the night’s sleep, then sat there in bed, contemplating today’s activities. I called out “ Music “ Instantly a delightful melody enveloped the room, as the entertainment center came on. I grabbed my clothes and dressed, then stepped into the dinette, to get some breakfast. As I opened the refrigerator, I just began to look over the nicely stocked selection of perishables, suddenly the front door chimed. I looked up to the security monitor, and almost couldn’t believe what I saw. On the other side of door in the hall Corridor, stood a GALCOM Pilot. Dressed in the GCV-Uylesess, 1st squadron flight suit, and a Gear bag on the floor. I stepped towards the door and opened it to greet the pilot, as the door opened, I recognized the Pilot instantly. It was 1st Lt. Sanders. He responded, ( “ Good Morning, Sir. “ ) “ Yes Rogue, what brings you to my door this morning ? “ ( “ Well Sir, I was wondering if you would had time to fly second seat with me, I have scheduled some Flight time in a Vandal Class Interceptor, and need a co-pilot for some interplanetary patrol sorties. I heard you were on the Station, and thought I’d drop by and offer. “ ) “ Well, It just so happens that my schedule is clear for the next few days, and I need to brush up on some flight time myself, and would be happy to assist you as your backseat. “ “ Why don’t you come in and wait, while I get into my Flight Gear. “ I had motioned towards the front room of the apartment, and Lt. Sanders entered through the door, I stepped in to the room and headed down the hall to the bedroom to change. Lt. Sanders stepped over towards the rooms outer wall , and Gazed at the Earth below. ( “ Wow, It’s a great View sir ! “ ) I responded as I was Getting dressed, “ Yea, It is a great view, To bad the Ships don’t have view ports like that, But then again it wouldn’t be to practical on a Battlecruiser.” I reached for my Flight Suit and exclaimed “ So who else is left on the Station? Have you seen anybody else? “ The 1st Lt. Responded, ( “ Well Sir, Most of the Pilots are on here, I saw Lace and Scorpion, last night They were headed over to the Pilots Canteen, to meet up with some other Squadron. I guess the “ Intrepid “ is in dock too, so they were all going to get together last night with a couple of their Pilots and do some shots.” ) “ Well knowing my Crew, and I’ll bet real money those two, are off licking their wounds as we speak. Ain’t nothing wrong with letting loose once in a while, Hell they deserve it.” I stepped into the front room, as I fastened up the shoulder synch straps. “ Well 1st Lt. I’m ready, when you are, Shall we ? “
  12. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) 05-04-3010 / 17:30 GMT As I arrived at my room, in the GALCOM Officers apartments, on level seven of the GALCOM station. I slid my key card into the card reader, and the door to my room whisked open I stepped into the entry, the room lights came up, as I made my way to the front room. I tossed my jacket on the dinette chair, and proceeded down the hall to the main room. I in turn spoke, “ Music “ And suddenly a soothing melody filled the room, as the entertainment center came to life. I walked over to the refreshment bar across the room, and grabbed a glass from under the counter. I reached into the cooler, to grab a bottle of wine of which, I poured the glass a good three quarters full and set the bottle on the counter. I walked over to the rooms space board wall, then stood there gazing at the Earth below. As I sipped from the glass, I thought through the day’s activities, and caught my self adrift in thoughts Of my ship, and it’s crew. A smile came to me as I began to summarize the purchase of the food stores I arranged, and I chuckled at the surprise it will make when my crew may get to have real food during the next deployment. And then my smile faded as I thought about the mission that was awaiting our return to space. I found myself thinking of the deployment schedules and what personnel would be Involved in the various tasks of the mission. Sorting through what tasks had what priority, and then suddenly, I found myself a bit startled, as I came to the realization the as a Commander of a GALCOM Battlecruiser. It seems that I dedicate every waking thought, to the operations and organization of this ship and her crew. I took a deep sigh, and another sip of wine then turned my gaze, at the planet below.
  13. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) 05-04-3010 / 09:00 GMT As I left the Fleet commands Offices, I thought as I walked the hall , that this would be a good opportunity, for me to get caught up on some personal luxuries, I had thought about during the last deployment. I made my way down the office corridors till I arrived at the Office of Requisitions. I Opened the door, and entered the Office. I stepped up to the receptionist and asked to speak with the Requisitions Officer. The Sargent fiddled with some forms on his desk, and then called into his Com link. ( “ Sir, I have the Cmdr of the, GCV Uylesess here he would like to see you..? “ ) There was a moments pause and then the response. ( “ Well all right , send him in.. “ ) The Sargent motioned to the Office door, I turned to thank him, and stepped to the opened door. I entered and there toward the back of the Office, was the Fleets Requisitions Officer, and two Other Lieutenants at their desks, positioned across from each other busily processing the various forms and documents for most of the supplies and materials that keep the GALCOM fleets in space. I stepped up to, and took a seat in one of the two chairs, positioned either side of the desk. And greeted the Officer. “ I am Cmdr Dodson of the GCV Uylesess, and I have come here to see what would be involved in getting some non Terran Military Issue food stores aboard my Ship? “ The Requisition Officer looked up from his papers, and paused a moment and said.. ( “ Well, Just what Kind of Non issue foods are we talking here.? “ ) I looked to the Officers Desk, and quickly glanced at his name plaque, and responded “ Well Lt. Russell, It would be mostly good aged beef, maybe some real chicken, fish, real vegetables. I figure the crew consumes about 9000 lbs. of Nutrapacks in three months deployment. It would be A real treat if the ship stores, could have a few tons, of such delicacies on board. But I would like your help in procuring the quantities needed. I have a few contacts on the civilian markets that could supply the quantities I would require, All I need is a means to get them to the Ships Holds. You think, we might arrange this? “ Lt. Russell gazed at the ceiling a moment, as he pondered the cost of such venture, and responded. ( “ Well, I can handle the dock transfer, and loading. But you will have to take care of the purchase and shipping to the Quarter Master back on Earth. Then get it to the Terran Military Port of entry, Get it processed and then transferred to the station, and I’ll have our crew load your cargo during the night watch. And now, Commander, Just how is the Cmdr Uylesess, going to compensate the Requisitions Officer Corps “ ) ? I hesitated a moment, then replied. “ Well I have just finished a three month deployment in the Sirius sectors, and have come into possession of several tons of Gem Stones, which by recent accounts could fetch near 1.2 Million credits, What say I cut you in for five percent of the profits after the sale.” Lt. Russell appeared to be doing the math in his mind, and responded. ( “ Make it seven percent and considered it handled . “ ) I smiled and agreed, then offered my hand, to seal the deal with a handshake. We shook hands, and worked out the rest of the details. [ 06-13-2003, 11:56 PM: Message edited by: Spiro ]
  14. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    ( Personal Log ) 05-04-3010 / 08:00 GMT As I was standing in front of the GALCOM Fleet Commanders Office, one of the Marines standing the guard opened the door, and let me pass. As I entered the office, I displayed my ID cards, to the Lieutenant at the desk, he motioned to the couch across the office from him, nodded and took a seat. The wait was not a long one, when the Fleet Commander stepped out of his office and came across the office to greet me. ( “ Welcome to Fleet HQ Commander, Lets step into my office I have something to show you..” ) As I stood, Supreme Commander Raines and I made our way to the office, and the door was closed behind me. ( “ So Cmdr. Dodson, I have been told that you have done some excellent work in the Sirius System. Your briefing was very concise, and the action reports indicate some good judgement in that armed conflict. This is what leads me, to this conversation. Your name was suggested, when the this request came down from our diplomatic circles, It seems the Credians have a slight problem in Antis, their Government has asked the Terran Military and GALCOM, to assist in routing out some Terran Insurgents that have control of a Starbase in the Trenis star system. “ ) ( “ Presently this Class 8 Star Base, in the Antis planetary system has been some trouble for our Credian friends. Our Intel people have sent in their operatives to gather some information, and that information has returned to the Fleet operations people, and theses are the orders that has developed. It involves a surgical strike to reclaim this Starbase and retain control, and then establish a Terran Military presence in that system utilizing this station. The Credians feel our presence and control of that station, would be a stabilizing force in this troublesome part of space. “) ( “ It’s not like taking a few marines in and storming the station, you and your crew will have to set up the administration and support this facility, till a proper supply Fleet from EARTHCOM can arrive. You have been authorized Fleet Command protocols, which will give you the authorization to allocate what resources that are available from any of the nearby stations. With this Authorization you are to be considered the Theater Commander. So what ever you need the Fleet is at your disposal.” ) As I sat there I pondered what had just been said, Not only will I have to Take the station but that Administration task is how Military Careers are some times lost. Then It came to me. “ Sir If I may, I realize that the capture of this station could be a significant tactical presence. In that it is, the last star system before Arenis, and that’s pretty much the central system of the Credian Space. I would like to suggest if it at all possible to make some arrangements, with the Station Commander of the Wraith Station, to provide some of the administration support personnel needed for such a tasking, In regards to that will be the last GALCOM Station that far Out. “ “ This could be an excellent opportunity, to expedite the possession and control of this Station and with his expertise and knowledge of the local traders, and their trade network would be most efficient means, to complete this tasking.” The Supreme Commander looked at the Charts before him, then looked at me and replied. ( “ You are, as good as they say. I like your Idea Cmdr, Dodson, that kind of thinking is needed around here, But I have heard you are a up and coming Starship Commander, and that what we need for now. We need Commanders that can think ahead, and plan opportunities take advantage of a situation. Well met Sir, Well met indeed. I Will make all the arrangements then, I’ll have the command staff get on this today. That will be all for Now Commander, Enjoy the next few weeks. You will have your orders by then, Carry On.“ ) I Stood an gave a Salute, then left the office.
  15. mfd_2002

    The Saga Continues

    Captains Personal Log’s ( Continued ) I walked back to the Tramway Platform across the pave-way, and there caught a ride on the next available car inbound to the plaza. As I stepped off the Tram I glanced left to right to find the Fleet Commands Housing complex, which I had seen earlier that day. I tossed my Gear Bag up on my shoulder, and walked toward the facilities front lobby. Moments later as I walked through the front doors I was greeted by the reception clerk, and proceeded to book a room. As the clerk processed my information, I took a quick glance around the Lobby, it was a bustling place. Visitors and officials in GALCOM attire, were coming and going across the Main Lobby. I gazed in about the room, to see It was well groomed, plush seating and their lit glow panels, Marble Floors glistened with the reflected light from the crystal chard lighting from the Ceiling. Polished Brass fixtures adorned the halls and door panels, marking all the various conference rooms, And there on the Main Lobby Floor, was the Great Seal of GALCOM inlaid into the marble floor for all to see. Buy any standards, this facility was dressed in its grand ambiance for the use of diplomats, And the elite officers and staff of GALCOM. It is truly a Jewel, in the Terran Military’s helm of power. Just then, the reception clerk handed me the room pass and the key card for the room, then motion towards a yeoman, To gather my belongings and accompany me to my suite. We in turn proceeded to the lobby’s turbo lift and entered the next available lift car. And in a few moments the lift doors opened on the Officers Suites corridor, and just down the hall we arrived at my assigned room. I gave the Yeoman a customary Tip, then slid the keycard through the card reader and the door to the suite whisked open. The suites lighting came on as I entered, as the door closed behind me. I stepped into the Front room and could see the planet below from the rooms view, I could see the North American Continent come into the daylight side of Earth.