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  1. OK I dont think I know how to word it any better but thats ok I did a clean install today And it fixed itself thanks for trying!
  2. I'm sorry I should be more spacific what happens is I give the fly/to com whith the auto pilot on already from a jump/at com the ship auto enters hyperspace comes out and stops, now every thing in game tlm,waypoint carret, and speed meter shows me still moving but the ship is not. Its the same for the cc,sc, and fc. if I turn the auto off and resume control my ship moves AI back on its stops.
  3. Hello my computer died and came back died and came back, so I have not even said thank you for the info I got on my last post, so thanks. ok so new problem the auto pilot wont move the ship when im use the fly to com. It stops at 74.5R every time the velocity meter says my current ships max speed but it's not moving if I turn the AI off and fly myself i can move but turn it back on and it wont move. special note starts randomly after I start game 2-4 hours and then the problem starts same both pre and post patch. please help thanks agin
  4. I'm new to this forum stuff so please be forgiving. I was look ing at the manual appendix and i saw a cool carrier called stormcarrier listed under super carrier but in the game its not their any help you can give would be great thanx.
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