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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Most:

    Thats like 750 something screenshots of the new BCG. If u haven't seen them yet, that should keep u occupied for awhile. Enjoy.

    Ya ive been through those many a time. Seen all of em over and over again.


    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Been busy and I'm probably not gonna release any more screen shots.

    ....and expect some big upsetting (depending on how BC gamers take it) news sometime around the end of September (or earlier).

    OOO I knew it something is cookin. Was just curious and thought id inquire.

  2. Alright SC what gives? Havent had a major update or eye candy for roughly 2 months. So either the team is so busy digging through mounds of code to bother with much else or else or...something...is gonna happen. I must admit im getting itchy with anticipation and curiosity.

  3. Dunno how I missed this review. Anyone who can digest a bit of linguistic nonsense like that can deduce he obviously isnt writing the review from a non biased approach. If you boil it down to the basics the review sounds something like this....

    "Me hate Derek Smart!" "Me no like game!" "Hulk SMASH!" (in that order)

    But o well. Take it with a grain of salt cause what can you expect from giving the controls of a battlecruiser to a chimp hyped on caffine. Heck, I bet he liked Resnig and it cant get worse than that.

  4. Couple easy things I can think of but you may have done already... Clear your IE history, delete your windows TEMP files, make sure the porn site hasnt set your homepage to something other than you wanted.

  5. What I did initially to earn cash was to buy myself a miner once I earned about 150,000 cash from normal missions to and fro across the galaxy. And once done I take my new asteroid miner aptly named "Gold Digger" to the system one jump to the right of Sol system "Tiche" and one jump north to "Fomalhaut". In this particular system there are huge brownish gold asteroids that when destroyed drop cargo (opals) you can sweep up with your miner...which easily enough can be sold on the "Gem" planet in the system for the "low" price of 990 each. The fact the miner can hold about 100 tons makes it a nice haul with the convienence of having a place to sell in the same system you are chasin asteroids. What I usually do is stay there and do that till I hit about 800,000 credits then shop for an upgraded vessel. Depending on what I want to do afterword depends on what I get. Sometimes I get a bigger cargo ship like the IDA frigate that can hold 250 tons cargo and has room for big guns that vaporize the asteroids faster. (have to remember to buy the asteroid scoop for it since it doesnt come standard issue) But chances are once you get something that big you can start buying low at Gem and selling high at Horizon system on planet Greenwich "one jump southeast of Sol to Alphara and 2 jumps west to Horizon". Is a grand total of 5 jumps from where you buy the opals so not too bad...doesnt get uber profitable until you secure yourself some cargo carrying escourts through either hiring...or piracy. (capturing vessels doesnt work in the demo )

    Ah yes...if you want to try it....this is super simple but you dont see sizable profits until you can start to hire a big fleet of ships to follow. Simple really...buy luxury goods at Europa for medium price in Sol system and sell at Earth for high price. I made millions off that one but it starts veerrrryy sloooow. But once you get a cargo capacity (including the capacity of hired escourts) of about 1000...you start to see some nice progress. Once again..if you can manage to aquire real escourts instead of the ones you pay everyday that will make things go much faster. Helps if you can get the first part of the Sigma shipyard missions done that allow access to hire and buy the big earth ships like Leviathan and the Pegasus. (wouldnt recommend the leviathan as a hired ship cause it only holds 4x as much cargo as a Pegasus but costs 6x as much per day to hire...but once able you can buy it for yourself with no misgivings) But a word of caution when doing this run...or any other cargo trading for that matter... Remember when hiring ships and cargo running that you have enough cash to fill the holds of the vessels PLUS enough cash to get to the system and back since they will charge you everyday that goes by. When you get to the higher cargo ships that means to add another Pegasus to the fleet you require at least enough credits to fill the existing cargo capacity while on planet because if you take off with all the escorts partially filled and you out of cash they will all desert you with filled holds of goods since you couldnt afford to pay them for the day that went by when you left planetside. I had to restart game after I did that once cause I didnt even have enough cash left to buy gas for my measly shuttle for cargo runs at square one.

    Anyway I shoulda posted this in here earlier. Its EVULA. Survival guide for EV games. Has ship stats and other nice to know info regarding trade routes and even the quest walkthroughs on the various Major missions. Its not all complete since the guy does it in his spare time but its quite reliable.

  6. First impression when hearing about this idea was "oh geez what next...Godzilla vs Barney?". But I must admit it would be interesting to see play out. Kinda moot to try to determine who would win between the 2 seeing how Jason cant die due to massive regenerative capacities and Freddy cant die since hes not real in the first place. Im less curious of what the end result will be than I am about how they are making this title worth it. Will be interesting to find out what the director puts into it.

  7. Helloooo people... has anyone here heard of system decay? I often take basic system damage that is always being repaired. But like all well used machines things break and have wear and tear. Im often cruising around at 99% system integrity due to that. Always something to fix. It only makes sense on ship the length of 2-3 city blocks.

  8. Uhh ya, I think they mixed up the screenshot section with the desktop wallpaper section. Those are just the pretty pics of the ships in full 3d if they were to ever make the game in full realism. Its just a 2d game with depth on the models and background. There isnt any Z-axis movement.

  9. Just thought I would share with everyone that this is the grandchild of the game that led me to find BCM. Long story but this little game series was the first to show me a semi free game universe where you can trade, pirate, capture vessels ect... In the end it led me to finding out about BCM through review sites and such. Significant thing here is they are devout Mac users and ported their highly prized game over to windows so its available to anyone to enjoy without needing an emulator. Its demo unless you pay for registration so you cant do everything you might like but they need to fund the stuff somehow. Previous titles would allow you to do anything but I assume the cost of making them gets higher the more technology implemented. Tis true..its a 2D game but still enjoyable fun for me every now and then.

  10. Well for me personally im almost embarrassed to see it on the news. "giant sausage smacked with baseball bat by ball player. Sausage suffers from scraped knees" Oh the horror. I bet it was an impromptue thing. He sees a goober running around the field in a sausage suit and the instinct in him is its nuts so smack it. Sure he didnt exactly restrain himself and I doubt the thinking portion of his brain was functioning at the moment. One of those things that you examine after you've done it and you ask yourself "why?". Its insane to smack someone with a bat for no apparent reason but its also insane to be running around in a giant sausage suit. Basically he did wrong in not controlling himself but I dont think its something to prosecute. He should apologise to the person in the mascot suit if anything since all that suffered was his/her knees. Although if I were the mascot I wouldnt want anyone to ever know who I was.

    For some reason whenever I mentally picture the situation playing out in my mind the looney toons theme just plays over and over. Only thing missing is the big WB and Buggs Bunny and pals.

  11. I think the polygraph was showing his mental conflict and situation at the moment. Obviously when they had him grilled on the polygraph chair he had alot going on in his mind. But when it flatlined he had the calm cool demeanor of resolution...which was premptive to him kickin butt. I dont think he was upset because they tricked him out of his katana obviously since he knew he still had weapons. I bet it was finding out his good pal head cleric was actually the puppetmaster and knew about him all along.

  12. Im considering paying for Planetside. (due to new SOE all access pass debute)

    I managed to get into the open beta for about a week and after I finally learned the ropes it really was quite fun. Bad thing is I always had massive FPS drops when more than 4 people were on the screen at any given time...which needless to say makes aiming a bit tough. So, I adjusted to using only the stealth suit and trying my luck at assasinations and hacking. Found that my preferred method is to carry around a bag full of plasma grenades and wait for an unsuspecting soldier to bombard.

    Tried my luck at sniping but to my dismay a single shot to the head of a soldier doesnt kill them. Need to land 2 shots. That killed the thrill of sniping and at the first opportunity I traded that back to the certification terminal.

    Tried my luck piloting a mosquito but due to the FPS problem I looked more like a kamakazi pilot that had gotten drunk and started flying with a rabid wolverine in the pilot seat. Ya...traded that one back too.

    Overall I was dissapointed with my problems with fluidity of motion in battles that limited me to a backseat role in combat. I can only assume its my system at fault but changing the graphics quality to low only seemed to help a tiny bit. Dunno, I have a gforce4 TI4200 128MB. But that card might not be my problem I might just need an entire gig of ram...that and/or a faster processor.

  13. EA and creativity? Thats just it. In PC titles they arent the developers but they try to be. Call the shots from the back seat and when they dont like how fast the developer is driving they leap over the seat and drive the car off a bridge...and then blame the disaster on the developer. Like I said BF1942 turned out alright...so perhaps they are learning their lesson. But massive companies like EA learn slowly. (I know I work for one that hardly functions logically at all) Obviously im biased...but thats beacause ive had first hand experience in watching them meddle in the creativity and development process of the real developers...which in turn hindered and cheapened the end result. (just look at the success of E&B...they are practically begging people to play)I was in on E&B beta from almost the beginning and watched it progress in leaps and bounds but it still wasnt fast enough for them. But...o well. Time goes on and monopolies rise and fall with the setting of the sun. This is just another day in the gaming world...what comes and goes when the sun goes down is what will be interesting to watch.

  14. Oh ya. Will look forward to these in BCG. If only for myself just parkin your CC planetside and walkin among the trees will make the scale seem just that much more real. DANG I wish I could be at E3 to see everyone's faces as BCG makes its first step into the community. Give em no mercy SC .

  15. Ya EA and console titles have always got along well but its their barging into PC titles and milkin em for a buck is what turned me off about EA. The EA intervention into Renegade developement is why it took Westwood over twice as long to complete the title. I remember reading about it and seeing shots of it before EA had anything to do with Westwood. Gamers and developers both had visions of building bases, huge maps, dynamic player controlled base technology and defense development...basically just like C&C but only in first person. It only seems to compare to us BC fans like the Take 2 issue way back when. (huge differences of course..but the attitude of the publisher remains the same) The article itself sounds like a good idea with a thinly veiled intention to "gather their chicks under their wings". If they can manage to get their sports player base to commit to an online profile they wont be able to leave so easy for anything else. And THAT is their goal im sure of it. For EA it has always been about the $. Everything else in their book is expendable. Which is why Renegade's awesome potential came out squarely packaged, pickled, and "ready" for distribution. Even the best gaming morticians (modders) have hardly a corpse to put together....and as a result...they havent. (which was something EA was counting on)

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