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  1. I think you can add an * next to X3:TC. A terrific game that apparently can't find a US publisher.
  2. I saw Evochron on GamersGate. It weighs in at 25 MB? Are you kidding me? Is this a 3D space game or something more similar to Space Rangers??
  3. FYI... Amazon has copies of UCCE in stock.
  4. Wow, nice job. Looking forward to more.
  5. I saw it yesterday. I loved Downey and his toys. The plot was extremely thin, but I expected this. I think it was nowhere near as good as the recent Spiderman and Batman movies, but still good.
  6. This is awesome news. All these years we only had our imagination while watching perscan. Now we can experience perscan in 1st person. I'm really looking forward to this one.
  7. Well, I downloaded the full patch, installed it and now it runs fine, both with the disc in the drive and after placing it in the drive after a retry prompt. I get to the main menu and confirmed the version "1.00.05" in the lower right corner. I downloaded it from 3000 AD download BTW.
  8. Same results running both test scenarios. I will zip up the msinfo and email it.
  9. Same runtime error message with the disc in the drive or after selecting retry on a "insert disc" prompt.
  10. Ok, I'll keep an eye on this board for an update to try.
  11. Correct. starts up fine with the disc in the drive initially or after inserting it following a "insert disc" prompt.
  12. It does not display a runtime error #. I only get the following in the error pop-up message: Runtime Error! Program : C:\Progra... As far as running without the disc, I get the message to insert the disc, and then get the same runtime error after selecting "Retry" with the disc now in the drive.
  13. Trying it with the media present, I get a runtime error. Without the media, I do get the pop-up screen prompting me to insert the disc.
  14. With this version of ucce.exe, I get as far as the 3000AD splash screen and then I get a C++ runtime error.
  15. Sorry, I misread your post. ucce_1.00.05.exe is 19,499 KB. (19,966,648 bytes)
  16. I have the task manager open and after double clicking on my UCCE desktop shortcut, UCCE.exe shows in the process list for 1 or 2 seconds and then dies. This is the only indication that the application started. I downloaded the patch from the 3000AD patches page -> http://downloads.3000ad.com/ucce_1.00.05.exe File properties for UCCE.exe is: Friday, March 07, 2008, 10:51 AM 9,992 KB
  17. I cannot run the DVD-ROM version on 1.00.05. I roll back to and it works fine. This is with the updated 1.00.05 patch released on March 7th.
  18. Assuming you are talking about the CE DVD edition, I had the same problem with the latest patch (1.00.05). I think it has to do with copy protection and I thought I read that the SC is addressing this with a new patch. I am running fine with
  19. Agreed with the mouse controls. When the SC added mouse control in BCM Gold, I started using the mouse and never went back. My Joystick now collects dust.
  20. I preordered it from Gamersgate when it went on sale there. I like Gamersgate, seems alot less commercial than D2D and allows us access to some pretty obscure titles.
  21. As of today (10/24), it is in stock at Amazon. My order is in!
  22. All it does is check that you have the DVD-ROM in the drive. Thats it. - SC
  23. quote:Originally posted by Frozen Ghost: I checked out Fry's this weekend and get this ... new multiple copies of BCMG and UC on their shelves but no UCCE. (sniffle) I was surprised to see that they had essentially recently restocked with soon to be obsoleted game packages. I'd just keep an eye on this site for an announcement on the availability of CE. At least that's what I'm doing.
  24. You'd think that Sony would realize consoles don't sell over a certain price point (~$300). 3DO anyone?
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