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  1. i'm still waiting on 60 feet of network cable to run from the server to my PS2 but I'm down for some REOB . 13Mins Clear time on the first mission.
  2. Soliders of Anarchy is good once you patch and get past the god awful voice acting. The gameplay is what Fallout Tactics should of been.
  3. Games I'm playing (and love) BCMG Max Payne 1 & 2 Mafia (This is one bad mofo) FreeLancer (sry guys) HomeWorld 1 Alien Vs Predator 2 Morrowind All very good games I tried planetside and gotta say it was a blast, but i'm not paying 10 - 12$ a month
  4. Yeah, I'm still playing HomeWorld 1, I heard they've changed the interface a bit on 2.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Eversor: Every once in a while, the marines in my shuttles die. One of the times, they had deployed mining drones on the moon(earth) and I ordered them to return to base. When the shuttles came back, three of the marines were dead. Anybody know what happened? If they have bad AI they sometimes can't land with out damaging some systems (Resnig trained). This happened to me (Life support was knocked down to 50%) So when the marine came back his fatigue was high and was losing HP. Check the status of your shuttles for damage. Hope that helps.
  6. For me i think a good song to listen to while playing is the theme from Cowboy Bebop "Tank" You would have to be playing as a bounty hunter to get the full effect. heh
  7. quote:Originally posted by dreadx: Re-reading the Hyperion serie. isn't that about the shrike(I think its called) Which moves backwards in time and it can move forwards as well? If it is thats a series i've been meaning to pick up. Reality Dysfunction is a good read didn't get a chance to finish it though.
  8. Just curious if any one is reading anything good. So far i'm working on these titles "Essence of Chaos" by Lorenz "God Emperor/Dune" Herbert And i just finished "Mutineers Moon" by Weber Cheers
  9. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: Is there anyone in particular SC used to model Resnig's AI after? Heheh..... I thought it was Anna Nicole Smith.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: nVidia GF4 MX class cards do NOT have a shader engine Looks like it'll be a while before i can play BCG. I just bought this card 2 months ago, can't afford a better card by the time BCG comes out. Maybe by winter time. *sigh* Thank you SC for the heads up.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Tac: system shock 1 made my nights miserable for weeks after i played it. I never had the chance to play SysShock 1. It seemed like none of the stores up here had it. i don't think i would have the time to now days.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr. WeeGee: Atomic, you are the greatest newbie ever! *hugs atomic* This is soooo cool, I'm installing SS2 right now! Thanks! well we try . those skins are impressive! i've been playing since the post and I'm excited about the finished mod. all sysshock 2 needs now is some daleks. lol doom III can't "front of the daleks, dog."
  13. Thats what i plan on doing as well, i just need to dig up my cd.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: damn, and me that can STILL NOT find the goddamn game only played the demo. LOL, well eppy if i find it here in a bargin bin i can send you a copy . if not check amazon thats how I found Emperor:Battle For Dune.
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