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  1. rmheer

    Going through Fluxfield

    Try not to go in the ones with black holes in them. Look in the appendix for suitable fluxfields.
  2. rmheer

    AI growth?

    It takes about three game days to get to 50% and about 6 game days to get to 75%
  3. rmheer

    My first visit in Gammulan

    And that's half the fun, cloak long enough to where they lose interest in you then uncloak and sneak up their back sides. I had 3 capital ships and 8 fighters on me and I trashed them all using this technique. Those who stayed around were space dust. Those who didn't, well they weren't worth going after.
  4. rmheer

    The Expeditions of Cmdr. Mentis...

    Now that's mind boggling. Can't wait to check some of the oceans