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    Scavenger Hunt

    Ran out of edit time. The version above is for UCAWA. However,a GBS 3 version is available.
  2. Search the BC universe for the artifacts! Select free download and put it the 'mods' folder. Start a new Roam game. Scavenger Hunt . UC/Gold version available.
  3. So I guess we know what Locke is going to do the rest of the season: enter that damm code in the psychology experiment. Hope this show doesn't 'jump the shark'.
  4. Still doesn't work. How about just load loading the ship and buiding models like in UC? It works in UC. (I know....play UC.....I do, but I bought UCAWA) Plus UC Gold.Dont worry,will also check that out.
  5. quote:I've noticed that sometimes when switching to Perscan when there are intruders or prisoners on board that I get a CTD with an unhandled exception error.I have experienced the same problem.But it is very intermittent.
  6. One thing that is worth the price of admission is the new terrain,especially on the moon (or moons). Came in for a landing and it was very realistic.
  7. Yep...I'm just an idiot. Hopefully everything I think and say will never happen. Hopefully... Iraq was not a good test. What happens if we have to fight China? Of course,it will probably go nuclear before ground troops are involved. In which case we are all 'crispy critters'. Edit: I had the weirdest dream the other night....and it didn't look good for our side. Yeah,just a dream.
  8. Thats just the point. Oh my god,when we have to fight a real army,it's gonna be a disaster. Air and sea power will be our only recourse.
  9. True. But the thing that bugs me about you military dudes is you are 'way too full of yourselves'. You think you are the only thing that matters, that whatever the military does is justified and perfect. Well....I don't agree. WW2,of course. Korea...Hmm..Ok Viet Nam...A total waste of human life. Iqaq....an asswipe trying to prove his father wrong.
  10. quote:I've all ready contacted a few other admins about it and he'll be going on vacation soon if it persists.Fine.
  11. Just another example of how 'might is right'.
  12. Good story. How did you know you were in the multiplayer universe?
  13. What ever happened to those 'Single Stage to Orbit' experiments. One Burned up,I remember. Oh...I know what happened. They were doomed to obscurity by having an article in 'Popular Science'. A death knoll. Like Fusion power. Hey....maybe.
  14. You are kidding....right? As compared with American disasters? They can launch a Soyez in a thunder storm. Probably not a good idea,but can be done. Hey.....we need more reliable launch vehicles.
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