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  1. Holy crap Jag, what have you been smoking? Seriously, this is a pretty far stretch even for you. How do we get from riots that began with the death of two youths to stocking up on ammo preparing for the end of days? I'm hoping you're tanked up a little, because that rant is just plain paranoia. I'll make a deal with you though. When the Muslims come knocking on my door to strip my life from me, I promise to call you and apologize and admit you were right.
  2. Naive? Who other than yourself has stated that this is the beginning of the Muslim uprising in Europe? You'd have a leg to stand on if all 6 million Muslims in France were involved. I'd expect more coming from someone who always screams at the "chicken littles." You've gone and written the end to this story before it even started Jag. Since you seem to think you've got this one nailed, I'll expect your admission you were wrong when it all blows over. So many of you lump Muslims in with the extremists that are actually causing the problem it's ridiculous. Generalization is a very bad thing. Prez, so if the socialist government of France is responsible for weakening itself and allowing immigrants, how different is that from our own government (of a country FOUNDED by immigrants) allowing the same? And if socialism is a factor in poverty and unemployment what causes it here?
  3. Soback, Nomad was trying to refocus the thread towards the cause of the current unrest, which by all accounts is due directly to Frances failure to integrate other cultures and address poverty. That the government of France is socialist, once again, is nothing more than a convenient fact for you and others to beat upon as the root cause. This is absurd given that all forms of government suffer from poverty and discrimination. Jag, your post about the calls for Muslim separatism is interesting, but thus far it's the only place I've seen it linked with rioters. I'd be careful to accept it as fact as it sounds a bit more like a mixing of information and is clearly not presented in the full context of it's originating source.
  4. Wait I thought we were talking about France, why are you dragging the incident in Indonesia into this? It's a tragedy for sure but unrelated to the topic at hand. Riots against oppression and discrimination are nothing new. I haven't heard any cries of Jihad or death to infidels from either Denmark or France. These riots are not religious riots, it's a simple fact. And let's not lose sight of the fact that those involved are the youth, wow big surprise there. It's hardly as if the entire Muslim population of Europe is uprising. I'm not yelling against reality, I'm being reasonable about it.
  5. Wow, three posts in a row Soback... How do these riots result in an indictment on socialism? From what I've read they started because some youths died while fleeing from the police (who apparently weren't chasing them.) Now it's turned into a bit more with the impoverished expressing their discontent. Yeah there's Muslims involved, but this isn't about religion it's about discrimination and poverty, something we in the U.S. are not unfamiliar with. It's far more than an opportunity to vindicate yourselves and indict socialism, and could just as easily be happening here. In fact, as LIS pointed out we have experienced similar occurences ourselves in the past. It's a non-event to those without an agenda to push.
  6. Oh yeah, the outpouring of sympathy in this thread just breaks my heart
  7. Once again Soback we are simply on opposite sides of the fence on this one. To each his own eh? As for why I might speak poorly of a system that has provided me with those things I desire in life, well there are lots of them, too many to list here. But I do realize no system is perfect and if my pointing out it's occasional flaws comes as a shock to you then you might want to examine your own convictions first. "The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves." - Oscar Wilde
  8. Darkling, that's hardly the trend for the oil industry. Over the last several years the trend has been towards consolidation through multiple mergers. Market competition hasn't been and likely won't be an issue in the oil industry. We're headed towards monopolies, which make it even harder for startups. http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2004/08/oilmergersrpt.htm The other problem is that they have not been investing those profits in improving the infrastructure. I posted a link about that somewhere earlier in this thread. Just watch and wait, this issue will become greater as time goes by and elections get closer.
  9. How do you know I don't have an expansive stock portfolio Soback? Reading my mind again? You don't know Jack about me, all I can say again is that you assume far too much and far too often. Just because I voice my disagreement with what I consider to be excessive practices does not mean I don't understand those same practices. I can hold multiple opposing thoughts in my head at the same time. Ever hear the term business ethics in all your learned years? Or did you just skip that part? I happen to do very well for myself, money and my ability to make it has never been an issue, but that doesn't prevent me from voicing my opinion when I see what I consider corrupt financial/business practices.
  10. I don't think anyone is against profit. The issue is that the recent profits by the gasoline giants seem a bit exorbitant considering the price increases were explained as being due to the increase in oil costs and the temporary loss of some refineries. The profit glut indicates the price increases went far beyond what was necessary as a result of these factors, and since oil/gasoline is a necessity in a modern world it has greater negative impact on the economy. The story would be totally different if this were a lesser commodity. One can argue that it's capitalism at it's best all they want, but the reality is, oil and energy are not far removed from such necessities as food and clothing. I haven't heard any new calls for regulation, but I wonder why given these new profits the price of gas hasn't bottomed out yet? Where are the huge price rollbacks in light of these record profits and not so evident shortages? I think we'll see more and more politicians calling for actions to be taken similar to what is expressed in the last link I provided. In part because they realize there will be many people adversely affected by the additional cost who will be less likely to vote for them next time around. But mostly because it's going to be real hard to explain to some folks why they have to pay so much more when the oil industries are lining their pockets with excessive profits.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Soback: That's where people like Grizzle come in, and his point of view. They were "GIVEN" capitalism, Republic, ect...They were never taught to USE capitalism and this form of government (just shows how our public schools are a failure, and nothing more than an indoctrination for socialists). That's why they are confused and think that the system is bad and faulty, because they can't understand it, and can't suceed in it.WRONG. Maybe you grew up near Chernobyl and developed the ability to read minds, I don't know, but let's do an experiment. How many fingers am I holding up in my mind right now? Interesting...
  12. **BUUUURRRPPPP** Did you say something Prez?
  13. Prez, as I stated I do not condone such behavior. Take the article for what it is, outdated material with the sole purpose of raising hackles. As for hypocrisy, I suppose those involved view the Lt. Gov as a hypocrite (sell-out) too, which is why they did it. Not that I'm saying they're correct in thinking so.
  14. While I don't condone such behavior, the article smacks of sensationalism considering the actions noted occured in 2001 and 2002. As for the more recent web log, well, it's a blog afterall (personal opinion.) A prime example of public manipulation designed to enrage conservatives and make them feel like victims of persecution. Come on guys, sticks and stones...
  15. Ugh, maybe I'll wait to pick this one up. Be sure to post your experience SC, I'm guessing you'll give it ago when it hits the shelves here. (BTW, with my new 7800GT, planetside in UCAWA is super smooth with everything maxxed, WOOT!)
  16. quote:Originally posted by Soback: ... because we the people ARE the government. Except for that little thing called the Civil War where half the country wanted to secede. Not to mention "we the people" have let our own government get away from us. The statement that person made was because our government supports Israel. Personally, I don't think we should be involved.
  17. Awesome, just got it! So now the question is, is my regular email account on your poop list?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Jag sure made an easily understandable reference towards political parties, and their respective practices. And if you tell me that those refrences are wrong. I will point you to San Francisco, where a cop killer got off free last year. The law punishes killers period, and has an even harsher penalty for police killers. Explain to me how he got off free were it not for the liberal judges and prosecutors. So like Jag said, conservatives don't stack the court, they put people in there who actually understand and FOLLOW the law, unlike the judicial system in SF, which is LIBERAL by the way. Which proves Jags point. We're talking about the Supreme Court. Since states have both elected and appointed judges it's pretty hard to claim they're all liberal appointees. And unless every single murderer gets off scott free it's hard to claim an isolated case is a clear indication of liberal judicial activism. Unless of course it happens to suit one's predisposed idea that the court system is actually stacked with liberal activists.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: Would Roe v Wade be such an issue if it involved a women's right to have her gall bladder removed?Now, don't be daft. Thats such a lame comparison. Unless of course she happened to have a gall blander that would grow up to be the next president. Damn Derek, now you ruined it.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: quote:Originally posted by Soback: We should wipe not only the government of Israel, but also those of America and Britain off the map. But we don't mean their people." That statement made no sense at all. She probably meant each country's government. Like what was supposed to happen in Iraq ... get rid of the government and leave the people in peace. That's the way I read it too Marvin.
  21. Did my statement make any reference to political party?
  22. Would Roe v Wade be such an issue if it involved a women's right to have her gall bladder removed? And by the way, Nomad is right to question the tendency to stack the courts in favor of one political party or another, it's antithetical to the very concept of jurus prudence. Aren't judges supposed to represent the most unbiased among us?
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