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  1. Much as I'd like to pay $20 for UC, I must say that I agree with your actions here. Good luck.
  2. Much as I'd like to pay $20 for UC, I must say that I agree with your actions here. Good luck.
  3. GRS-Black Dahlia, For a Mk. II. The Black Dahlia was the nickname of Elizabeth Short, a woman who lived in LA trying to make it as an actress. In 1947 she was murdered, her body left in a field in several pieces. I thought the name sounded cool, and had intimidation value befitting the imposing Mk-II.
  4. Yeah, I use a Saitek Cyborg 3d Gold too, but that's mostly because I'm left-handed.
  5. Damn, and here I thought this whole deal was pretty much dead. Well, apparently not. If anybody's donwloaded the textures, please do tell me how you liked (or didn't like) them. I still toy around with this whole deal every once-in-a-while, but if nobody's interested I won't bother to release the changes. Any input is still welcome. Also, if Fractux would be so kind as to tell me how many downloads he's gotten, that'd be nice.
  6. Well, thank God. I was wondering if anybody was going to pitch in.
  7. I touched up every single texture there is. Even the dinky ones.
  8. Okay, I know that some people have downloaded the packs. At least 20, as far as I know. And I haven't gotten a single response. Please, please, please, give me your opinions. Good or bad, I don't care, just something. The packs are easy to install, extremely safe, and all changes are very easy to undo. So please, give the packs a try. At worst, you uninstall them and move on. But no matter what, please give me you input. On that note, thanks to all that have tried the packs already. Fractux has the FPS pack, with the new character skins. He'll likely put them up sometime soon. Again, please, please do give me your input. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you, Tyrn, for remedying that problem. I was unaware that the GBS forum applied to all mods, and for lack of a better place I stuck this topic in "General". Please accept my apologies. Now that that's done with, the last part of the new ship textures is going to Fractux right now. Again, please do tell me your impressions. If you've the time, please download at least one of the parts of the set and give them a look. It only takes a minute, and is easily reversible. I appreciate all the attention this topic has been getting, but the lack of feedback (positive or negative) is a bit discouraging. So, please do throw in your oar. I'm listening.
  10. Well, I like pie too. But, the real question is, do you like the new skins?
  11. There's some pics on the first page of this thread, but they're pics of older versions. The new skins are much cleaner. Try the demo skin, if you're feeling hesitant. I'll put up new demo pics soon, but it's so easy to intall the skin pack (and, if need be, reverse the install) that you really shouldn't hesitate to try them. If you don't like the skins, it's just a matter of cut and pasting the old ones back in. Easy as pie. [ 05-15-2003, 01:20 AM: Message edited by: ob5idian ]
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