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  1. Just FYI, That code fix for IA0311.SCR is actually for IA0303.SCR...
  2. well lets see here... 1. I bet you probably didn't equip or other wise launch those fighters with different tasks did you? by default fighters get half and half as far as space to space missiles (STS) and air to surface (ATS) missiles. So in other words they don't launch them because the missile isn't designed for what they are shooting at. take a look in the appendix for descriptions of all the missiles and what they do. You may also want to take a look at the missile loadout section to see what task you should launch them with in order to quickly change thier loadouts according to your situation. (not all missiles are created equal in this game for sure) 2. they likely shut the power down due to intruders being on board. you may want to hit alt-p to see where everyone is before turning the power on. but you have to click on your ship in tacops to bring up the menu for that crafts systems. (same with any other craft) Also, if your logistics computer is fried, you can get on board by jumping out of your ship (alt-e) and docking with your Command ship (alt-d). you won't be able to do much about it once inside either mind you, but you may be able to issue an SOS and get towed if you don't have a shuttle undocked that you could use. 3. sounds like you didn't make one of them the squad leader. without one they don't really know what to do unless you specificly tell them to move or destroy something. 4. again you need to assign a squad leader. Which in this case would allow you to give the squad an order without having to click on anyone. 5. No not really, but depending on your race/cast you may get deducted experience points for not doing what your race/cast is supposed to do. (kinda mission-ish in a way...) But altimately you want to get as many experience points as you can so that you may gain fleet control. Commanding multiple ships to make joint assults is a whole new game in it's self. Plus I think everyone here can agree that you havn't truely played this game if you havn't hit the earth with an R.A.N.D.O.M. missile... ;p
  3. used BCstudio. (look on your UC:CE DVD)
  4. yep, noticed the gun emplacements didn't have a /COCKPIT tag anywhere which resulted in views like this: http://www.geocities.com/ouch67/PHOTO002.PNG But after adding the tags you now get this: http://www.geocities.com/ouch67/PHOTO004.PNG the unfortunate side effect is that as soon as you enter the gun emplacements now, a destroyed version will be created in the exact same spot for some reason... only once per turret though. Fortunately the destroyed versions never get repairs and do not stop gunfire from coming or going so you can safely ignore it. Unfortunately, they also get saved when you save the game as well, and then you will spawn another destroyed turret if you use it once again. However it's well worth the side effects, as you can actually see who's shooting you, and what your shooting at now. http://www.geocities.com/ouch67/emplacement_fix.zip just put these in the "models" folder. However I highly recommend first making backups of YN99MK1.3D and LADMK1.3D just in case you want to go back to the originals.
  5. I know there was some talk about the possibility of replaceing the current physics with the bullet physics engine. Will this be the first release with it or is that still on the drawing board for things to come?
  6. the game looks great. Can't wait for a playable demo or a movie of the gameplay. 2 pictures refused to load for me though: http://www.3000ad.com/aaw/media/shots/047.png http://www.3000ad.com/aaw/media/shots/056.png
  7. well ok, you can't give the kits to them but it says you can use yours on someone else on page 74 (paragraphs 2 and 5). Well that's sorta my point, ground ops could mean much more to the game then it does now if all the loose ends were fixed. As of now it's just the fuzzy dice hanging on the mirror of the car...
  8. great! I could never get the game to give my medkits/repair patches to them like it says you can in the manual. I know at one time there was an order to to make them dock at targets. I also know there was some problems with this. But is there a any way to make at least the basics work? (get in, follow TOM (esc menu) orders and, get out...) Just seems like ground ops were one of lose ends that never got tied in UC. Its probably the main reason I'm disapointed this is the last one in the series actually...
  9. another fun activity is to use the wrist laser to shoot them till they can't stand and are forced to crawl around...
  10. ah, that's the problem then. Didn't see that in the VCF. Starting roam from scratch is the funnest part anyway.
  11. I keep 3 active saves to prevent problems like this but sadly all 3 seem to have been corrupted with by the same thing: "Save file Corrupt: invalid Dynamic end marker" I also tried deleting the .sav in hopes the problem was just cached, but it persists. Running UC:CE 1.00.10 I've uploaded the saves here: http://www.geocities.com/ouch67/profile_no..._end_marker.zip I'll also email the file to [email protected] if you would like SC.
  12. The traffic died here before the spammers came. Right around the time SC announced UC:CE would be the last of the series...
  13. SC, it won't let me download that atattchment. It says I don't have permission. Considering it shows zero downloads it might be the same for everyone...
  14. ok, thanks for the explanation. I came across the problem because I always do mining drone deployment/extraction with my AE. Then I usually hop out and screw around planetside or make trading runs untill repairs/upgrades are done or the drones are full. I'm sure everyone has there own different playstyle in this game though.
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