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  1. There is no question LIS, it's the incompetence of the Bush administration. Open your eyes and take an honest look. As for the "liberal media", well the reppies always seem to have an excuse for everything and it's never their own. I'm sure some of you would love to have Republican rule until the end of time, unfortunately they don't seem to know how to handle the power once they have it. Maybe if they paid more attention to the people instead of their own selfish agendas things wouldn't be in such a bad state of affairs. Of course, they'll probably find away to blame it all on the Democrats anyhow, that's about the only thing they seem to be good at.
  2. Ok. I just sent it to [email protected] again. If you don't receive it let me know and I'll send it from a different email address.
  3. OK, I sent the email to support last week...still no reply. I'd pay the $10.00 to get the key immediately, but I can't find a spot to do that either. Maybe my email is getting blocked since you never received either one I sent. Please advise.
  4. How many times have we seen the scenario where a CEO runs a company into the ground and still walks away with a buttload of cash. Yeah, he may lose his job but that means nothing after he's milked it for all it's worth. I know, I've worked for companies where this is exactly what happened. And my rape reference was directed at the oil companies. There is fair market value and then there is price gouging, you can't tell me you believe that record profits for all the oil companies over the last quarter indicates fair market practices.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Socialism is an abomination. It's by defenition, like Jag said, a PARASITIC form of government, literally. It feeds off of those who produce, and gives that wealth to those who do not. That's not really too far of the mark of Capitalism huh? I can point to an American worker and tell you how much he's produced, and at the same time point to a CEO and tell you how much he hasn't. Capitalism is parasitic by it's very nature. Hell, society itself is parasitic, so you guys might want to choose a better analogy. I'm not against Capitalism and profit, I'm against rape.
  6. Give Cc a break, he's alright. He's like the Muhammad Ali of 3000ad, jumps in with a quick jab when he finds an opening, that's just his style.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: It just isn't right... Why isn't it right? It doesn't actually cost them more to pull oil out of the ground, it's just worth more. If it were gold, would you say the same thing? What about Platinum, or Corn for that matter. It costs the same to produce, it just happens to be worth more right now. That is what happens in a capitalistic society. If a products value goes up, but it costs the same to produce, your profits go up. I think it's GREAT, it proves that the system is still working.... Well, the increase in gas prices should be proportionate to the increase in the cost of a barrel of oil. Outrageous profits such as this indicate they artificially increased the cost beyond the increase in the price of a barrel of oil. As you said, it doesn't cost them more to refine it, but somewhere along the line the end prices got inflated. Aside from that, gasoline prices directly affect other areas of the economy too. Any company that relies on fuel either for transportation or delivery has to make up the difference somehow and it's usually passed on to the consumer. Gasoline prices have a serious domino effect and to see these companies have a profit increase of 84% is highway robbery. Yeah it's capitalism in all it's glory and we've all just been capitalized.
  8. No doubt the BC/UC series rules them all and I too played the previous X games. I will buy X3, but when I read that blurb about the story and a love interest I had to shake my head. I guess that sort of thing would be appealing to certain "younger" gamers, but seriously, romance in games is just so corny. I remember in HL2 when the female character was first introduced and how they made her flirt. I felt the same then, which is, enough with the adoring looks I wanna shoot something! Seriously there's plenty of romance to be had in real life and half the time I play games to get away from all the crap that comes with it I could do withoutsome pixelated toon trying turn me on.
  9. All I can say is... screw the plot ... just gimme a spaceship! Seriously, romance, sexual tension and a love triangle WTF?!
  10. It just isn't right... http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051026/bs_nm/...lips_earns_dc_4 http://www.breitbart.com/news/2005/10/25/D8DF1DM80.html
  11. Prez, I understand your point about intellect and religious belief, so just for the record, I for one don't believe the two are related. I know many very intellectual people that are very devout in their faith. As far as I'm concerned there is no correlation and I hope I've never given that impression. I don't think calling scientists elitists is appropriate however, they have their beliefs just as the religious do. I think we would all agree that no matter what one believes that it shouldn't be force fed to anyone. Personally that's where I draw the line.
  12. quote: ...and has had the ENTIRE whacked out left wing on his butt since the day he was elected the first time.Kind of like the reppies who were all over Clinton from day one too... I don't sanction either party in these sorts of actions, but it has unfortunately become part of politics. quote:BTW, Rove is gonna be cleared, and the REAL crap will hit the fan REAL soon, Did you get this from your Crystal Ball? quote:... because it will get ANOTHER Republican, Hopefully a REAL conservative this time, elected. I wouldn't be so sure of that. The U.S.public is very fickle and given the disasterous 8 years of Republican rule I have a feeling they'll vote for change. Whether or not the economic prosperity experienced under Clinton's administration was a result of his actions (yeah I know it was the Rep Congress that did it only they don't seem to be doing so well now so that's debatable...) people will just remember things were much better with a Dem in office and will probably try their luck going that route again. The Republicans had the chance of a lifetime by dominating the US political spectrum and have completely blown it.
  13. Glad to hear you're ok. Don't forget to assign some engineers to repair the damage to your house! I've got some spare RCU's I can beam over if you need 'em.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: That's why I am a Deist...LOL Aye.. Here's something to consider. God is the Universe. He exists neither within nor without it. To use the human body as a metaphor, our cells are constantly being created and destroyed, our brain continues to fire it's synapses, we breath and perform uncountable tasks all without consciously doing so. There are forces at work within our bodies that once set in motion at conception, are self controlling and self sufficient. It will continue to function as long as there is sufficient energy to do so, or until said processes breakdown due to age. The Universe, much like our bodies, does not require conscious intervention to function. It is self controlling and self sufficient without a single controlling force. It is for all intents and purposes, alive.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Prez: The problem comes from men trying to say that they understand the mind of God. Not only is this foolish and arrogant, it is potentially dangerous. Misrepresentation of God's motives by those with no knowledge whatsoever of them weakens and destroys the faith of many who might otherwise try to understand what faith is all about. Ah, but isn't that what you are doing by choosing one faith over another? By choosing Christianity over others aren't you claiming to understand the mind of God? I personally don't see a difference in accepting the existence of God on faith and accepting random creation through chaos. Isn't questioning how the Universe came into being akin to questioning God's motives? Ultimately you have to throw up your hands and accept the question as unanswerable. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason Religion is so prolific is because we lacked the means to explain so many mundane things for so long it's become entrenched in much of societies psyche. Curiously I've yet to be struck by lightning because of my lack of faith.
  16. Let's stop beating around the bush and agree that the term Intelligent Design is nothing but window dressing a Religion as science in an attempt to make it acceptable to teach as part of a scientific curriculum. Jag has stated it about as clearly as it can be, it is not scientific. Prez, I can understand the aversion to chaos theory, but what if chaos is God's design? All those catastrophies you listed must be beyond God's control right? Maybe that is so because in order to create the Universe he had to do so in a chaotic fashion. What laws is God bound by? If He is not bound by any laws then why would He create a Universe for his blessed children that threatens to wipe them out in countless ways? $ilk, How can you state purpose is irrelevant when defining purpose is clearly the impetus and foundation of Religion. Those first questions that asked how and why and resulted in God were an attempt to define cause and purpose. Since science has answered so many of the how's, all we have to do is answer why. For the time being this is the one question neither Science or Religion can answer. To state purpose is irrelevant, then in the next breath state that all you need is to understand there is one, doesn't make sense. If it is irrelevant as you state, then why even care if there is one? My whole point is, if one can accept that there is purpose without definition, then why can't one accept spontaneous creation without intelligence?
  17. quote:Originally posted by Prez: It is the belief that the "Designer" is not just an ambivalent divine kid with an ant farm, but is deeply vested and concerned for us that makes the difference for those who see a difference. So how being vested and concerned change the equation? If His concern was so deep than why not protect His children as you would yours? (aside from the usual free-will argument) quote: As far as purpose, there IS no purpose in chaos. Chaos is the very antithesis of purpose, and thus with purpose and those who strive for purpose frankly detest chaos. So what is our purpose in God's creation? I would argue that lack of purpose is actually a very liberating experience once you come to terms with it, and before you think it, no that doesn't mean "anything goes". As I stated before, I find great comfort in just being. Jag...
  18. Hmmm... If it's acceptable to believe the impetus for intelligent design is purpose then wouldn't one need to identify or define exactly what that purpose is? So if a God created man to serve him/her, is that our purpose? If so, to what end? Simply to feed his/her ego? If the Universe was created by an intelligent being, why did he/she/it do it? One can discern as much purpose behind the chaos theory and the seemingly unbelievable events that have led to the existence of all things. That is, that there is no purpose, or at least not one that makes sense to us, which is no different than the God theory. Ultimately it all comes down to the same question, Why? So when we look at both theories and they both resolve to the same question, it's simply a matter of choice as to which one is believed. I for one prefer to believe the empirical evidence science has provided that answers some of the questions that formed the basis for a belief in God in the first place. That being said, I've had enough intriguing experiences in my life that cause me to believe that there is far more to this Universe than meets the eye. Maybe there is intelligent design behind it, maybe there isn't. So to prevent my mind from imploding I just accept things as they are and trust in the instincts we all possess as products of whatever forces brought us into being. (Hmmm that sounds suspiciously like faith!) More importantly I am commited to enjoying my life, thereby lending my own sense of purpose. When you think about it what better purpose could there be than to simply experience all of the wonderment life has to offer? So does it really matter whether a God created us or if we sprung from a vaccuum?
  19. Just curious. I sent an email to cat@3000ad requesting a new key for UCAWA. Wondering if I missed something as I haven't received a reply. I did have a problem with my registration back when I first got the game and am wondering if this is an issue. If I should resend the request let me know or if it just takes more than a few days then please ignore this post. (I had used up my last activation upgrading the BIOS on my old mobo. Just recently reinstalled windows and upgraded to a new mobo and vid card.. I need to activate!)
  20. It's hard to say Cruis.In. I've had an Athlon64 for quite sometime now, and only recently installed XP64, but I don't use it Just haven't gotten around to setting it all up. The 64bit standard is still a couple of years off, it's been slow to take hold, but seeing as how you can get 64bit drivers for almost all hardware nowadays, it's probably worth being an early adopter. XP64 will run all current 32bit programs, but a program has to be written for 64bit to take advantage of the true benefits it offers.
  21. Cruis.In Yes, I created a separate partition just for FEAR. You need at least a 5gb partition, but add a little extra to be on the safe side. I don't get any stutter even when I use max textures (of course I had the gig of RAM too) As for a partition manager program this one is free, but just be sure you are careful when using it. I usually have one large partition that I install all of my games on, but in this case, given the hitching from all the disk access, I decided to isolate the game. BTW, I've used O&O for UCAWA too and it made a HUGE difference in the load times and game performance. In this case I just defragged my regular games partition, installed UCAWA, then defragged it using the NAME method (it alphabetizes files in order on the disk). After I did this UCAWA load time was about 5 seconds compared to the 15 or 20 as before.
  22. Haggis, Those pauses you get are because it's loading new textures etc from disk. Like I said, using a good defrag program and having it rearrange your files by ACCESS (this places frequently accessed files together and at a spot on the HD where they can be read quicker) will stop the problem. Although if the game is on the same partition as the rest ofyour files it may not work as well, which is why I set it up on it's own partition. Partition Magic rocks . After doing this I haven't had a single loading hitch or pause in the game and that's a huge improvement.
  23. OK, I've played enough of it to say it's a pretty damn good game. Now I'm not the type to scare easily, movies don't scare me and games definitely never scare me, until now. This game has got some great tense and scary moments. I recommend anyone that can get their hands on it and play it with decent performance do so. I went so far as to update my rig to make it more playable, few games have earned that distinction over the years. This one's a keeper.
  24. Let us know when you pick up transmissions from V'ger on that thing.
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