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  1. Sho, I got the PM but my sig is/was correct when I did it...am I being reassigned/relocated?
  2. Just saying I am still around and willing to get back to it
  3. I have checked in! And now its time to check out whats happening at the bar
  4. I too have got an account at AirSet First name: Eon Last name: Hawk Please add me too
  5. Just wanted to add my impressions of this fine game To start with, I have owned most of the games. When I got BCM, I thought it was the best at space where ground combat seemed a little premature. Then came UC which added nicer graphics and a decent control scheme(mouse flight control) to all ready amazing space simulator. Then to top that off, ground combat matured to the point of something I wanted to do. I decided to wait and just play UC for the time being even though UCG and UCAWA looked and performed better, I just was not in a place to buy more games. So then I found out about UCSE and that it was a complete package of all the UC games along with even better graphics. Since I did not get UCG or UCAWA I can not say that UCSE has better performance then those but it does play better then the orignal UC. I love being on ground even more now(although not as much as being in space). Its a neat feeling seeing the AI, both my troops and the enemy, reacting to the combat. It seems to me that the AI is more capable now then it was. As an example, I set up three different squads and plotted there waypoints to different targets in a city. As I gave the order to get underway with the attack, I was worried that I would have to micromanege them like before in order to get them to coninue fighting. Well, as they were on their way to the city, I decided to give them some air support. So I launched a few fighters and set a path for them. I then launched a tank for me to use to have a little fun and to clean up the area if the squads failed. As I got in the tank, I decided to make sure the squads where doing what they were told to do and nudge them if they were not where they were supposed to be. To my amazement, not only were the mariens doing exactly what they should have been but they were also doing it effeciently. They did such a good job that by the time I rolled in the tank, I had nothing to really do . All I can say is, man SC...I can not wait to see what next you come out with
  6. Yea SC, I know. It's just that I like having all the latest and greatest(which by the way, UCSE is really nice). Just wish that it could be backwards compatable with UCAWA when it comes to multiplayer but I do understand that it's not possable since the networking code is different. I am sure more people will get UCSE over time which will mean more people to play with in multiplayer
  7. Cool, thanks ShoHashi! Hopefully this will help get something going As for me, during the week(Monday-Friday) I can be on anywhere between 12:30pm to 8:00pm eastern and anytime after midnight. As for the weekends, I can be on at anytime. P.S. I have UCSE
  8. I know that the fleet multiplayer is taking place in UCAWA but my problem is I skipped over it So is there anyone, either in a fleet or not, that wants to do multiplayer in UCSE? If so, post what times you can be on and lets get something going As for me, I can be on anytime during the day between 12:30pm to 8:00pm Eastern and anytime after midnight. [ 10-29-2006, 12:48 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  9. Thanks for approving me ShoHashi Also, I have already signed up at the Insurgent Central Command...I like being on the ball
  10. Just checking in to let you know that I have put my application into the fleet DB. Awaiting the next step
  11. Well I have made my choice... [RP] After listening to every one's speech and what not, I headed back to my ship to talk it over with myself. "Eon, this is the most important choice that you have had to make in awhile" I said to myself as I entered my quarters. I decided to really think between the two different fleets, weighing the pros and cons for each one. Just my luck, neither of them out weighs the other. So I started to drink. First one went down fairly slow but after that each one went down faster. So after awhile, there sitting on the table in front of me was seven bottles along with seven bottle caps. That's when it hit me...almost as hard as the alcohol did. I would just flip a cap and let fate have the last say. So I picked up the closest cap, put it on my thumb and said out loud: "Heads for the Insurgents, tails for Wraith..." I gave it a good hard flip. One of those hard flips that seem to make it hover, flipping end over end in one spot for a long time. anxiously waiting for fate to answer the question for me. While being marveled at my wondrous flip, I came to my own decision. I am in no way Wraith material. Oh sure, I could run a few missions, follow order after order, to only get forgotten about till the day I snap and fire everything I had at HQ. Screaming on the comms: Do you even know me?!? So by the time the bottle cap fell to the deck plate, I did not need to look at the damn thing to know MY fate belonged with the Insurgents! Once I got done laughing out loud, I headed for the bridge to make the call. As I got to the elevator the little voice in the back of my head...or the alcohol...told me to go back just to see what fate had answered. As I headed back to my quarters, the alcohol started to really kick in. The walls and floor started to ungulate, making it harder and harder to walk straight. I stop for a second, reach for my comms and send a message to the engineers to fix this corridor before someone gets hurt. I finally make it to the door of my quarters. The door opens and I head in. I look around on the deck plate to see how fate answered. To my amazement, the cap landed on its side in a grove. My final words this night as I passed out was "Fate...what a bit..." [/RP] So I guess tomorrow I will sign up in the fleet DB for the Insurgents. Sorry for the long winded part, I know I am not the best writer in the world. Just wanted to have a little fun
  12. Hmm...choices choices choices... I do like the idea of Wraith, being on the edge of space and all. But dang, you have a lot of rules/regulations Then there is Spectre, just trying to bring peace to the galaxie by removing Galcom. I will think on this a little more(ie everyone still has a chance to sway me in there direction )
  13. New recruit here, I have read all info about the fleets and have come the conclusion that I can not make a choice on one So I want to see who needs/wants a recruit the most. So have at it. To give you some info about me, I have playing BC/UC off an on for awhile but have been mainly a lurker on the forums(which I plan to change ). Even though I have been playing for many years, I think of my self as a novice commander(ie don't want you to think I know it all and get into combat and accidental open an airlock). I follow rules and regulations as best as I can so you will not have to worry about me not doing something(even if I think the order is not the wises choice lol ) Also, I am dieing to get into some multiplayer action that means something(or even some multiplayer in general ) So like I said, have at it...which fleet wants/needs me the most
  14. First off, let me say that this is a simulater, so getting around is going to take awhile and to get credits. The way I get around on planet faster is to first break orbit, once in space I set waypoints to where I want to land. If you travel by ground, it will take hours to get to the next major city. As for credits, mining is your friend. Land on a planet or load up a shuttle or two with probes. Once on a planet, either by carrier or shuttle, deploy mining probes and wait for them to collect resources. Once you have resources(after collecting your probes), sell the resources. I hope that helps
  15. Also, if you look at that same flyer, you will notice on the order part of it. That they listed BCMG and that they sell it for 29.99 but yet for UC they charge only 19.99...oh yea, that shows you how much brain power they have over their Eon Hawk
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