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  1. But where do we draw the line? Could she not have cut her wrists with a Finnish filet knife? Could she not have swallowed a lethal dose of aspirin? Or drain cleaner? Or held a propane tank on the stove burner until it burst in her face, perhaps killing her? There are as many ways to kill oneself as there are people wanting to do it. Perhaps Wal Mart should not have sold her the shotgun, but I suspect they were within the limits of the law--poor as it may or may not be. But if we cannot start taking responsibility for our actions--and suicide is a very personal matter--then what next? Will we get an assigned Lawyer the day we are born, much like we all get Social Security numbers? (In America on the social security numbers) rvs
  2. Certainly a tragic event, difficult to place any blame on something like this. But, if they lose the case I am sure Michael Moore will have all he needs for another movie about how guns are ruining the planet. Their is a lady in our town, and her son comitted suicide by hanging himself. He was 21 years old. No rope company was sued, she just buried him and is now trying to cope with the grief of it all. Money is not going to make it right--but I guess we all have to blame someone, huh? rvs
  3. Definitely good stuff Valve was broken into? I thought they gave the code away...to get it finished I also firmly believe the HL2 delays were used to make STEAM the colossal pain that it is. Great idea, bad joke, and I am almost sorry for having purchased the game. But--it did say 'Internet Connection Required' on the box, so I had plenty of notice. If it would have also said....'Note--double clicking on the Half Life 2 Icon may require 10-15 minutes of STEAM Work before you will actually see a game screen' I would have left it on the shelf. Give me a good 'click and run' game or sim anytime. I like to be in control of when I am 'authenticating' or 'verifying' or 'decrypting' things on my computer. rvs
  4. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by rvs: Hmm, Britneys Dancing game didn't make it--last I heard that one sold 75 million copies. rvs Yeah right. Don't make come over there and smack you man. Sorry about that, could not resist rvs
  5. Yeah, same here--December 12, 1998. I played between 1 and 18 hours a day for 3 years solid, and finally conked out due to reasons mentioned above That year off must have contained some valuable Falcon related material I simply missed...LOL!! Plus, I didn't like all of the fighting that started to happen, really ugly stuff. At that time, the big battle was the RPx group (iBETA...?) and the 'eRAZOR' group, and then it just got three legged dog crazy after that. I am looking very forward to the OIR package to be released, it will be nice to see Falcon back on store shelves again. I mean, I only have 5 copies, I need some more... rvs
  6. Does F4UT know that That agreement keeps changing around so much it is tough to keep track of it. I imagine you are probably correct, I was under the impression, in the beginning, only F4UT had full source code rights, up to the 'gold' status of OIR, and then all edits were supposed to stop--even data edits. My apologies for mixing the issue a bit, and thank you for following up on it. Regardless, I feel the whole situation, as strange as it is, is a great day for Falcon fans in general. rvs
  7. Extinct_Reptilia, Yes, the SuperPak is an addition to the base Falcon 4.0 (out of the box), Patch 1.08 US (different for the French version, please check readmes) and then a single click install for SP4. Of course you have other options for installing, with HiTiles, cockpits, BMS, FreeFalcon, etc. but the basic 'vanilla' install will get you the full upadte. So to sum up--you need the old CD, but if you do a full initial install, that is the last time you will need it as it is not required to run the sim. Then you patch it up and CLOSELY follow the SP4 readme for installation. Here is a 'gotcha' if you have previously installed any SPx or other Falcon addon that uses the F4Patch installer as a component--after uninstalling Falcon (for whatever reason) MAKE SURE to go into the registry, look for the F4Patch key, and delete it. If you do not do this, subsequent installs of Falcon will fail. I should know, I tried to install a RC for SuperPak3 while beta testing it and after 15 failed attempts I put Falcon up for a year in total and utter frustration. No one bothered to mention this very critical point, at least not to me, during the beta testing. Again, I must caution with the use of the BMS exe--it is known to cause hitches in performance on many systems, so the choice is yours. Multiple installs of Falcon are possible, and many do this so that they may have many versions to play. I don't know how to do this, and the one time I tried failed miserably I am going to stick to the following: Falcon 4.0 v1.00 (Out of box) 1.08 US Patch SuperPak4 After I see how that works out, the Aeyes cockpit and the HiTiles will be next. No BMS exe until they figure out how to fix the stuttering. rvs
  8. quote:Originally posted by Cougar_DK: The SP4 does not add anything new to the game exe-wise. Its "only" data edits. Yes Falcon SP3/SP4 is truly what GPL is for motorsport on the pc. It takes time and dedication to learn it. But it is well worth the effort. And the dynamic campaign is why this game has lived for soo many years. This is really war. I think that many of the SPx exe's are modifications to the source code, data edits are secondary. It has to do with the G2I agreement--SP4 is supposed to be the last edited source code release before OIR is on shelves. http://f4ut.frugalsworld.com/ G2I has allowed edits to the source code for quite a while now, provided they all wind up in the hands of G2I for future Falcon releases. A good idea, if you ask me. If you read the new features of SP4, it is quite apparent that this is not the Falcon of old The volumetric clouds alone are spectacular, and some prelim shots of a new lighting engine have already been posted but it is not known if this new graphics capability will be in OIR. It isn't going to be in SP4 or BMS 1.04. I don't know if we will see an SP5, but OIR should be out soon. rvs
  9. quote:Originally posted by Cougar_DK: Sure SC, take a look here. Version 1.03 is the version you want. If you have Aeyes cockpit or using hi-res tiles then remember to install them before BMS! When using any BMS exe (with the exception of 0.99): Keep an eye out for stuttering when the weather is set to 'Poor' or 'Inclement'. The stuttering seems to disappear with 'Sunny' and 'Fair' weather settings. Also, the weather setting 'sticks' so you have to keep changing it around to keep the weather how you want it. If you are lucky and can run the other weather types without stuttering, you are one lucky person and I am very jealous Also, I accidentally installed Aeyes pit AFTER BMS, and it worked fine. I don't recommend it, of course, but it should work as long as you remember to recompress the DDS texture pool after you update the pits, assuming you did what I did--installed pit in wrong order ...and if you are even using the DDS textures. BMS and SuperPak3 (Don't have SP4 yet, and will not be using BMS 1.04 unless they get stuttering fixed....) was an incredible experience. It is really amazing how far this sim has matured over the years. I also plan on buying Falcon:OIR the second it is released The Grand Prix Legends of flight sims Good, good stuff. rvs
  10. It would appear EA is running out of money... Darn, not a single racing or space sim (non-MMORPG type) in the bunch. Hmm, Britneys Dancing game didn't make it--last I heard that one sold 75 million copies. rvs
  11. I wonder how things like Kazaa affect small developers of electronic media, if at all? Guess it's kind of a 'Everyone is doing it so it must be ok kind of thing....'? Interesting--I wish I had a utility that would allow me to steal cars. rvs
  12. I wish I knew where to get it--Not at GameStopConsoleLand, WallyMart, BestBuy or Meijers. rvs
  13. I picked mine because it was the only thing recognizable in a forum with a learning curve steeper than most study type flight sims. I have no idea how to change my system specs, which changed two months ago (Please, I am going to search after this post and figure it out on my own, and my flame suit is being fireproofed...), and how I got the login name rvs (my real initials and nom de plume) vs. the one I thought I was getting is a mystery to me. Hank Hill suddenly became a very welcome sight... rvs
  14. I can certainly agree that financially, they seem pretty shady, but to describe the Vice City line as a doomsday device is disgusting. If they cooked the books, then it's time to fry--but this Vice City is Ruining the World garbage is pathetic. rvs
  15. Unbelievable!! I got freaked out about this late Saturday, when I saw something about it on BBS Wired webpage. System scan came back clean...fingers crossed. The last thing I need is a bunch of SCO goons showing up at my door Wonder how Microsoft fared? rvs
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