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  1. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Wow!! That took a long time, didn't it? Hmmm yes it was shipped 30.9.2005 and it arrived 12.12.2005. But nevermind that. I got it and I'm happy
  2. I got my map today and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the great service SC.
  3. You can grap it here. Downloading right now and can't wait to see it.
  4. quote:For the inconvenience, each person with this bad batch, will be getting a copy of the galaxy poster map for free. It will be shipped separately. [/QB]
  5. That sounds great SC. And yes I have broadband access and I'm ready to download
  6. The date and time is: 31.08.2005, 16:06:59. (Still havn't heard from David though).
  7. I'm pretty sure the big bug is called a tanker bug, if its the same as the one in the movie. Like this one. I really enjoyed the first movie and the Roughneck series. But Starship Troopers 2 and this demo IMHO sux.
  8. Great SC. I will mail him. The size of my installer is 685.431.486 bytes so there is something wrong. Thanx again.
  9. I've just recived my copy of UCAWA ordred through BMT Micro, but when I run the setup.exe I get the follwing error: "The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or virus. You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a new copy. It may be possible to skip this check using /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED)." SC, what do I do? [ 09-06-2005, 08:07 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  10. Great, thanx for the heads up SC. FS2 has always been a favorite of mine.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: EDIT: There definitely is something fishy going on with that EAX4 drive update and I am currently awaiting an answer from my Creative dev support. Hi SC, came Creative back to you with some answers? But thanks for the Guide. I have followed it and it works great.
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