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  1. Dear Lord, they must be insane. If they had just left everything alone with the original plan BCG would be on our computers and DC would be rolling in their share of the dough. But NOOOO!! We want to rebrand the title....we want to release the RC1 build....now we want to fiddle with the price at the expense of 3000AD delaying it even further and potentially crippling it forever. How can they expect the developer to support something they wont be paid to support...unless they dont care which seems to obviously be the case. What we have here is a lack of communication on DC's part. They wont just sit down and talk about their concerns...they want to play the "big publisher" like EA and do what they want. Ive never forgiven EA for what they did to westwood (/mourn Renegade) but in the long run it was Westwood's fault for selling out. I had high hopes for the 3000ad/DC relationship. Was seeming to be one bent upon mutual concern. 3000AD would make the game they want the way they want and DC would take care of the business/financial part. It would have been a beautiful relationship but apparently it was not to be. I dont want to buy a 3000ad product but not have the legendary support of 3000ad. If necessary I will wait till UC Gold becomes a possibility. Something that doesnt have 100% of 3000ad backing wont have my backing. I might just have to go back into Hibernation and wait for hints of UC Gold or BCO or whatever comes next. SC might just have to start his own Publisher....if want something done right you need to do it yourself. Hey, perhaps he could even publish for other developers just wanting to make their games the way they want. Sure its a long shot in the fog but it could happen. Its all about integrity. Make games based on integrity and have a publisher willing to respect that integrity. Ahh well. Perhaps its a just a dream gone too far. Even if that dream did come true UC is tied up at this point. Lets just hope SC can convince Dreamcatcher to see reason once again....there is hope. P.S. Heh..."Dreamcatcher"... Kinda an oxymoron at this point. Should be more like Dreamcrusher. Maybe maybe they will live up to their name or maybe maybe they will change their name to fit their actions.
  2. I noticed the yahoo one was removed earlier but apparently hes back at it again. Might just report again whomever did it last time.
  3. Fun stuff. But its sure scary to think of the long term consequences. This needs to be revoked asap and I would be concerned as to why the current administration thinks this is a good thing. I have been supportive of the Bush administration on most points so far but little by little things like this make me more concerned. Id like a "fireside chat" to find out the motivations and intended purposes of such a thing. To see what reasoning is behind it. edit: oh and on a side note its nice to see SC in a light hearted mood. Not often its very apparent. Must be that upcoming vacation. (Or is it over already?)
  4. It takes you to reg for the NY times since you dont have a registration.
  5. I recently aquired the "directors cut" for the Fellowship of the Ring. That movie is over 3 hours long. Throughout the entirety it adds about 30+ minutes of film they had to cut out to make it short enough for the theatre. In my own opinion its much better and adds many details that would be found in the book. Movie even starts different with a portion called "concerning hobbits" that is similar to the start of the LoTR books. For some that never read the LoTR books the movie might feel....overly long. But those familiar with the book its a far cry better than the theatre release. I look forward to aquiring the directors cut for the 2 towers because certain details like the ents (and hurons) assisting with the battle of helms deep are included.
  6. Ooo this will be interesting to see. Ill anxiously watch for the demo as well.
  7. Dont forget you can also designate groups of units with CTRL+1 (1-0). Once done so that is called group one and if you tap the 1 key twice it will center your view on the ships in that particular group.
  8. Ya SC. By the time BCO is ready to be released you will have more computing power than you will know what to do with hehe.
  9. Ive always held the homeworld games in high regard. The single player missions for old homeworld still strike a tone with me. Although I have always had some difficulty adjusting to multiplayer. It always was a bit tougher for me to get the hang of a good strategy and implement it successfully. Its easier for me to get overwhelmed with a massive battle with frigates, carriers, fighters, corvettes, all these different ships that need great multitask ability to use effectivly. I havent tested it but when telling a mixed fleet of ships to attack I havent been able to tell if certain ships make a beeline for enemies they are most likely to be... "geared" to kill. Like in a battle the frigates automatically take a preference to the corvettes, fighters preferr the cap ships or other fighters, corvettes beeline for the fighters ect.. Ill have to play with that a bit and see if they do display a preference on ships they would find it easier to kill.
  10. Ya I read GU comics every day when I get to work. Its one of the few I check every day.
  11. Gameplay itself is an improvement. Its more complicated than ever since almost no ship you build will be totally obsolete. Fighters are effective against cap ships, corvettes are effective against fighters, frigates against corvettes, cap ships against frigates. Many variations along that line since there are flak frigates which are sure effective against fighters but not so much against anything else. But one thing for certain it expands upon the rock/paper/scissors combat in great magnitude. And this is only the demo. Ill end up getting this one when its released but I can only hope to have enough time to actually play since the multiplay games and singleplayer missions all drag out to what seems like an eternity. Depending on how much free time you have that may or may not be a good thing. I played a multiplayer game with a friend of mine and that one game in the demo map took a few hours. If a player plays carefully there are many places to go out in space where a single carrier can hide. Which is fun for the person with the carrier but stinks for the person trying to find him in a massive 8 player map. On that point im speaking figuratively since I havent seen any homeworld 2 8 player maps. But I can imagine in a map like old homeworld's "hyperspace arena" the games could go on a looong time...
  12. Demo now available at Fileplanet Fileplanet downloads are pretty fast once you get through the wait time. Think you need to be logged in with fileplanet/gamespy id first though.
  13. Homeworld 2 Its gone Gold! Due September 16th this is one of the few titles ive actually been looking forward to besides BCG, BCO and Half-Life 2.
  14. Rofl. I just got Army of Darkness on DVD. Complete with the original ending where he goes 100 years too far into the future and sees the Apocalypse.
  15. ROFL. Ive seen that before both with the effects and without. Its funny for sure but I do sympathize for the poor goober.
  16. First impression when hearing about this idea was "oh geez what next...Godzilla vs Barney?". But I must admit it would be interesting to see play out. Kinda moot to try to determine who would win between the 2 seeing how Jason cant die due to massive regenerative capacities and Freddy cant die since hes not real in the first place. Im less curious of what the end result will be than I am about how they are making this title worth it. Will be interesting to find out what the director puts into it.
  17. Are you sure you guys are talking about the same type of station? The different kinds have different Fields of View for their turrets and that would make a world of a difference.
  18. I think the polygraph was showing his mental conflict and situation at the moment. Obviously when they had him grilled on the polygraph chair he had alot going on in his mind. But when it flatlined he had the calm cool demeanor of resolution...which was premptive to him kickin butt. I dont think he was upset because they tricked him out of his katana obviously since he knew he still had weapons. I bet it was finding out his good pal head cleric was actually the puppetmaster and knew about him all along.
  19. Im considering paying for Planetside. (due to new SOE all access pass debute) I managed to get into the open beta for about a week and after I finally learned the ropes it really was quite fun. Bad thing is I always had massive FPS drops when more than 4 people were on the screen at any given time...which needless to say makes aiming a bit tough. So, I adjusted to using only the stealth suit and trying my luck at assasinations and hacking. Found that my preferred method is to carry around a bag full of plasma grenades and wait for an unsuspecting soldier to bombard. Tried my luck at sniping but to my dismay a single shot to the head of a soldier doesnt kill them. Need to land 2 shots. That killed the thrill of sniping and at the first opportunity I traded that back to the certification terminal. Tried my luck piloting a mosquito but due to the FPS problem I looked more like a kamakazi pilot that had gotten drunk and started flying with a rabid wolverine in the pilot seat. Ya...traded that one back too. Overall I was dissapointed with my problems with fluidity of motion in battles that limited me to a backseat role in combat. I can only assume its my system at fault but changing the graphics quality to low only seemed to help a tiny bit. Dunno, I have a gforce4 TI4200 128MB. But that card might not be my problem I might just need an entire gig of ram...that and/or a faster processor.
  20. Oh ya. Will look forward to these in BCG. If only for myself just parkin your CC planetside and walkin among the trees will make the scale seem just that much more real. DANG I wish I could be at E3 to see everyone's faces as BCG makes its first step into the community. Give em no mercy SC .
  21. Was browsin their topics and came across... this Used to follow IGN often before they had their insider service annoyance and ads all over. But I still check for interesting gems here an there and thought this might be worth a mention.
  22. rofl, ya those pilots arent always the smartest cookies in the jar. I always have them sit on halt orders until I specifically find a target for them to attack. Its mucho taxing for me to micromanage but they dont die so easy that way. Only time I let em roam the zone free is if there are no hostile stations or ODS systems in the area. Even then im watchin em closely. I assume as their AI goes up they wont do dumb stuff like that as much.
  23. quote:Originally posted by MythicalMino: oh...so cool....BUT....I am having trouble finding where I can find enemy bases on planets? Any tips? The more I play and read about this game...the more i like.... Depending on what caste/race you are you need to observe a planet that has bases and look for the areas controlled by your enemies to you particular alignment. As long as you arent raider you can never go wrong attacking the raider controlled zones. Those show up as /RAI if they are raiders. Basically if they are red to you they are bad guys.
  24. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: If only I could mix & match EVE with BCM... what a game that would be! [*]Market Driven Economy [*]Ability to land on planets [*]Ability to create items [*]First Person Prospective [*]Ability to customize Character Apearance [*]Ability to command Assets (Fighters, ATV's, Shuttles, Subs) [*]Massive Universe with hundreds of Planets [*]Ability to take over stations and launch crafts from them Man, that would be some game! Of course it would probably require a Quad Athlon64 Machine to run, but what the heck, by the time it's made people will have that Right? Umm, everyone would want to merge their favorite game with BCM type of freedom. You'd be hardpressed to find someone that didnt. Well...maybe not solitaire. I for one would like to see a star trek or star wars game get some inspiration from SC....but i doubt its gonna happen anytime soon especially since they make so much money splitting up those brand names into multiple titles all focusing on one particular taste and ignoring the others. Perhaps star wars galaxies will get close to that when they make the space expansion but im not optimistic. I heard they are having troubles making the current idea gel together.
  25. Awesome shots. As much as I liked the MK1 shuttle before its a nice change of graphic cause it reminded me of the startrek shuttles too much. Overall the dark mood of the newer models really seem to define the BC ships as a class of their own. Nice and distinctive. (off the wall a bit)--->The BCMK1 model looked like something out of the abyss. Nice contrast on that model. (couldnt resist but to comment since I wasnt able to do so before)
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