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    BCG shots at IGN

    Oh ya. Will look forward to these in BCG. If only for myself just parkin your CC planetside and walkin among the trees will make the scale seem just that much more real. DANG I wish I could be at E3 to see everyone's faces as BCG makes its first step into the community. Give em no mercy SC .
  2. Forever Light

    EA development at IGN

    Ya EA and console titles have always got along well but its their barging into PC titles and milkin em for a buck is what turned me off about EA. The EA intervention into Renegade developement is why it took Westwood over twice as long to complete the title. I remember reading about it and seeing shots of it before EA had anything to do with Westwood. Gamers and developers both had visions of building bases, huge maps, dynamic player controlled base technology and defense development...basically just like C&C but only in first person. It only seems to compare to us BC fans like the Take 2 issue way back when. (huge differences of course..but the attitude of the publisher remains the same) The article itself sounds like a good idea with a thinly veiled intention to "gather their chicks under their wings". If they can manage to get their sports player base to commit to an online profile they wont be able to leave so easy for anything else. And THAT is their goal im sure of it. For EA it has always been about the $. Everything else in their book is expendable. Which is why Renegade's awesome potential came out squarely packaged, pickled, and "ready" for distribution. Even the best gaming morticians (modders) have hardly a corpse to put together....and as a result...they havent. (which was something EA was counting on)
  3. Forever Light

    Keeps looking for the correct cd in win2K

    Heres a n00bish tech support suggestion.... If you can get it to work in another computer you know its not the disk...that is if you have another computer at your disposal or know someone who would let ya experiment.
  4. Forever Light

    Something weird

    Its called taxidermy
  5. Forever Light

    Help capturing space stations

    In my own experience it sends out an SOS when the system integrity reaches around 20. Fine line between that and disabled. That is the number above the armor and hull rating that lowers as the ship/station/ect.. take actual damage to their systems.
  6. Forever Light

    Updated BCM textures (really big pics ahead)

    Nice Garid, the basic look reminds me of a Corvette. Which fits well since the Garid kinda flys like one. Now just texture some flames along the sides hehe.....ah no nm.
  7. Forever Light

    Adventures in Stupidity

    quote:Originally posted by Emmett.hendrick: Stupidity/Bravery this is a fine line. So now I'm half way between Lyrius and Gamma1 and running out of fuel and money. My mining drones are on Lyrius(probably just about full now) and I can not get back to retrieve them God I feel stupid! Perhaps you could park the CC and fly a fast shuttle all the way back to the drones to unload em manually. I dunno how far shuttles can go on a single charge...havent tried yet.
  8. Forever Light

    Fighter control

    rofl, ya those pilots arent always the smartest cookies in the jar. I always have them sit on halt orders until I specifically find a target for them to attack. Its mucho taxing for me to micromanage but they dont die so easy that way. Only time I let em roam the zone free is if there are no hostile stations or ODS systems in the area. Even then im watchin em closely. I assume as their AI goes up they wont do dumb stuff like that as much.
  9. Forever Light

    Scary things the AI does

    Ya you find fast that stations rip ya to shreds. Ive been too chicken to try takin one without cloaking. But some I know of seem to have blind spots in their defensive grid. I know some NPC's attacking stations manage to get quite close until they are blasted when they move out of the safe zone. But ive never been attacked while cloaked..........
  10. Forever Light

    George W Bush AWOL?

    quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: It is true no matter how good a job he did in Iraq he is a hypocrite Yes but youd be hard pressed to find anyone who wasnt a hypocrite in some way shape or form. I for one know im guilty. In real life im known as a Christian. And aspire to live up to that and know my God more..but does that mean im perfect? No, I suck. I have a very long way to go and am not deserving of that name...nor do I think anyone is. Hypocricy is almost everywhere if ya look long enough...so this story doesnt suprise me. But such is life...for now anyway.
  11. Forever Light

    Universe Unlimited - New space sim

    Thats why you dont let your email be public if you can help it. Forum wars are a nightmare...but dont make it into one. Other than that I dont see any ripoffs. Would be nice to see someone else besides just SC get some initiative for once to make something cool. [ 05-02-2003, 06:39 PM: Message edited by: Forever Light ]
  12. Forever Light

    I have a couple of questions

    quote:Originally posted by MythicalMino: oh...so cool....BUT....I am having trouble finding where I can find enemy bases on planets? Any tips? The more I play and read about this game...the more i like.... Depending on what caste/race you are you need to observe a planet that has bases and look for the areas controlled by your enemies to you particular alignment. As long as you arent raider you can never go wrong attacking the raider controlled zones. Those show up as /RAI if they are raiders. Basically if they are red to you they are bad guys.
  13. Forever Light

    Happy, but useless post

    Perhaps when BCG does come out you could name one of your marines Ripley and find Resnig and name him Alien.... And let the games begin.
  14. Forever Light

    George W Bush AWOL?

    Ya but SC...you of all people should be used to stuff like that by now.
  15. Forever Light

    Eve Online Preview

    quote:Originally posted by Darkling: If only I could mix & match EVE with BCM... what a game that would be! [*]Market Driven Economy [*]Ability to land on planets [*]Ability to create items [*]First Person Prospective [*]Ability to customize Character Apearance [*]Ability to command Assets (Fighters, ATV's, Shuttles, Subs) [*]Massive Universe with hundreds of Planets [*]Ability to take over stations and launch crafts from them Man, that would be some game! Of course it would probably require a Quad Athlon64 Machine to run, but what the heck, by the time it's made people will have that Right? Umm, everyone would want to merge their favorite game with BCM type of freedom. You'd be hardpressed to find someone that didnt. Well...maybe not solitaire. I for one would like to see a star trek or star wars game get some inspiration from SC....but i doubt its gonna happen anytime soon especially since they make so much money splitting up those brand names into multiple titles all focusing on one particular taste and ignoring the others. Perhaps star wars galaxies will get close to that when they make the space expansion but im not optimistic. I heard they are having troubles making the current idea gel together.
  16. Forever Light

    Anything into Oil

    Wow, picture a car where the gas tank is basically a can full of your grass clippings. Awesome potential.
  17. Forever Light

    New shots!!

    Awesome shots. As much as I liked the MK1 shuttle before its a nice change of graphic cause it reminded me of the startrek shuttles too much. Overall the dark mood of the newer models really seem to define the BC ships as a class of their own. Nice and distinctive. (off the wall a bit)--->The BCMK1 model looked like something out of the abyss. Nice contrast on that model. (couldnt resist but to comment since I wasnt able to do so before)
  18. Forever Light

    GG threads

    quote: Oh NO, if you say his name (or Battlecruiser) 3 times, HE will appear . Thats hilarious. Barely started readin and I couldnt resist but comment on that one haha and This one too was so perfect timing. quote: Countdown to DS appearing and berating you for being stupid...3..2...1.. Just finished reading. Quite a nice positive set of threads. Nice to see a forum converstation without the inevitable jack-in-the-box troll. [ 04-24-2003, 06:43 PM: Message edited by: Forever Light ]
  19. Forever Light

    Dreamcatcher E3 lineup to include BCG

    This is gonna be so awesome.
  20. Forever Light

    Anything into Oil

    quote:Originally posted by Gallion: Wonder how much oil it takes to produce oil from offal? TTFN quote:here it is "This plant will make 10 tons of gas per day, which will go back into the system to make heat to power the system," he says. "It will make 21,000 gallons of water, which will be clean enough to discharge into a municipal sewage system. Pathological vectors will be completely gone. It will make 11 tons of minerals and 600 barrels of oil, high-quality stuff, the same specs as a number two heating oil."
  21. Forever Light

    Learning and learning

    Oh about the EMD...is there any prolonged damage to personnel or ship systems if you leave the jammer on too long? None that ive seen but I always feel edgy leavin it on too long.
  22. Forever Light

    Anything into Oil

    Wow that is cool. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for it to take off.
  23. Forever Light

    How Do Ground Bases Work?

    So far I havent seen a limit on how many fighters can be launched by ground bases but I havent let them live long enough to find out. Barracks kick out marines if im not mistaken. Usually only if you are doing a ground assault with your own marines.
  24. Forever Light

    Ground Base Power System Operation

    Id suggest going for the landing pads first then they wont be able to launch fighters to attack you. Its easy to get the larger ones with IOD but finding the smaller ones can be a pain. I usually cant see them till im pratically hovering above them. If anything you wont have to worry about fighters being on your six while strafing the base. If anything takin out power does seem to make some defense systems not work. Like the ground based lazer cannons. But I might be nuts or too high in altitude for them to target me.
  25. Forever Light

    Making Cash as a Gammulan?

    If you are flying a carrier then you could always cloak before you hyperjump to the station. But some consider that too easy . And to take it over you have to get it to go into SOS mode but it can be tricky to do so. Have to beat it down to about 20% overall system integrity and then you can take it over. Usually have to set main guns at 10% and turn off pta so they dont blow the station too soon. And if you are a really patient type you could seige the station by destroying all incoming ships from reaching it to resupply....but ive never done that and it could be hard to do. [ 04-23-2003, 01:16 AM: Message edited by: Forever Light ]